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Lionsgate // 2010 // 66 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Chief Counsel Melissa Hansen // March 20th, 2010

The Charge

Burn Mega Calories for a Total Body Workout!

The Case

Look out, Denise Austin; you are quickly being dethroned by Jillian Michaels. With Yoga Meltdown, The Biggest Loser trainer adds a new discipline to her repertoire. Is it worth adding to yours?

I am not usually a fan of fitness instructors jumping on the yoga bandwagon, since the true meaning of yoga gets tossed aside for a quick way to the famed yoga butt. Michaels is not a yogi, nor does she consider herself one. Rather she's found some moves that help keep her famed cut figure, and is sharing them with us. The history of yoga is honored, but this disc doesn't try to be something it's not. The resulting workout is a hybrid of basic yoga and toning moves; a great introduction to postures for those hesitant to try something new, and a different spin on a regular yoga practice.

Two separate workouts are contained on this disc, each about a half an hour in length, with the second being more advanced than the first. Both begin with a warm up, end with a cool down, and consist of typical yoga moves done in a new way -- reps. In yoga, the point is to obtain and hold a pose. Here we move into and out of each pose repeatedly. This helps tone muscle and keep those easily distracted from becoming bored. These are tough workouts which may be a challenge, but will help you get results. Breathing and stretching receive a nod, but strengthening is the main focus.

Speaking of strength, the audio and visual elements are appropriately muscled -- full frame video and 2.0 stereo, both clear with no distractions.

I don't know about burning mega calories, but Yoga Meltdown is a total body workout.

The Verdict

Fitness Queen Jillian is set free to claim her throne.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 90

Perp Profile
Studio: Lionsgate
Video Formats:
* Full Frame

Audio Formats:
* Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo (English)
* Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono (Spanish)

* None

Running Time: 66 Minutes
Release Year: 2010
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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* None

* Jillian Michaels