Case Number 19473


Lionsgate // 2010 // 93 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Steve Power (Retired) // August 12th, 2010

The Charge

There aren't good guys and bad guys, there are tough guys and dead guys...

Opening Statement

There aren't many new westerns hitting the shelves these days; Sixgun aims to fill that void. Is it worth the search, or is this one due for a hanging?

Facts of the Case

When three wandering cowboys turn up dead, an alcoholic loser with a dying ranch (Tommy Hill, Methodic) and a few of his flunkies set out to do some bounty hunting. Things get complicated when they run up against a vile saloon owner with his own claim to stake.

The Evidence

Sixgun packs in all of the usual Western cliches: the aging gunfighter with a debt over his head, the comedic nincompoop, and a swarm of nameless baddies who appear bad only to get bullets rammed into them from nickel plated Peacemakers. There's the tragic death that spurs on bloody vengeance, and the black hatted villain with a heart to match, accompanied by his idiot sidekick. An ultra low budget and six day shooting schedule does the film about as many favors as the script, which ain't many. The dialogue is the sort of witty banter a teenager would write, the kind an amateur writer feels is six or seven times more clever than it actually is. Then there's the action: all but pointless, and poorly mounted using Wild West re-enactment folk as the gun fodder. Some of the scenery is nice to look at, and a few of the actors do what they can, but there's nowhere near enough "real good" amongst the earnestness to make for even the slightest bit of a recommendation. This is bottom shelf TV stuff; if you can handle that better than I can, be my guest.

The disc is soft, with the kind of high red levels that make everything look freshly baked or sunburnt. The 5.1 audio mix fills the room, but the rather horrible guitar-heavy score overpowers everything, and is at times grossly inappropriate for the action on screen. There's not much in the way of extras: a brief 7 min featurette entitled "Sixgun: Stories on Location," which is primarily an audio recording of the cast telling stories with little context while everyone else laughs in the background. I'm sure the cast had a laugh, but it kind of gave me a headache. The only other extra is a director commentary by Scott Perry, which pretty much tells us what already knew: there was no budget, not much talent, but a lot of fun was had.

Closing Statement

There really isn't much working in favor of Sixgun. If you have to see absolutely every western that hits DVD, well, it's a western I reckon. I still think you'd be better off steering clear. There was definitely more fun had in making this thing than there is watching it.

The Verdict

Guilty. Give this one a short rope and a long drop.

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Scales of Justice
Video: 72
Audio: 70
Extras: 25
Acting: 47
Story: 52
Judgment: 49

Perp Profile
Studio: Lionsgate
Video Formats:
* 1.78:1 Anamorphic

Audio Formats:
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (English)

* English
* Spanish

Running Time: 93 Minutes
Release Year: 2010
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Distinguishing Marks
* Commentary
* Featurette

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