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Lionsgate // 2010 // 60 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Brett Cullum // November 30th, 2010

The Charge

Ripped Abs in six seriously, RIPPED ABS IN SIX WEEKS!

The Case

Jillian Michaels is just this side of forty years old, but she looks amazing for a lady staring down four decades. She's known as the personal trainer that screams at people until they puke or cry on The Biggest Loser, and yet for some reason she is America's most sought-after fitness guru. Jillian always seems to be standing behind the winner of the reality show that built up her fame, and most of their heads have been bounced off her rock hard abs as she yells at them to dig deeper and go farther than they ever imagined they could. So why won't I believe her when she looks me in the eyes and says "You too can get ripped abs in six weeks if you work hard!"

I've always been told by trainers that abs are mainly made in the kitchen, but this DVD does not address food plans. No, if you want that you're going to have to sign up for Jillian's web site which has monthly dues attached to it. Here you get two thirty minute workouts that utilize Jillian's secret weapon in fat reduction...the "HIT" workout. HIT means "high intensity interval training," and it is a style of exercise designed to make you puke or pass out as you gasp for oxygen while doing aerobic workouts at a fast pace. Because let's face it, aerobics mixed with puking will give you abs.

Now forget for a second that as fit as Jillian is, she really does not have a six pack. She has some definition in her stomach, but it's not washboard abs that stand up and out at attention. She has a flat stomach, but even her photo shopped image on the cover does not show abdominal muscles poking out behind lean skin. But no worries, because the workouts are actually pretty good and you will get stronger in your core, even if you won't be doing laundry off your stomach muscles after six weeks.

What you get in this DVD are two workouts that are thirty minutes long each. "Level One" is an easier ab workout that you can make harder by three degrees by following either blonde beginner lady, intermediate Jillian, or the ethnic girl who does everything the ultra-hard way. The camera does not stay on all three though, so you may need to go through the program a few times to adjust to your level. One thing I am not a fan of is that there is no music only track, so doing this one six weeks straight means you have to hear Jillian scream at you over and over for a month and a half. There is a Spanish option though if you want to hear her yell in another language. Now you will need a mat and some light hand weights to do this routine, so have those handy. After three weeks they tell you to move to "Level 2" which is a bit harder in that it moves faster and does more gasp inducing aerobic routines. It is a good bit more active.

The only drawback I can see here is that this DVD is hardcore on movement. People who are severely obese, have back problems, bad knees, or any kind of physical limitation are not going to be able to keep up. Jillian says to follow the lady who is doing the simple modifications, but that still involves bringing your knees up in to your forehead and then pounding it out on the floor like that maniac routine from Flashdance. Also keeping it simple means you won't get abs like you want.

The DVD is a pretty good one if you want to work on a solid core. I think anybody who wants abs is going to have to diet too, but this certainly will not hurt. High Intensity Interval Training is effective stuff, and if done first thing in the morning an hour before eating will shred you up nicely. It's a lot of work and a lot of screaming, but bouncing quarters off your stomach at forty is what it is all about. Am I wrong? Now drop and give me twenty shots to the forehead with your knee and scream Jillian's name thirty times...

The Verdict

Guilty of sweaty screams and rock hard dreams!

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Judgment: 84

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