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Secret Key Motion Pictures // 2006 // 60 Minutes // Unrated
Reviewed by Chief Counsel Rob Lineberger (Retired) // January 16th, 2007

The Charge

Erotic encounters and scintillating games of pleasure...

The Case

Half of Taylor Wane's Erotic Games was as bad as I was expecting (though my "bad" might be your "good.") The other half was astonishingly good; so good, in fact, that it made the other half endurable.

Let's get that first half out of the way first, because it won't take long. Taylor Wane's Erotic Games features several segments of softcore lesbian games like limbo, strip poker, and pin the tail on the donkey. This conceit is rather clever because it serves as a cute introduction to the softcore scenes. But those scenes come directly from the "GNAW IT, VOOP" school of softcore film. If you aren't familiar with GNAW IT, VOOP don't fret. I made it up just now. It stands for Get Naked And Writhe In The Vicinity Of Other People. These actresses (some who seem natural, some who seem like human balloons) take off their clothes and then jiggle, writhe, or otherwise move rhythmically near other ladies doing roughly the same thing. This sometimes creates interesting parallels, such as when the orbits of their breasts collide with a hint of actual contact. "Oral sex" is suggested by a propped knee and a head bobbing vaguely in that direction.

Taylor Wane's Erotic Games is certainly not the only Get Naked And Writhe In The Vicinity Of Other People offender. Indeed, if enthusiastic reviews of modern softcore are any guide, Taylor Wane is giving the people what they want: tattooed, impossibly large-breasted women doffing tight latex in order to writhe in a hygienic booty dance that doesn't concern itself with messy contact. Perhaps I'm hopelessly out of touch and people really do prefer these stylized affairs; I prefer a semblance of reality to make the scenes erotic.

That's where the second half of Taylor Wane's Erotic Games comes in. The "games" scenes are preceded by heartfelt interviews with the actresses (such as A.J. Khan, Alexia Moore, and Spicy J). Taylor Wane provides structure by acting as emcee, introducing each round of interviews with a sensual monologue to set the tone. This setup might sound cheesy, but it is as real as the love scenes are fake. The actresses seem pleased to be sharing a little of their actual selves in an environment where they don't have to be "on." Nothing is as erotic as hearing people express their deepest desires. Hearing notable porn actresses discuss what they love to suck or how they love to have certain things licked is 100 times more erotic than the visual interludes where they are working. The interviews work because they seem authentic and unforced. They aren't edited into glossy talking heads or subjected to editing trickery. Each actress spills intimate secrets and all are worth listening to. I was most affected by A.J. Khan's forthright disdain for toys, a sentiment that went against the grain. It is nice to know that someone prefers human contact to latex.

For her part, Taylor Wane shows why she's earned such dominance in the adult industry. Though I found her attractive in the opening strip tease, Taylor didn't immediately strike me as someone who would enjoy such staying power. But as soon as she opened her mouth and started talking with authority about turn ons, sexual energy, and naughty games, her mastery of eroticism became clear. Taylor doesn't drop any earth-shattering revelations, yet the way she asserts herself proves that she knows the rules of the game.

The extra feature "California Naked Bikini Classic" at first seemed like an odd inclusion. With its teased hairdos, acid-washed jeans, and awesome '80s vibe, "California Naked Bikini Classic" doesn't share much in common with Taylor Wane's Erotic Games. When the naked bikini models were interviewed, however, the pairing made sense. It too intersperses nude interludes with interviews, though these seem less natural than the ones in Taylor Wane's Erotic Games. The interviews achieve a similar effect, showing us a personal side before revealing the hard bodies beneath the bikinis.

Between the '80s video footage and the various interview conditions, the disc has uneven video and audio quality. The lesbian love scenes are as convincing as the bulk of softcore is these days. The real treat is seeing frank discussion of sexual turn ons from the women in the industry. These discussions are capably moderated by Taylor Wane, which makes the disc worth a pickup.

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Judgment: 82

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Studio: Secret Key Motion Pictures
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Running Time: 60 Minutes
Release Year: 2006
MPAA Rating: Unrated

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