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Biography Channel // 2007 // 330 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Cynthia Boris (Retired) // March 14th, 2009

The Charge

"All is revealed at the end of the show"

The Case

It would seem that my definition of an Urban Legend isn't exactly the same as those of the folks who put together this DVD. I went in expecting Bloody Mary and drip, drip, drip -- what I got was streakers at Dennys and a cat with a dislike for firemen. Add in an annoying format and a narrator who could solve my insomnia problems, and I could barely make it through the first disc of this two disc set.

Urban Legends: The Complete Season One contains 15 episodes. Each episode is made up of three urban legends, one of which they claim to be true. In case you forget this tidbit, don't worry, the narrator will remind you about 40 times per hour that only one story is true, and he wants you to guess which one it is.

The stories are all told as if they were real slices from a documentary, with actors standing in for the "actual" people who experienced the "actual" event. Trouble is the segments all feel phony. They're near parodies of real documentaries in the way the interviewees are handled and how the bizarre acts are reconstructed. A next-door neighbor tells the grim tale of how his best friend got caught in a chimney as he played Santa. A relative talks candidly about how confused grandma put the pup in the microwave (I had to turn that one off) and a child expresses her fear for her cat who is stuck in a tree (oh the drama.)

After all three segments play, the monotonous narrator picks them off one by one. Did you say story A was true? BUZZZ. Wrong! Was it story C? BUZZZ. Wrong! It was story B. You lose. Then he proceeds to explain why that particular urban legend is true, which usually amounts to someone saying it happened to them, so for sure it's real.

Excuse me? But I thought...oh, never mind.

When I got this DVD, I was hoping for a definitive, serious look at the world's biggest urban legends and how they came to be. What I got was a low-brow game show that might appeal to frat boys on a bender.

If you want to know if you can really fly in a lawn chair with balloons, or if you can get killed by an exploding soda in a hot car, watch Mythbusters. It's far more intelligent and entertaining.

True of False?

After watching this DVD, Judge Cynthia Boris went to the bathroom and begged Bloody Mary to come scratch her eyes out.

That would be true.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 50

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Studio: Biography Channel
Video Formats:
* Full Frame

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* Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo (English)

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Running Time: 330 Minutes
Release Year: 2007
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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* Featurette

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