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DVD Verdict Presents... is a weekly investigation into the deep, dark recesses of film, television, and video courtesy of the Verdict legal team. This unique mix of news, interviews, group discussions, and insanity will attempt to inform, enlighten, entertain, and expose you to our own unique perspective on the entertainment industry. You can access the most recent episodes from here, views episodes from individual shows, or browse the entire audio archive at DVD Verdict Presents....

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DVD Verdict 1574 - F This Movie! (Jurassic World)

June 17,2015
Patrick and Adam return to pick through the bones of Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton's latest dino franchise sequel, Jurassic World, now the biggest summer movie opening weekend of all time!
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DVD Verdict 1573 - The Friday Filibuster (2015 Summer Movie Preview)

June 12,2015
Dave, Mac, and Daryl knock heads over what to expect from the 2015 Summer Movie box office.
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DVD Verdict 1572 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 1

June 02,2015

Michael may be up to his eyeballs in summer theatre, but Melissa picks up the torch by chain-smoking Netflix’s Daredevil and NBC’s Aquarius. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; Disney pulls the plug on Tron 3; Netflix’s Fuller House just got more full; the all-female Ghostbusters will be an origin story; Marvel screen tests all six Spiderman casting hopefuls against Robert Downey Jr on the set of Captain America: Civil War; Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out party; and more!

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DVD Verdict 1571 - The Friday Filibuster (Banshee Me)

May 29,2015
Dave and Daryl pull a duet this week, professing their love for Cinemax’s Banshee and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.
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DVD Verdict 1570 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 25

May 26,2015
Summer is here, as Melissa and Michael both peel themselves off the wall from the visceral experience known as Mad Max: Fury Road. Michael defends Brad Bird's Tomorrowland for all the dreamers in the world. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books; Honoring the legacy of comedienne Anne Meara; Mary Kate and Ashley opt out of Netflix's Fuller House; Disney keeps producing more unnecessary live action remakes; the best of Cartoon Network comes to Hulu; the Duggar clan goes into crisis mode; and more!
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DVD Verdict 1569 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 18

May 20,2015
Melissa rocks out to Kenny Chesney, while Michael comes down off a season final high courtesy of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; The Pitch Perfect girls outshine Mad Max; Mourning the loss of Blues legend BB King; David Lynch brings Twin Peaks back from the brink of death; and more!
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DVD Verdict 1568 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Cliff Eidelman)

May 13,2015
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Cliff Eidelman, with selections from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Triumph of the Spirit, Magdalene, A Simple Twist of Fate, The Meteor Man, Free Willy 3: The Rescue, Meteor Man, One True Thing, An American Rhapsody, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
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DVD Verdict 1567 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 11

May 12,2015
Michael and Melissa return from a prolonged absence to praise Secrets and Lies and crap all over Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus! A rundown of this week's new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; The X-Files gets a 2016 premiere date; and the major networks renew a slew of series including Peggy Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, Flash, and greenlight The Muppets.
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DVD Verdict 1566 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (John Williams 1960s)

April 09,2015
Clark takes a look at the early work of the great John Williams, offering selections from 1960s films and television shows like Checkmate, Diamond Head, The Killers, None But the Brave, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!, How to Steal a Million, Penelope, A Guide for the Married Man, Ghostbreakers, Fitzwilly, Heidi, and The Reivers.
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DVD Verdict 1565 - The "Good Friday" Filibuster

April 03,2015
Dave, Mac, and Daryl celebrate your Easter / Passover weekend with geek love for DC Comics Convergence and Marvel Comics Secret Wars; reviews of It Follows, Unbroken (Blu-ray), Netflix's The 100, HBO's Scientology doc Going Clear; Catching up with CW's The Flash; Exploring the Mad Max mythology; and vintage Ambush Topics reborn!
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DVD Verdict 1564 - The Friday Filibuster (Community Redux)

March 31,2015
Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl celebrate the rebirth and technical nightmare of Community on Yahoo, hating on The Flash, review Run All Night and Disney's live-action Cinderella, and much more Movie/TV related madness.
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DVD Verdict 1563 - F This Movie! (Blazing Saddles)

March 23,2015
Join Patrick and JB as they vacation in Rock Ridge at the request of Hedley Lamaar, to examine the lasting comedic legacy of Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles.
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DVD Verdict 1562 - The Friday Filibuster (Thanks, PetCo!)

March 20,2015
After a very long hiatus, the boys are back with more TV/Movie-related madness, mirth, and unintentional sponsors.
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DVD Verdict 1561 - The 2014 Buster Awards

February 13,2015
Join Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl as they look back over the favorites of 2014 to award their version of the Oscars!
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DVD Verdict 1560 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 9

February 09,2015
Michael and Melissa recount their screening of Boyhood with director Richard Linklater, and review FTR's jukebox musical Dear John Hughes. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Brian William's Iraqi War stories create a firestorm of controversy, Suge Knight is finally going to jail, Rosie O'Donnell quits The View... again, Chris Pratt could be your next Indiana Jones, Nic Cage does period drama, and the resignation of Sony's Amy Pascal could be the death for their Spider-man and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo franchises.
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DVD Verdict 1559 - Objection! (The Hobbit)

February 05,2015
Join contrarian a-holes extraordinaire, Dave and Dan, as they defend Peter Jackson's second Middle Earth trilogy from the torch-wielding ire of the cinematic trolls and haters.
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DVD Verdict 1558 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 2

February 02,2015
Melissa weeps for the end of NBC's Parenthood, as Michael travels back in time to start watching The X-Files from the beginning. Running down the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Bobbi Kristina's life hangs in the balance, Suge Knight kills a guy with his car, Eddie Murphy returns to SNL, Michael C. Hall will not be riding Pete's Dragon, and George Lucas says today's movies are too much flash and not enough substance. Pot. Kettle. Black.
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DVD Verdict 1557 - Entertainment Docket for January 26

January 26,2015
Melissa rides along with Galavant, as Michael concludes his time in Twin Peaks. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Mourning the loss of radio/TV personality Joe Franklin, Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters 3 lands an all-star female cast, Emile Hirsch in trouble at Sundance, Nick Jonas is a Scream Queen, David Tennant and Chewetel Ejiofor join the Marvel Universe, and more!
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DVD Verdict 1556 - Entertainment Docket for January 19

January 19,2015
Melissa goes surfing, as Michael returns to Twin Peaks. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Movies, Music, and Books. Plus! NBC preps Grease LIVE!, Gary Sinise returns to network crime drama, Jim Cameron pushes back the release of his forthcoming Avatar trilogy, and #XFiles2015 is rapidly becoming a reality!
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DVD Verdict 1555 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 12

January 12,2015
Melissa tortures herself with Glee: The Final Season, while Michael revels in the cinemagic of Calvary and Pride. A Rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of Rod Taylor. Phylicia Rashad steps into the Bill Cosby crossfire. Disney remakes Pete's Dragon with Michael C. Hall. A wealth of casting news. And could #XFiles2015 become a reality?
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DVD Verdict 1554 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 5

January 05,2015
Melissa is unimpressed by Snowpiercer, while Michael goes movie crazy making up for lost time. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV Books, and Music. Sony hack attack fallout continues. Screech stabs a guy for Christmas. Star Trek 3 goes into production fast and furious with a new director. And Pee-Wee Herman is coming to Netflix!
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DVD Verdict 1553 - F This Movie! (A Couple of Turkeys)

December 04,2014
Join Patrick and Doug as they give thanks for each other, you their loyal listeners, and all the crazy crap Hollywood dishes out on a regular basis.
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DVD Verdict 1552 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 24

November 29,2014
Melissa is thankful for tiny hamsters, as Michael suffers through Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Plus! A rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of Mike Nichols, Redbox raises their prices, Tom Cruise may help reboot Highlander, Idris Elba isn't quite done with Luther, and country music stars come out of the closet.
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DVD Verdict 1551 - The Friday Filibuster (An Early Black Friday)

November 21,2014
Dave, Erich, and Daryl jump into their time machine for a look at what 2014's Black Friday might hold for us all.
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DVD Verdict 1550 - F This Movie! (UHF)

November 20,2014
Don't change the channel. Don't touch that dial. You've got it all with Patrick and Erich Asperschlager, as they review Weird Al's cult classic UHF.
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DVD Verdict 1549 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 17

November 19,2014
Melissa spends an evening with David Sedaris, as Michael pulls the plug on Sleepy Hollow. A rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Peter Capaldi renews his Doctor's license, Johnny Depp loses his head. Bryan Fuller teases Hannibal: Season 3, James Gunn explains what Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is NOT, Snoopy gets a 3D makeover, Bill Cosby rape rumors, and Kim K's butt ignites a firestorm.
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DVD Verdict 1458 - The Friday Filibuster (It All Comes Back Around)

November 14,2014
Mac is torn over Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, Daryl praises Orson Welles F for Fake (Blu-ray), Erich goes off on a Munchkin rant, and Dave suffers through The Unauthorized Save by the Bell Story. Ambush Topics: Scariest moments in The Wizard of Oz, Exits, Slobs, Big Stereo Systems, Unnecessary Nostalgia.
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DVD Verdict 1547 - F This Movie! (Interstellar)

November 13,2014
Join Patrick, JB, and Adam as they get all spacey with writer/director Christopher Nolan's latest cinematic headtrip, Interstellar.
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DVD Verdict 1546 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 10

November 10,2014
Nightcrawler gives Melissa the creeps, as Michael sorts through the aftermath of the Doctor Who: Series 8. Plus! A rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Tyler Perry gets a stalker. Matt Damon returns to the world of Jason Bourne. ABC cancels Selfie. Netflix embraces the world of Lemony Snicket. And Pixar sequelizes Toy Story... again.
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DVD Verdict 1545 - F This Movie! (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise)

November 06,2014
Patrick and Mike oil up their leather faces for a down and dirty dissection of the franchise Tobe Hooper begat us.
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DVD Verdict 1544 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 3

November 03,2014
Melissa gets a little hot under her White Collar. Michael is frustrated by the lack of originality on Doctor Who's season finale. A rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Pee-wee is taking us on another big adventure. Loki and Heimdall will be part of the next three Avengers films. Kaley Cuoco buys herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. MTV gets a Scream series. And Netflix is panning for gold in Richie Rich.
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DVD Verdict 1543 - The Friday Filibuster (2014 Halloween Special)

October 31,2014
Dave, Erich, Daryl, and Mac delve into movie madness and mayhem with a spooktacular show that includes Halloween ambush topics.
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DVD Verdict 1542 - F This Movie! (The Massacre 2014)

October 30,2014
Patrick and JB survive yet another 24 hours of horror movies at the Chicago's macabre Portage Theater.
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DVD Verdict 1541 - Entertainment Docket for Week of October 27

October 27,2014
Melissa and Michael hash out the the best and worst of the Fall television season, and rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Mike Tyson gets his own mystery solving team. We mourn the loss of actress Marcia Strassman. Christina Ricci returns to the world of Lizzie Borden. Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer shows Joss Whedon is not playing around. Marvel and DC lay down tracks for a decade worth of comic book movies.
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DVD Verdict 1540 - The Friday Filibuster (The Word of the Day is...)

October 24,2014
Jason catches up on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Erich sees 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen. Dave immerses himself in Denzel's The Equalizer. The boys latch onto CW's The Flash. Reviews of Crossbones: Season One, The Goldbergs: Season One, Pee-wee's Playhouse: Complete Series (Blu-ray), Penny Dreadful: Season One (Blu-ray), The Squad (Blu-ray), and Nekromantik (Blu-ray). Ambush Topics: Deadly lawn and garden, Foreign characters from fake lands, Crazy death scenes.
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DVD Verdict 1539 - F This Movie! (Price-a-palooza)

October 23,2014
Patrick and JB put on their best Vincent Van Ghoul drag to rundown the cinematic best and worst of the legendary Vincent Price!
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DVD Verdict 1538 - Entertainment Docket for Week of October 13

October 16,2014

Melissa goes Gone Girl, as Michael praises the work of Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; Mourning the loss of SNL's Jan Hooks; Stephen Collins life explodes over pedophilia charges; Universal builds a theme park in Beijing; Community's Donald Glover finds success on the big screen; and David Lynch takes us back to Twin Peaks, 25 years later.

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DVD Verdict 1537 - The Friday Filibuster (The Return of Derek)

October 10,2014

Erich sees Jaws on the big screen for the first time. After six hours of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Daryl has a new #1 horror film of all-time. Dave goes gaming with Fords of Horizon. Reviews of Edge of Tomorrow (Blu-ray), Che! (Blu-ray), and From Dusk Till Dawn: Season One. Ambush Topics: Board games, Memorable kills, Skydiving.

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DVD Verdict 1536 - Entertainment Docket for Week of October 6

October 06,2014

Melissa gets attacked by The Birds in Broadchurch, as Michael fails to laugh much during Muppets Most Wanted and too much during Transformers: Age of Extinction. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books. Michael Phelps goes rehabs his way to finding himself. Dule Hill is Marvel's Luke Cage. Nick Frost does Christmas with Doctor Who. And the French have uncovered the very first Sherlock Holmes silent film.

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DVD Verdict 1535 - F This Movie! (The Mummy)

October 02,2014
Patrick and JB have mummy issues only Stephen Sommers and Brendan Fraser can solve.
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DVD Verdict 1534 - Entertainment Docket for Week of September 29

September 29,2014
Melissa and Michael compare notes on new and returning Fall television, and rundown the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus... George Clooney gets married, Sherlock Series 4 begins Christmas 2015, Marvel settles with Jack Kirby's family, and William Shatner returns for Star Trek III!
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DVD Verdict 1533 - The Friday Filibuster (Back from Summer Vacation)

September 26,2014
Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl return from a long deserved rest to talk life changes, movies, new fall television, and entertainment weirdness.
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DVD Verdict 1532 - F This Movie! (Guardians of the Galaxy)

September 24,2014
Join Patrick and Erich as they do their best Rocket and Groot impersonations while shooting holes through James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. You have been warned!
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DVD Verdict 1531 - Entertainment Docket for Week of September 22

September 22,2014
We're back! During an extended break, Melissa immersed herself in the world of Criminal Minds and Michael became a Maze Runner. Plus... a rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Rebox, Hulu, Film, Television, Music, Books, and Theatre; Disney's The Lion King becomes the highest grossing Broadway musical of all-time; DC is developing Supergirl for CBS and a Suicide Squad film; Toby Kebbell signs on a Messala in the remake of Ben Hur; Darrell Hammond returns to SNL; and much more!
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DVD Verdict 1530 - F This Movie! (The Return of Doug)

August 21,2014
Patrick and Doug reunited, and it feels so good!
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DVD Verdict 1529 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Robin Williams)

August 19,2014
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late Robin Williams by featuring music from his movies. You'll hear selections from Awakenings, Flubber, Aladdin, Robots, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Happy Feet 2, The Final Cut, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, What Dreams May Come, Bicentennial Man and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
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DVD Verdict 1528 - F This Movie! (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

August 14,2014
Patrick and JB deconstruct Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and hate every ape they see, from chimpan-A to chimpanzee!
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DVD Verdict 1527 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Musical Grab Bag)

August 13,2014
This week, Clark offers a random grab bag of musical goodies, offering selections from Mighty Joe Young, Harold and Maude, Matinee, A Very Long Engagement, The War Wagon, The Adjustment Bureau, The Punisher, Heaven Can Wait, Radio Flyer, and War and Peace.
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DVD Verdict 1526 - Entertainment Docket for Week of August 11

August 11,2014
Melissa catches up on Day of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor, as Michael gets to the movies for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy. Running down the latest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Books, and Music. Remembering Robin Williams. JJ Abrams reboots Westworld for HBO with an all-star cast. Anne Rice's vampires get new life on TV.
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DVD Verdict 1525 - The Friday Filibuster (Because I'm Tacky)

August 01,2014
Dave starts the long road of watching Breaking Bad. Erich experiences Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Daryl relocates to New Mexico and talks the future of WWE. Reviews of They Came Together, Weird Al Yankovic's Mandatory Fun, MST3K XXX, and The Suspect. Ambush Topics: Talking with your hands, Moving, and Cellphones.
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DVD Verdict 1524 - F This Movie (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

July 31,2014
Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do. I have a perfect puzzle for you. Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-dee. If you are wise, you'll listen to Patrick and Erich chew on the everlasting cinematic gobstoper known as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
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DVD Verdict 1523 - Entertainment Docket for Week of July 28

July 28,2014
Melissa finally sees The Dark Knight Rises, as Michael collapses from exhaustion in the midst of his summer theatre experience. Running down the latest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Books, and Music. News from Comic-Con 2014.
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DVD Verdict 1522 - They Came From the North (Kenneth Branagh)

July 22,2014
Join four Canadians and Clark Douglas as they dissect the good, bad, and ugly of director Kenneth Branagh's filmography!
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DVD Verdict 1522 - The Friday Filibuster (and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

July 18,2014
It's a lean and mean week, as Mac is living the life of Eloise at the Plaza, Daryl reviews Afflicted, and Dave gets excited about new Biblical epics. Ambush Topics: Child stars who did not jump the rails, Birthday parties, Surprise plot twists that make absolutely no sense.
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DVD Verdict 1520 - Entertainment Docket for Week of Jul 14

July 17,2014
Melissa goes British with Queen and Adam Lambert, TV's Misfits, The Body Farm, Injustice, State of Play, and Run, while Michael has done nothing entertaining. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of Tommy Ramone. JK Rowling gives us a new Harry Potter adventure. Christopher Walken plays a tap dancing Captain Hook for NBC. Ryan Gosling knocks up Eva Mendes.
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DVD Verdict 1519 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Jon Brion)

July 09,2014
This week, Clark spotlights the music of underappreciated composer Jon Brion, offering soulful selections from Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I Heart Huckabees, Punch-Drunk Love, Paranorman, and Synecdoche, New York.
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DVD Verdict 1518 - Entertainment Docket for the Week of July 7

July 08,2014
As Melissa crosses The Bridge(s) on Hulu, Michael plows through Batman: The Animated Series on Amazon Prime. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. The Glee cast gets hacked. JJ Abrams puts the brakes on Star Wars: Episode VII. YahooTV gives Community their Season Six. BBC confirms Sherlock Series 4. And is Sarah Palin coming to The View?!
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DVD Verdict 1517 - The Friday Filibuster (4th of July Spectacular!)

July 04,2014
Dave defends the sheer idiocy of Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction. Mac revisits the love that is Ghostbusters II. Daryl celebrates YahooTV's renewal of Community. Jason dives into Syfy Channel's Defiance. Erich mass-consumes Amazon Prime's HBO collection. Reviews of Visitors, The Train, and The Raid 2. Patriotic Ambush Topics: Fireworks, American Flag Waving, Hot Dogs, Shorts, and Plucky Freedom Fighters.
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DVD Verdict 1516 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 30

July 01,2014
Michael is underwhelmed by The Lego Movie, Melissa thrills to Eddie Izzard live and on stage. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Shia LaBeouf loses his mind, yet again. Gary Oldman shoots himself in the foot and then sticks it in his mouth. Seth McFarlane gives LeVar Burton $1 Million for the reboot of Reading Rainbow. Changing perspectives through #LikeAGirl. Diane Sawyer's retirement signals the death of network nightly news. And Doctor Who returns with new episodes August 23.
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DVD Verdict 1515 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 23

June 26,2014
Melissa crosses The Bridge for 21 Jump Street, as Michael gets all up in the ass of summer theatre. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Looper's Rian Johnson is the future of Star Wars, The Wachowski's get a Netflix series, Vincent D'Onofrio is The Kingpin in Marvel's Daredevil series, Cameron Crowe and JJ Abrams bring Roadies to Showtime, and Universal delays the next Bourne film to bring Matt Damon back into the fold.
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DVD Verdict 1514 - The Friday Filibuster (Here We Go Again)

June 20,2014
Daryl bemoans the cheapness of Game of Thrones. Jason compares the purity of the original Star Wars Trilogy to the special editions. Dave enjoys Edge of Tomorrow, to a point. Reviews of 300: Rise of an Empire, Criterion's A Hard Day's Night (Blu-ray), Wolf Creek 2. Ambush Topics, Sequels that changed the game, Too many twists, Believable accents, and Goop.
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DVD Verdict 1513 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 16

June 18,2014
Melissa chain smokes ABC's Scandal, as Michael suffers shell shock from the brilliance of Edge of Tomorrow. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of Ruby Dee and Casey Kasem. Harrison Ford's Episode VII injury will sideline him 6-8 weeks for surgical recovery. Mary Steenburgen joins Orange is the New Black for Season 3. A ton of casting news. And Sonic the Hedgehog gets a movie?!
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DVD Verdict 1512 - Blast Processing (Agog and Aghast)

June 15,2014
This week, the boys are back at full strength and full smarm! Steve drops a review for THIEF, Jon tackles CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2, and since Kev is back in place and in your face, there's some mobile love for THE ROOM 2 and DEVIOUS DUNGEON for iOS. There's also more news, including SHOCKING DEPARTURES! And awesome new game announcements, release dates, and controversy that will leave you aghast!
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DVD Verdict 1511 - F This Movie! (Live and Let Die)

June 12,2014
Come help twist the knife, as Patrick and Mike put the hate on Chief Justice Michael Stailey's favorite Roger Moore James Bond film, Live and Let Die.
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DVD Verdict 1510 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 9

June 11,2014
Melissa basks in the glow of the Tonys, while Disney's Maleficent was not at all what Michael was expecting. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. The Wachowski's latest film is in trouble. Marvel's Ant-Man gets yet another new director. Denzel Washington plans to remake The Magnificent Seven Josh Trank gets his own Star Wars spinoff. And JJ Abrams begs fans to stop leaking Episode VII spoilers.
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DVD Verdict 1509 - F This Movie! (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

June 08,2014
Join Patrick and Heath as they bounce back and forth between time streams and alternate universes to explore to socioeconomic and political ramifications of Bryan Singer's return to the X-Men franchise. Nah... they really just look at whether it's okay to forgive continuity flaws for a fun movie.
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DVD Verdict 1508 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Time Travel)

June 04,2014
This week, Clark offers up music from time travel movies! You'll hear selections from Back to the Future, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Timecop, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Time Machine, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Source Code, Peggy Sue Got Married, Planet of the Apes, Time After Time, The Final Countdown, and Somewhere in Time.
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DVD Verdict 1507 - Entertainment Docket for Week of June 2

June 03,2014
Melissa puts a cork in Hannibal, The Good Wife, and Glee for the season, as Michael is mesmerized by Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Books, and Music. Levar Burton is overwhelmed by fan support for the new Reading Rainbow. Gareth Edwards is given the first Star Wars spinoff movie. Charlie Cox is the new Daredevil. Rhys Ifans is Johnny Depp's father in Alice in Wonderland 2. Roland Emmerich reboots Stargate as a film trilogy. James Cameron gets Cirque du Soleil to create an Avatar stage show.
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DVD Verdict 1506 - Objection! (Defending Godzilla)

June 02,2014
Dave, Dan, and Michael step up to defend Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, while opening up a larger discussion on the state of modern film reviews, the intolerance of movie fans in the digital age, and the studios use of fan feedback to make script changes on sequels.
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DVD Verdict 1505 - F This Movie! (Godzilla 2014)

May 31,2014
Patrick attempts to harness the unbridled hatred JB and Adam have for Gareth Edwards Godzilla. Good luck, my friend.
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DVD Verdict 1504 - The Friday Filibuster (You're Welcome!)

May 30,2014
Daryl is unimpressed by Game of Thrones. Mac hates Godzilla, loves X-Men: Days of Future Past, and tolerates The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Jason stumps for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Dave bemoans the lack of compelling TV season cliffhangers. Reviews of Raze, Orange is the New Black: Season One, Ray Donovan: Season One, and Garage Sale Mystery. Ambush Topics: Memorable series finales, Godzilla vs. _____, Favorite movie monsters, Before they were famous, and Tanks.
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DVD Verdict 1503 - They Came From the North (John Milius)

May 29,2014
Join Steve, Jon, Gabriel, and newcomer Cameron as they tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly of writer/director John Milius' filmography!
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DVD Verdict 1502 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

May 28,2014
Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases. You'll hear music from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Godzilla, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Cosmos, Rio 2, and more.
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DVD Verdict 1501 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 26

May 27,2014
Melissa dines with Jon Favreau's Chef, as Michael falls under the hypnotic spell of Punchdrunk's Sleep No More. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Television, Books, and Music. Creative shakeups in the Marvel Cinematic Universe make fans nervous. Pixar unveils details of their next film. Wet Hot American Summer may be Netflix's next original series. And Quentin Tarantino looks to create a TV miniseries from unused Django Unchained footage.
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DVD Verdict 1500 - The Friday Filibuster (To Review or Not to Review)

May 26,2014
Mac wraps up another season of Castle. Erich bemoans the Summer movie season. Dave steps up to defend Gareth Edward's Godzilla. A heated debate on the state and value of modern film reviews. Daryl compares and contrasts Game of Thrones with True Detective. Reviews of Monuments Men (Blu-ray), Revenge of the Nerds (Blu-ray), The Life Aquatic (Blu-ray), Bushido Man: 7 Deadly Battles, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Blu-ray).
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DVD Verdict 1499 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 19

May 20,2014
Melissa celebrates at the Wildflower Music Festival, as Michael revels in the magic of Gareth Edward's Godzilla. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis. Playing a quick game of "Where's Casey Kasem?" Back from the dead with new projects are Michael Jackson and River Phoenix. Harrison Ford returns to the world of Blade Runner. And David Lynch gives us 90 minutes of unseen Twin Peaks.
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DVD Verdict 1498 - The Friday Filibuster (You Pwnderosa'd Me!)

May 16,2014
Mac has fun with Amazing Spider-man 2. Jason does coming-of-age anime. Erich goes RPG with South Park: The Stick of Truth. Dave laughs out loud at Silicon Valley. Another exciting installment of "Filibuster Swap Meet." Reviews of Killing American Style, One Man War, Vampire Academy, Lady Hapkido, Veronica Mars (Blu-ray), Special ID (Blu-ray), I, Frankenstein 3D (Blu-ray). Ambush Topics: Forgettable Summer Movies, Strange and Unusual Spies, Impressive POV Shots, Memorable Sixth Installments. Rear Spoiler look at 24: Live Another Day.
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DVD Verdict 1497 - F This Movie! (Grand Budapest Hotel)

May 14,2014
Patrick and Adam check into Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel, but they can never leave.
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DVD Verdict 1496 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 12

May 12,2014
It's Marvelific madness, as Melissa thrills to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Michael suffers through The Amazing Spider-man 2. Plus! A rundown of the latest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. The television powers-that-be unveil their plans for the 2014-15 season. Hugh Jackman getting busy with TWO new Wolverine movies shooting back-to-back. And Frozen's Elsa arrives on Once Upon a Time.
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DVD Verdict 1495 - F This Movie! (Amazing Spider-man 2)

May 11,2014
Patrick and Heath tackle the second installment in Sony's Amazing Spider-man reboot. The result is a house divided.
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DVD Verdict 1494 - The Friday Filibuster (Going Old School)

May 09,2014
Dave, Mac, and Daryl are back in the saddle to discuss the comic book rebirth of Peter Parker as Spider-man; the season finales of Community and Parks & Recreation; reviews of Ripper Street: Season 2, Billy Friedkin's Sorcerer (Blu-ray), Jack Irish: Series 2, Republic of Doyle: Series 1; a rundown of the latest new releases on DVD and Blu-ray; and Ambush Topics -- Back from the Dead, Cult Members with Terrible Jobs, Giant Heads, and Urban Decay.
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DVD Verdict 1493 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Hans Zimmer and Ron Howard)

May 08,2014
Clark wraps up his series spotlighting director/composer collaborations. On the previous episode, we explored the collaboration between James Horner and Ron Howard, but this time around the focus is on the music composer Hans Zimmer has written for Mr. Howard. You'll hear selections from Backdraft, The Da Vinci Code, Frost/Nixon, Angels and Demons, The Dilemma, and Rush.
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DVD Verdict 1492 - Entertainment Docket for Week of May 5

May 06,2014
Melissa spends time in The Writers' Room, as Michael thrills to newly discovered episodes from the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, as well as film, television, music, and books; Mourning the loss of actor Bob Hoskins; celebrating the return of Luke, Leia, and Han for Star Wars: Episode VII; Matt Smith headlines the new Terminator franchise; Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley; and Fox is giving us a live production of Grease, whether we want it or not!
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DVD Verdict 1491 - The Friday Filibuster (2014 Summer Movie Preview)

May 03,2014
Dave, Mac, and Daryl tease out the best and worst of the 2014 Summer Movie season! Excited For: Godzilla, Chef, The Sacrament, Jersey Boys, Transformers 4, They Came Together, Jupiter Ascending, Guardians of the Galaxy. Cautious About: Amazing Spider-man 2, Neighbors, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Maleficent, Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Hercules Run Away! Stage Fright, The Purge: Anarchy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leprechaun: Origins.
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DVD Verdict 1490 - F This Movie! (Darkman)

May 02,2014
Patrick and JB come out of the shadows to judge Sam Raimi's first superhero adventure... Darkman!
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DVD Verdict 1489 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (James Horner and Ron Howard)

April 30,2014
This week, Clark continues his series spotlighting director/composer collaborations. This time around, the show features music penned by James Horner for the films of director Ron Howard. You'll hear selections from Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13, Ransom, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, and The Missing.
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DVD Verdict 1488 - Entertainment Docket for Week of April 28

April 28,2014
After finishing up Psych: Season 8, Melissa spends an evening with The Kids in the Hall LIVE!, as Michael relives the glory days of Batman: The Animated Series. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, Movies, TV, and Books. Disney and LucasFilm gear up for an exciting May the 4th, Warner Bros. cements Zack Snyder as the architect of their DC cinematic universe, Chelsea Handler beds Netflix, the X-Men may be coming to Fox TV, and Roberto Orci is lobbying to direct Star Trek 3. (Please God no!)
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DVD Verdict 1487 - The Friday Filibuster (Here Comes the Judge!)

April 27,2014
Jason recounts the wedding of Filibuster alum Michael Rubino. Erich compares Captain America: Winter Soldier to James Bond in Skyfall. Dave breaks down Marvel's cinematic universe
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DVD Verdict 1486 - F This Movie! (Falling in Love)

April 24,2014
Patrick and Erika take a walk down memory lane, recalling the movies that helped shape their relationship over the years.
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DVD Verdict 1485 - The Friday Filibuster (Scooby-What?!)

April 22,2014
Mac and Dave revel in the wake of Captain America. Daryl chain smokes HBO's True Detective. Erich catches up with Game of Thrones: Season 3. Reviews of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Broadchurch: Series 1, and Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery. Plus! Freakish arms, Giant treasure hordes, Scary weather events, and Inventive deaths.
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DVD Verdict 1484 - Entertainment Docket for Week of April 21

April 21,2014
Melissa samples WGN's Salem, as Michael thrills to Captain America: Winter Soldier. Plus! A rundown of the newest arrivals on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Bryan Singer is just the tip of the iceberg in the latest Hollywood sex scandal. Lindsay Lohan claims she miscarried the child of an A-list celebrity. Saturday Night Live gets a 3-hour primetime 40th Anniversary special.
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DVD Verdict 1483 - Entertainment Docket for Week of April 14

April 20,2014
Melissa samples the Dallas International Film Festival, as Michael desperately tries to Escape From Tomorrow. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; David Letterman retires and Stephen Colbert is named his successor; Battlestar Galactica comes to the big screen; Harrison Ford is excited for the Blade Runner sequel; David Duchovny tracks down Charles Manson; and Wil Wheaton gets his own TV series.
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DVD Verdict 1482 - They Came From the North (John Boorman)

April 10,2014
Andrew, Steve, Jon, and Mike return as your favorite curmudgeonly movie podcasters -- outside of the F This Movie! crew -- to tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly of British director JOHN BOORMAN! Join us on this canoe trip from Hell, or we'll get Lee Marvin to slap you like he did John Vernon!
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DVD Verdict 1481 - F This Movie! (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

April 09,2014
Join Patrick, Mike, and Adam for a spoilerific look at the first film in Marvel's Cinematic Universe: Phase II -- Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- a throwback to gritty '70s espionage crime dramas.
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DVD Verdict 1480 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Clint Mansell and Darren Aronofsky)

April 08,2014
This week, Clark continues his series spotlighting director/composer collaborations by featuring the music Clint Mansell has written for the films of Darren Aronofsky. You'll hear selections from Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Black Swan, and Noah.
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DVD Verdict 1479 - Friday Filibuster Movie Special (Noah)

April 06,2014
Dave and Daryl debrief their movie-going experience with Darren Aronofsky's NOAH.
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DVD Verdict 1478 - The Friday Filibuster (Coffee Talk with D&D)

April 02,2013
Dave and Daryl fill a super-sized episode with reviews of 5 Fingers, The Wolf of Wall Street, 20 Feet Below, Enemies Closer, JCVD, HBO's True Detective, and Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. Plus an in-depth look at Darren Aranofsky's Noah.
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DVD Verdict 1477 - Entertainment Docket for Week of March 31

March 31,2014
Melissa experiences filmmaking from the front lines, as Michael watches bootleg Broadway production videos on YouTube. A rundown of the week's newest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Ryan Gosling does Busby Berkeley. JK Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts" gets a trilogy. Warner Bros is pulling the trigger on a Justice League franchise. And Frozen becomes the top grossing animated film of all-time.
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DVD Verdict 1476 - Blast Processing (Cool-infused)

March 27,2014
A plague infected Steve and a Cool-infected Jon are back, while Kev tours the nation bringing law to the lawless. On this, the first new episode of 2014, Jon reviews Bravely Default and Strider, while Steve brings the hammer down on all three of the big three console manufacturers. There's also news, smarm, and more of what keeps you comin' back time after time.
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DVD Verdict 1475 - Entertainment Docket for Week of March 24

March 25,2014
Melissa hangs out with The Croods, as Michael finds himself Saving Mr. Banks. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! How Noah became an action flick, Mourning the death of character actor James Rebhorn, Figuring out how to make a John Belushi biopic, Teasing out the plot of Bryan Singer's next two X-Men movies, and Deepening the impact of the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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DVD Verdict 1474 - F This Movie! (Se7en)

March 22,2014
Patrick and JB go all Fincher on your ass with Se7en! Oh, and there's something in the box for you.
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DVD Verdict 1473 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Burwell and the Coen Bros.)

March 19,2014
Clark kicks off another series spotlighting director/composer collaborations. This time, you'll hear music written by Carter Burwell for the films of Joel and Ethan Coen. Included are selections from Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, The Hudsucker Proxy, Fargo, The Man Who Wasn't There, Intolerable Cruelty, Burn After Reading, A Serious Man, and True Grit.
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DVD Verdict 1472 - Entertainment Docket for Week of March 17

March 18,2014
Melissa struggles to watch the Veronica Mars movie. A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! We mourn the passing of comedian David Brenner; Overdosing on Muppets; Hollywood's perverse infatuation with young adult action/adventure franchises; Star Wars Episode VII casting kicks into high gear; and why the Fantastic Four reboot is Doomed.
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DVD Verdict 1471 - They Came From the North (Joe Dante)

March 16,2014
his month, our boys come in from the cold to tackle furry little critters, spaceships made from tilt-a-whirls, werewolves, creepy neighbors, and Looney Tunes, as we share in the good, the bad, and the ugly of director Joe Dante. We're ALL Rockin' Ricky Rialto fans!
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DVD Verdict 1470 - The Friday Filibuster (Ungodly)

March 14,2014
Mac suffers through 3 Days to Kill. Dave partakes of HBO's True Detective and 300: Rise of an Empire... TWICE! Michael preps for auditions with Spamalot and Monty Python and the Holy Grail on YouTube?! Summer movie season comes very early this year. Reviews of The Venture Bros: Season 5 (Blu-ray) and Enemies Closer (Blu-ray). Ambush Topics: Spies with family lives, Hand to hand combat in mid-air, Worst book-to-film adaptations.
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DVD Verdict 1469 - Entertainment Docket for Week of March 10

March 12,2014
As Melissa closes the book on Breaking Bad, Michael gets excited for what the future of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. holds. Running down the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Bryan Cranston does LBJ; President Obama goes between Two Ferns; Dan Harmon joins forces with Mitch Hurwitz on a new TV project; Sylvan Chomet does an intro for The Simpsons; Fox's Gotham casts its teen Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle; and Leatherface gets 4k facelift for the 40th anniversary of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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DVD Verdict 1468 - The Friday Filibuster (Ani-may-may)

March 09,2014
Mac embraces Miyazaki's The Wind Rises, Daryl is thrilled with new Stray Bullets, Erich takes in Thor: The Dark World, and Jason logs heavy hours on Sleeping Dogs. Reviews of Romeo and Juliet (2013), King of Chinatown, Search: The Complete Series, Beneath. Ambush Topics: Shoes, Clowns, Movies that span decades, Great TV shows that only lasted one season, Role Playing Games.
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DVD Verdict 1467 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

March 04,2013
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases. You'll hear selections from Pompeii, The Legend of Hercules, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Monuments Men, Black Sails, and Ride Along, plus remastered cues from Falling Down, Escape from L.A., and Dead Again.
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DVD Verdict 1466 - Entertainment Docket for Week of March 3

March 03,2014
Melissa and Michael recover from Oscars overload, as they run down what's new this week on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Paramount bows to religious pressure on Noah, Vincent D'Onofrio is Jurassic World's bad guy, Jeff Goldblum brings back David Levinson for Independence Day sequel, Adam McKay says he's done with Anchorman, a wedding for That '70s Show's Jackie and Michael, and the selfie that broke Twitter.
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DVD Verdict 1465 - The Friday Filibuster (21 Jump Street)

March 01,2014
Dave and Mac kick it old school with an episode devoted exclusively to Stephen J. Cannell's '80s cult classic 21 Jump Street -- the original television series, not the movie. Behold the evolution of Johnny Depp!
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DVD Verdict 1464 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best of 2013 - Part 4)

February 27,2014
This week, Clark concludes his countdown of the very best film music of 2013, offering selections from John Williams, Abel Korzeniowski, Randy Newman, Steven Price, and Joe Hisaishi. Who comes out on top? Tune in and find out!
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DVD Verdict 1463 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 24

February 25,2014
Melissa flies high with Cirque du Soleil, as Michael catches up on his Olympic events. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; who's to blame when a death occurs on set; Heroes returns to NBC in 2015; everyone is talking about Guardians of the Galaxy; and Fox goes off the rails casting their Fantastic Four reboot.
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DVD Verdict 1462 - The Friday Filibuster (Already in Progress)

February 21,2014
Due to a tech glitch, we join Dave, Mac, and Daryl's conversation already in progress. Reviewing Robocop reboot, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Sleeping Dogs, Dilbert: The Animated Series, Doctor Who: The Moonbase, and Mortal Enemies; a Guardians of the Galaxy history lesson; Ambush Topics: Blue lightning, Memorable pirates, and Worst screen hair.
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DVD Verdict 1461 - F This Movie! (F Everything!)

February 20,2014
In a run-up to 2014's F This Movie! Fest, Patrick and Doug manage to get everything off their chests, from Care Bears and Saving Mr. Banks, to Robot Jox and Doug's impending move to Los Angeles.
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DVD Verdict 1460 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 17

February 18,2014
Melissa immerses herself in the Winter Olympics, as Michael takes a double hit of Percy Jackson. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books; a week full of celebrity deaths; two high profile announcements in the gay community; and Fox loads the deck for its Batman prequel series Gotham.
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DVD Verdict 1459 - The Friday Filibuster (Who hates the Swedish Chef?!)

February 17,2014
Dave, Mac, and Daryl wish new daddy Erich all the best, before diving into the crazy world of entertainment. Dave is pumped beyond words for Noah, Mac shares his love for the comedic stylings of The LEGO Movie, Daryl catches up on Sherlock, Dave shares his increased loathing for portions of Arrow; Reviews of The White Queen, Darkman (Blu-ray), Rush (Blu-ray); LEGO movies you'd want to see, Villains with low IQs, and Universally funny things you just can't wrap your head around.
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DVD Verdict 1458 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best of 2013, Part 3)

February 16,2014
This week, Clark continues his countdown of the very best film music of 2013, moving from number 10 to number 6 on the list. You'll hear selections from Roque Banos, Brian Tyler, Arcade Fire, Scott Glasgow, and Ilan Eshkeri.
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DVD Verdict 1457 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 10

February 11,2014
Melissa goes to the Winter Olympics (not really), as Michael spends another season with Sherlock. Plus! Valentine's Day at your local multiplex; a rundown of the latest new releases to DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books; remembering Phillip Seymour Hoffmann; the legend of Shia LaBeouf grows; trying Woody Allen in the court of public opinion; law enforcement gets Bieber fever; and Johnny Depp gets himself a new film franchise.
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DVD Verdict 1456 - F This Movie! (Wrestling Movies)

February 06,2014
Patrick and Heather hit the mat to grapple with the infatuation Hollywood has with wrestlers and the movies created for them.
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DVD Verdict 1455 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best of 2013, Part 2)

February 05,2014
This week, Clark continues his countdown of the very best film scores of 2013. This time around, you'll hear contributions from Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Daniel Pemberton, Bear McCreary, and Conrad Pope.
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DVD Verdict 1454 - Entertainment Docket for Week of February 3

February 03,2014
Melissa journeys to the Top of the Lake, as Michael juggles a hectic theatrical schedule. Plus! A rundown of the newest arrivals on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; arguing the latest casting news for Batman vs. Superman; the latest fallout surrounding Woody Allen's personal life; how and when to legally promote your Oscar nomination; Disney gives life to a live-action Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers film; and JK Rowling regrets setting up Ron and Hermione.
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DVD Verdict 1453 - F This Movie! (Goldeneye)

February 02,2014
Patrick and Mike continue their Bondian adventure, this time tackling Pierce Brosnan's first 007 assignment, and one of the finest pre-Daniel Craig adventures, Goldeneye.
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DVD Verdict 1452 - The Friday Filibuster (Quick and Dirty)

January 31,2014
Join Dave, Erich, and Daryl for a lean and mean look at the world of entertainment: from the useless remake of Stephen King's Carrie to forest fires, raging rapids, and movies you wished people talked about more.
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DVD Verdict 1451 - F This Movie! (Dick Tracy)

January 30,2014
Patrick and Adam don their primary color detective gear to determine why Disney's highly stylized adaptation of Dick Tracy never made a splash.
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DVD Verdict 1450 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best of 2013, Part 1)

January 29,2014
This week, Clark begins his four-part countdown of the very best film music of the past year. You'll hear selections from Hans Zimmer, Laurent Eyquem, Thomas Newman, Marco Beltrami and Alexandre Desplat.
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DVD Verdict 1449 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 27

January 28,2014
Melissa spends time in bed with female serial killers, as Michael relives the first two seasons of Sherlock. Plus! A rundown of latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; the zombie comedy to end all zombie comedies; what happens at the Grammys stays at the Grammys; Quentin Tarantino goes to war with Gawker; Justin Bieber won't be deported; and Bill Cosby returns to prime time.
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DVD Verdict 1448 - The Friday Filibuster (But We Digress)

January 27,2014
After a healthy does of sports talk, Dave, Daryl, Jason, Mac, and Erich dive back into the world of movies and television, touching on everything from American Horror Story and I, Frankenstein; to hand trauma, blocks of ice, furniture that kills, unexpected casting decisions, and scenes that overshadow the movie itself.
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DVD Verdict 1447 - F This Movie! (The Prestige)

January 23,2014
Join Patrick and Mark as they work their film critic magic on Christopher Nolan's illusionary masterpiece The Prestige.
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DVD Verdict 1446 - They Came From The North (Hal Needham)

January 22,2014
This week, our boys from beyond the great lakes, Jon, Gabriel, and Steve tackle the cinematic good, bad, and ugly of the stuntman turned director, the late Hal Needham. We are northbound and down!
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DVD Verdict 1445 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 20

January 20,2014
Melissa opens your eyes to the magic of Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters and Guilt Trip, while Michael extols the virtues of the Great American Trailer Park Musical. Plus! A rundown of what's new this week on DVD, Blu-ray, Movies, TV, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Books, and Music; Kevin Hart steals the box office; Aaron Eckhart does Frankenstein in the Underworld; Criterion gives love to a classic madcap comedy; Superman, Captain Jack, and Luke Skywalker delay their next adventures; Marvel spins off Captain America for television; and Biff! Bam! Pow! comes to DVD in 2014.
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DVD Verdict 1444 - The Friday Filibuster (Go Broncos)

January 17,2014
Mac is perfectly ambivalent about 47 Ronin, Daryl celebrates Community's return to form, Erich closes the book on Dexter, Dave finally gets around to Expendables 2; reviews of Being Human: Season 3, Archer: Season 4, Captain Phillips (Blu-ray), and 12 Disasters; Plus! Entombed in ice, Soldier and a horse, Outrageous old ladies, Covered with a sheet.
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DVD Verdict 1443 - F This Movie! (The Living Daylights)

January 16,2014
Patrick and Mike begin their exploration of the Bond franchise with Timothy Dalton's inaugural outing as 007, The Living Daylights.
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DVD Verdict 1442 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Wojciech Kilar)

January 15,2014
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, offering memorably stirring selections from Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Ninth Gate, Portrait of a Lady, Death and the Maiden, The Pearl in the Crown, We Own the Night, The Promised Land, and The Pianist.
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DVD Verdict 1441 - F This Movie! (2013 Favorites)

January 14,2014
Join Patrick, Doug, and JB for their annual rundown of their favorite films of the year, which invariably leads to some entertaining and enlightening debate.
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DVD Verdict 1440 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 13

January 13,2014
Melissa dusts off her Golden Globes for the Hollywood Foreign Press, as Michael revisits the glory days of Tom Baker's Doctor Who. Plus! A rundown of the week's new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, TV, Music, and Books; JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan refocus Star Wars Episode VII as a passing of the torch between the original trilogy and the next generation; Stallone wants Justin Bieber for Expendables 4; Tarantino hard at work on The Hateful Eight; and WGN America hires Lee Daniels, Wes Craven, and Michael Cera to direct The Ten Commandments anthology?!
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DVD Verdict 1439 - The Friday Filibuster (2013 Buster Awards)

January 10,2014
Join Dave, Mac, Erich, Jason, Daryl, and Matt for their annual and highly unorthodox look back at the year in movies, TV, DVD, and Blu-ray.
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DVD Verdict 1438 - F This Movie! (Road House)

January 09,2014
Patrick and Adam belly up to the Double Deuce bar to be nice, until it's time not to be nice, all the while debating the merits of the Patrick Swayze classic Road House.
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DVD Verdict 1437 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

January 07,2014
This week, Clark offers another musical grab bag! You'll hear selections from Ice Age, 3:10 to Yuma, Per Amore, Planet Terror, The Boy Who Could Fly, Children of Men, Looking for Richard, Rent-a-Cop, and Mercury Rising.
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DVD Verdict 1436 - Entertainment Docket for Week of January 6

January 06,2014
Melissa gets dirty in the New Year with Anchorman 2 and American Hustle, as Michael goes high-brow with August: Osage County. Plus! A rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books; Steven Seagal and Clay Aiken get political; Julian Fellows declares an end to Downton Abbey; Audrina Patridge confesses The Hills was fake (Shocking!); and Shia LaBeouf is still a douchebag.
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DVD Verdict 1435 - F This Movie! (Tommy Boy)

January 03,2014
Patrick and Doug take a disastrous roadtrip, hit a deer, destroy a car, sell ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves, and discuss the ins, outs, ups, and downs of Tommy Boy. Holy Schnike!
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DVD Verdict 1434 - F This Movie! (Return to Nuke 'Em High)

January 02,2013
Patrick sits down with the three stars of the new movie Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 1 -- Catherine Corcoran, Asta Paredes, and Clay von Carlowitz -- to talk Troma, art, sexuality, and what it's like to sit at the loser table.
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DVD Verdict 1433 - F This Movie! (Underrated, Overrated, and Ugly of 2013)

January 01,2014
Patrick and JB close out 2013 with their picks for the best movies people didn't see, like, or wanted to like; stuff other people liked but they didn't; and a couple movies no one should ever like.
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DVD Verdict 1432 - They Came From the North (Alfred Hitchcock)

December 29,2013
This week, our Canuck contingent takes on a man considered by many to be the finest director to ever grace the medium. Join Andrew, Steve, Jon, and Gabriel as they plot to unearth the Good, Bad, and Ugly of director Alfred Hitchcock! No Hedren's were harmed in the making of this podcast.
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DVD Verdict 1431 - Blast Processing! (Knackety Knack)

December 27,2013
This week on BLAST PROCESSING! Jon gets into RATCHET AND CLANK: INTO THE NEXUS, and Steve digs into PS4 launch-y title, KNACK! Meanwhile Kev has issues with PSN Cards, and Steve briefly lays mitts on an XBOX ONE! What's the deal with the Xbox One? How's RYSE? FORZA MOTORSPOT 5? DEAD RISING 3? We can't give you definitive answers, but we can tell you what our first impressions were. In the news, John Carmack leaves Id, some Xbox Ones are breaking, some stuff is announced, and we bring back the Ambush Topic!
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DVD Verdict 1430 - Entertainment Docket for Week of December 23

December 25,2013
Melissa experiences a social media nightmare, as Michael wraps up his third stage show of the holidays. Plus! A rundown what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, TV, Books, and Music. Paul Rudd is Ant Man. The Duck Dynasty crew rattles in the interwebs. Obama sends gay athletes to Sochi. And the Top Movies of 2013.
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DVD Verdict 1429 - The Friday Filibuster (Yuletide Edition)

December 24,2013
Michael joins Dave, Mac, and Daryl for a festive exploration of movies, television, and pop culture insanity.
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DVD Verdict 1428 - Entertainment Docket for Week of December 16

December 21,2013
Melissa revisits the world of Holes, as Michael streams late night holiday B-movies. A rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books. Mourning the loss of Hollywood legends Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine. Jim Cameron moves Avatar to New Zealand. Disney begins casting Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Don Cheadle suits up as War Machine for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Chris Nolan teases Interstellar.
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DVD Verdict 1427 - The Friday Filibuster (Catching Fire)

December 14,2013
Judge Jason Panella pops his Filibuster cherry and joins the boys for another week of geek-infused madness. Daryl dives is unimpressed by vintage Doctor Who. Mac is underwhelmed by Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Erich deems Frozen a high water mark for Disney feature animation. Jason goes back to the beginning of The X-Files and finds it really holds up. Dave sings the praises of Cinemax's Banshee. Plus! Hillbilly horror, Stereo systems, and Change a letter then pitch the movie.
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DVD Verdict 1426 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Trevor Rabin)

December 12,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of film composer (and former rock guitarist) Trevor Rabin, offering selections from Deep Blue Sea, Flyboys, The Great Raid, National Treasure, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and more.
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DVD Verdict 1425 - Entertainment Docket for Week of December 10

December 11,2013
Melissa revisits the dark and twisted world of Lisbeth Salander, as Michael recovers from his many theatrical adventures. Plus! A rundown of the latest releases to DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Books, Movies, and Music; Disney to release new Indiana Jones films; Warner Bros. casts its Wonder Woman; Amazing Spider-man takes on Electro, Rhino, and Green Goblin; Star Trek gets new writers; and Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley.
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DVD Verdict 1424 - Entertainment Docket for Week of December 2

December 03,2013
Melissa rebuts the critical lambasting given to the series finale of Dexter, as Michael reviews the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special without spoiling anything. Plus! A rundown of the latest arrivals on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Movies, Music, and Books; the death of Paul Walker; the divorce of Josh Brolin; JJ Abrams builds a full-size Millennium Falcon for Star Wars: Episode VII; Magneto's offspring join Avengers: Age of Ultron; and Juliette Landau as Peter Capaldi's next TARDIS companion? Do tell!
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DVD Verdict 1423 - Blast Processing! (Welcome PS4)

December 01,2013
This week, the boys celebrate the launch of Sony's PLAYSTATION 4, officially kicking off the next generation of console gaming. We play most of the launch titles, including BATTLEFIELD 4, ASSASSIN'S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG, NEED FOR SPEED: RIVALS, and KILLZONE: SHADOW FALL! Jon also chimes in with his thoughts on the current gen version of CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS, and Steve hits up the Next Gen version. The news is also dominated by Sony's wunderconsole. Should you dive into this whole Next Gen craze? Or are you better off sticking with the PS3's and Xbox360's of the world? Listen in and find out!
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DVD Verdict 1422 - Blast Processing! (Sonically Challenged)

November 30,2013
This week, Jon plays SONIC LOST WORLD, and some very bad things are said by at least one of the Blastphemers. Steve plays BEYOND: TWO SOULS, and Kev is still busy with HEARTHSTONE. In the news, we get up in arms over the things your shiny new PS4 won't do at launch, and we talk about one rumored (and truthfully, very unlikely) game announcement that could be coming very soon, and we weep for the current state of Epic Games. This episode brought to you by Cooking with Kev, because cooking can be fun.
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DVD Verdict 1421 - The Friday Filibuster (Ball Belt)

November 29,2013
Daryl disses the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special as fanboy dreck. Erich celebrates Edgar Wright's The World's End. Dave and Mac have a date night to see Thor: The Dark World. Reviews of the XBox One console, MST3K 25th Anniversary Collection, Dexter: The Final Season, and Red 2. Plus! Daryl's most convoluted Ambush Topic ever, Obvious studio involvement, Hammers, Movie titles that begin and end with the same letter.
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DVD Verdict 1420 - The Friday Filibuster (Experimental)

November 28,2013
Dave, Mac, and Daryl throw caution and format to the wind, as they engage in an experimental game of I-Spy Ambush Topics to tempt, tease, and test your film and television knowledge.
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DVD Verdict 1419 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 25

November 25,2013

Melissa is spell-Bound by Seth Rogen and Jame Franco's parody video, as Michael runs down the latest on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, and Hulu. Plus! Understanding the Hunger Games target market, a pre-Thanksgiving box office blitz, deciphering a 10-year old Ben Affleck film, we're sorry for Peter Griffin's loss, Nic Cage and Charlie Sheen conspire on a sex tape, and MST3K gives us a brand new Turkey Day Marathon!

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DVD Verdict 1418 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

November 23,2013
This week, Clark offers another batch of new and recent releases, with selections from The Wind Rises, Thor: The Dark World, The Fifth Estate, Ender's Game, The Counselor, Captain Phillips, Runner Runner, and Free Birds.
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DVD Verdict 1417 - Entertainment Docket for Week of November 18

November 18,2013
Melissa regales us with reviews of highly offensive films like This is the End, before providing real-time reaction to "Night of the Doctor," the six-minute prequel to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Plus! A rundown of what's new and exciting on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books; Arrested Development gets a soundtrack release; Bill Cosby debuts a new stand-up comedy special; Angelica Huston chronicles her life story; Drew Goddard brings Daredevil to life for Marvel and Netflix; The CW reboots Tales From the Darkside; and Paddington Bear gets his first big screen adventure.
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DVD Verdict 1416 - Entertainment Docket for November 11

November 15,2013
As Melissa bemoans JFK overload, Michael gets caught up on Marvel's less-than-impressive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Plus! Running down the newest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Television, Books, and Music; the aging of Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, BBC reveals their plans for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebration, Lionsgate hatching a Hunger Games theme park, Netflix orders Marvel Comics series, and Blockbuster finally closes up shop.
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DVD Verdict 1415 - The Friday Filibuster (Disneyland for Douchebags)

November 14,2013
Mac enters the weightless CG world of Ender's Game. Erich weens himself of horror movies with Ricky Gervais' Derrick. Dary and Dave talk Far Cry 3. Reviews of PBS' War of the Worlds, A Very Merry Pooh Year (Blu-ray), Mad Men: Season Six (Blu-ray), The Internship (Blu-ray), and White House Down (Blu-ray). Plus! Back trauma, When the villain does something very cool, Memorable TV guest stars, and Cinematic synchronicity.
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DVD Verdict 1414 - F This Movie! (F Everything!)

November 08,2013
Patrick and Doug cut loose on everything from Star Wars and Hunger Games to MTV VJs and side boob.
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DVD Verdict 1413 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Pino Donaggio)

November 06,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of Italian composer Pino Donaggio. You'll hear selections from Piranha, Body Double, Hercules, Dressed to Kill, Up at the Villa, and more.
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DVD Verdict 1412 - They Came From the North (George Lucas)

November 04,2013
On this week's episode, Steve, Jon, Andrew, and Matt tackle the good, bad, and ugly of "The Father of the Force"... none other than George Lucas. Lightsabers and neckbeards for everyone!
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DVD Verdict 1411 - The Friday Filibuster (Geek Teambuilding)

November 01,2013
Mac mainlines the entire Saw franchise. The Conjuring impresses Daryl, which isn't easy to do. Erich is unimpressed by RiffTrax's Night of the Living Dead. Dave is diggin' Season 2 of Arrow. Reviews of Night of the Comet, George Romero's KnightRiders, the iPhone filmed To Jennifer, Vikings: Season One, and Monsters University (Blu-ray). Plus! Analyzing the Police Academy movies, Creepy dolls, Surprisingly scary, Freakish long appendages, Obscure movies you love.
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DVD Verdict 1410 - F This Movie! (Friday the 13the Franchise)

October 31,2013
Patrick and Mike close out another #ScaryMovieMonth by accomplishing the unthinkable -- marathoning all the films in the Friday the 13th franchise. How much Jason Voorhees can you stomach?
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DVD Verdict 1409 - Entertainment Docket for Week of October 28

October 29,2013
This year for Halloween, Melissa revisits Stephen King's The Shining in its myriad forms, as Michael gives Before Sunset another chance. Plus! The latest new releases to hit DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Television, Books, and Music; Remembering Gabriella Miller (http://smashingwalnuts.org), Lou Reed, Marcia Wallace, and Hal Needham; Network reboots of Charmed and Murder, She Wrote are in development; Doctor Who comes to the big screen next month; Chris Brown punches some guy, Julianne Hough offends everyone, and Kim Kardashian is getting married again. No big surprises there.
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DVD Verdict 1408 - Blast Processing (We're Back!)

October 27,2013
On this exciting episode, the team rallies all their strength to battle the legions of Hell in DIABLO III (on Console!), There's a ton of old news, we talk about random games, and KEV RETURNS! So really, no structure whatsoever, but entertainment is guaranteed! This week's episode brought to you by Rubbermitt steel belted radials, keeping all four wheels on the pavement, sand, or mountain trails of San Andreas. Impervious to everything but a little bit of rain, in which case you're on your own.
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DVD Verdict 1407 - F This Movie! (Return of The Horror Chick)

October 25,2013
Patrick once again joins forces with Heather "The Horror Chick" Wixson to wax horror-sophical on #ScaryMovieMonth and suggestions for your Halloween viewing.
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DVD Verdict 1406 - They Came From the North (Werner Herzog)

October 24,2013
It's been a long time in the making, but our resident Canuckleheads return with special guest Clark Douglas to document for posterity the good, bad, and ugly of legendary Austrian filmmaker Werner Herzog.
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DVD Verdict 1405 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Edward Shearmur)

October 23,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Edward Shearmur. You'll hear selections from Reign of Fire, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Laws of Attraction, Cruel Intentions, The Skeleton Key and many more.
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DVD Verdict 1404 - F This Movie! (The Massacre 2013)

October 22,2013
Broken and bleary-eyed, Patrick and JB once again share their experiences with this year's annual Chicago 24-hour horror movie marathon, The Massacre. October wouldn't be #ScaryMovieMonth without it.
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DVD Verdict 1403 - The Friday Filibuster (It's a Small World After All)

October 18,2013
Daryl gets his action on with Viva Riva and Only God Forgives. Erich torments his psyche with The Exorcist 2 and 3. Mac attempts to Escape From Tomorrow with The New Girl. Dave skates around the Pacific Rim. Plus! Crazy scientific explanations, Courtrooms, Laundromats, and Wood.
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DVD Verdict 1402 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Mark Isham)

October 16,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Mark Isham. You'll hear selections from The Moderns, Timecop, The Education of Little Tree, The Cooler, Eight Below, and many more.
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DVD Verdict 1401 - Entertainment Docket for October 14

October 15,2013
Michael defies Gravity, as Melissa does a trans-atlantic double feature of Star Trek Into Darkness and Before Midnight. Plus! The Carrie remake goes viral, The CW gives us an MTV version of Game of Thrones, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy gets a reunion special, Charlie Hunnam runs away from Fifty Shades of Grey, Africa was hiding vintage Doctor Who, Networks are picking up the options on high performing new series, Dreamworks is rebooting He-Man and Bullwinkle, and the latest Kardashian catastrophe.
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DVD Verdict 1400 - F This Movie! (Vampire Movies)

October 14,2013
Join Patrick and JB as they sink their #ScaryMovieMonth teeth into a vast smorgasbord of cinematic vampire tales.
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DVD Verdict 1399 - The Friday Filibuster (Good Answer!)

October 12,2013
Mac is not fully sold on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Erich succumbs to the power of Gravity. Daryl finishes his Friday the 13th marathon. Dave is underwhelmed by This is the End. Reviews for Secrets of Crickley Hall, The Exorcist (Blu-ray) 40th Anniversary, Nothing Left to Fear, and Dancing Ninja. Ambush topics: Too many body parts, Manipulating movie titles, When the beginning of a movie is far different from the end, Started great/Ended terrible.
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DVD Verdict 1398 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Lost in Space)

October 09,2013
This week, Clark wraps up his series spotlighting classic television music by featuring selections from Irwin Allen's Lost in Space. John Williams, Alexander Courage, and Joseph Mullendore deliver stirring music from a handful of vintage episodes.
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DVD Verdict 1397 - F This Movie! Commentary (The Burning)

October 05,2013
Suffering from that not so fresh feeling of #ScaryMovieMonth? Well, Patrick and the boys have a balm that's sure to help. Apply their commentary for The Burning liberally to the affected area and let the humor wash away your pain.
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DVD Verdict 1396 - The Friday Filibuster (So much for that idea...)

October 04,2013
Mac spends time with Good Ol' Freda. Erich mourns the loss of Breaking Bad. Daryl explores Crystal Lake Memories. Dave finds no redeeming value in Fall television. Reviews of House of Wax 3D (Blu-ray), The Fall: Series 1. Unexpected beheadings, Strange places for sermonizing, That looks dangerous; let's open it, and Fast food booby traps.
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DVD Verdict 1395 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Star Trek: TOS)

October 01,2013
This week, Clark continues his exploration of classic television by spotlighting music from Star Trek: The Original Series. Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, and Sol Kaplan provide music for classic episodes like "Amok Time," "Where No Man Has Gone Before," "The Doomsday Machine," and more!
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DVD Verdict 1394 - Entertainment Docket for September 30 and October 6

September 30,2013
Michael and Melissa offer up a super-sized show covering two weeks worth of entertainment coverage: A look at ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and reviews of new Fall TV season premieres; running down what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, TV, Music, and Books; Kanye West takes on Jimmy Kimmell; Sony pulls the rug out from under two high profile films; A-list actors sue for unpaid residuals; and Gotham City comes to TV.
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DVD Verdict 1393 - The Friday Filibuster (Tough Guys Doing Tough Things)

September 28,2013
Mac ranks the highs and lows in the world of Riddick. Daryl gets up-to-date on Breaking Bad ahead of the series finale. Erich preps for "Scary Movie Month" by seeing The Conjuring and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. Dave is sticking with Sleepy Hollow, but the shine is off Brooklyn Nine Nine. Reviews of CW's Beauty and the Beast, Dead Before Dawn, Halloween 35th Anniversary (Blu-ray), Arrow: Season One (Blu-ray). Ambush Topics: Worms, Unfortunate licensing agreements, Pitching Movie/TV-related open world games.
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DVD Verdict 1392 - F This Movie! (Tom Holland Interview)

September 26,2013
Patrick sits down with writer/director Tom Holland to discuss Fright Night, Child's Play, Psycho II, and a host of other horror films he's been involved with throughout his career.
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DVD Verdict 1391 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Twilight Zone)

September 24,2013
This week, Clark continues spotlighting music from classic television shows by offering a handful of selections from The Twilight Zone. You'll hear alternately suspenseful and beautiful music from Bernard Herrmann, Marius Constant, Nathan Van Cleave, Jerry Goldsmith and more.
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DVD Verdict 1390 - Entertainment Docket for the Week of September 23

September 23,2013
Michael and Melissa review the series premieres of NBC's Ironside and Fox's Sleepy Hollow, in addition to a full rundown of what's new this week on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Television, Books, and Music. Plus! Debriefing the Emmys controversy, changing the way the industry tracks TV viewers, the Summer 2015 Hollywood shuffle, and plague known as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has no cure.
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DVD Verdict 1389 - F This Movie! (Insidious: Chapter 2)

September 22,2013
Patrick and Adam kick off "Scary Movie Month" a week early, as they delve back into the horrific world James Wan and Leigh Whannell's Insidious for the further adventures of the haunted Lambert clan and their familial ties to the underworld.
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DVD Verdict 1388 - The Friday Filibuster (Mom and Pop Video Stores)

September 20,2013
With Matt and Erich away, Dave and Daryl are once again joined by New England filmmaker Matt Farley to discuss the legacy of mom and pop video stores, their bread and butter (low budget horror), misleading VHS covers, movies that desensitized you to horror, and more!
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DVD Verdict 1387 - Entertainment Docket for Week of September 16

September 17,2013
Melissa debunks Nazi myths and reviews Fall TV pilots, as Michael sits down for a double feature of Spy Kids 4 and Emperor's New Groove with the kids. Plus! Your weekly rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, TV, Books, and Music; Ron Howard gets a Rush in Toronto; Why Larry Fishburne is fat; Cable TV brings us new channels; JK Rowling is bringing back the world of Harry Potter; and PETA goes after Katy Perry.
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DVD Verdict 1386 - F This Movie! (Riddick)

September 15,2013
Patrick and Mark rule the dark, as the return to the world of David Twohy and Vin Diesel's Riddick. The interwebs will never be the same.
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DVD Verdict 1385 - The Friday Filibuster (Fast Money Challenge)

September 13,2013
With Erich on sabbatical, Dave, Mac, and Daryl change up their usual format for an Ambush Topic lightning round. All bets are off, as these boys fly without a net, and anything is possible. Everybody ready? Let's play The Feud!
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DVD Verdict 1384 - F This Movie! (Summer 2013)

September 12,2013
Our parents taught us, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." With that in mind, join Patrick, JB, and Doug as they spend an hour and half trying to come up with something nice to say about Hollywood's 2013 summer offerings. A challenge of epic proportions, to say the least.
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DVD Verdict 1383 - They Came From the North (Peter Weir)

September 11,2013
This week, our favorite Dead Poets from the North -- Jon, Steve, and Gabe -- team up with Yankee Master and Commander Michael McVey to tackle the cinematic good, bad, and uglies of Aussie auteur Peter Weir. Pack a lunch, because this is a long one!
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DVD Verdict 1382 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

September 10,2013
This week, Clark kicks off a multi-part series spotlighting music from classic television shows. First up: Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, Nelson Riddle, Dave Grusin, Gerald Fried, and a handful of other talented composers lend their talents to the '60s spy show The Man From U.N.C.L.E..
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DVD Verdict 1381 - Entertainment Docket for Week of September 9

September 09,2013
Melissa confesses to reading (and enjoying) James Patterson, as Michael samples the ABC and NBC fall TV previews. Plus! A rundown of the latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Books, and Music; Paramount botches the Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray) release, Casting fury surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, Filming gets underway on the Doctor Who Christmas special, Dancing with the Stars gets an emotionally manipulative new cast, and Tokyo gets the 2020 Summer Olympics.
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DVD Verdict 1380 - The Friday Filibuster (We're Big in China)

September 08,2013
This week, the boys share their love of Chinese culture; Erich unravels the mystery of the iOS game The Room; Dave and wife indulge in the DC Comics deck building table top game; Mac is unimpressed with the heavy-handed message of Neil Blokamp's Elyisium. Reviews of Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Blu-ray), The Fugitive (Blu-ray) 25th Anniversary, and Spartacus: War of the Damned. Plus! Scenes that take place at the Library, Crazy television shows that make absolutely no sense, and Snitches.
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DVD Verdict 1379 - F This Movie! (The World's End)

September 04,2013
Join Patrick, Adam, and JB as they knock back a few at Edgar Wright's The World's End. Good food. Fine ales. Total Annihilation.
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DVD Verdict 1378 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Craig Armstrong)

September 03,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of Scottish composer Craig Armstrong, featuring selections from Romeo + Juliet, Love, Actually, Moulin Rouge, Plunkett & Macleane, Orphans, The Quiet American, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and In Time.
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DVD Verdict 1377 - Entertainment Docket for September 2

September 02,2013
Melissa suffers a momentary lapse of judgment which results in her watching all of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as Michael digests the visual acumen of Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby. Plus! A rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Music, Books, and Theatre; the semi-annual boy band frenzy returns; Vin Diesel does the walk of fame; Chadwick Boseman goes trades in his Jackie Robinson uniform for James Brown's cape; JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan remake Westworld for HBO; James Spader is Ultron; Matt Damon directs; and Harry Connick Jr is your next American Idol.
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DVD Verdict 1376 - F This Movie! (Kick-Ass 2)

August 31,2013
Patrick and Doug kick the ass of writer/director Jeff Wadlow and producer Matthew Vaughn's super-sequel Kick-Ass 2. "Act like a @#$%&, get slapped like a @#$%&."
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DVD Verdict 1375 - The Friday Filibuster (Local Legends)

August 30,2013
Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl are joined by their special guest, New England filmmaker Matt Farley, as they discuss his new movie Local Legends, in addition to their full slate of weekly movie-related hijinks -- reviews, upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases, and Ambush topics.
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DVD Verdict 1374 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

August 28,2013
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases. You'll hear selections from Caprica, Elysium, Copperhead, Europa Report, White House Down, Passion, and Only God Forgives.
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DVD Verdict 1373 - Entertainment Docket for August 26

August 27,2013
Melissa tips a pint with Edgar Wright at The World's End, as Michael wraps up Orange is the New Black. A rundown of everything new this week on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Film, TV, Books, and Music. Plus! Defending Ben Affleck as Batman, Remembering Julie Harris, Fearing NBC's LIVE! Sound of Music event, Star Wars Episode VII, and George Lucas buys $10 Million worth of Starbucks gift cards.
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DVD Verdict 1372 - The Friday Filibuster (Pavlovian Response)

August 26,2013
Mac debriefs his Boston Comic Con experience. Erich attends Fathom Events' RiffTrax live dissection of Starship Troopers. Daryl dives into Breaking Bad. Dave invests in the next gen Xbox-1. Plus! Reviews of Elementary: Season One, MST3K: The Movie (Blu-ray), BBC's The Thick of It, Enlightened: Season Two, and MADtv: Season Three. Ambush Topics: Actors playing actors, Weird cameos, Creative censorship, and Post-Apocalyptic worlds you wouldn't want to live in.
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DVD Verdict 1371 - Entertainment Docket for August 19

August 19,2013
Melissa ties one on with Comedy Central's Drunk History, as Michael tries and fails to express the unique charms of Lee Daniels' The Paperboy. Plus! A rundown of this week's new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Film, Television, Books, Music, and Theatre; celebrity deaths, suicides, and beatings; Bradley Cooper busts a nut for the Lance Armstrong biopic; Russell Simmons apologizes for Harriet Tubman's sex tape; and new information sheds doubt on the death of Diana Princess of Wales.
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DVD Verdict 1370 - F This Movie! Commentary (Kuffs)

August 18,2013
Join Patrick as he shares his conflicted thoughts and insights on the Christian Slater / Milla Jovovich action comedy Kuffs. Look, if you're gonna jump, jump. Otherwise, use the bridge like everyone else. Love and kisses to all your pink parts.
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DVD Verdict 1369 - The Friday Filibuster (Super Fresh)

August 17,2013
After a few weeks away, the boys are back for 30 minutes of fresh movie-related mirth and mayhem. Mac shows some love for The Wolverine, while Dave and Daryl respect the work of Hugh Jackman. Dave gets a new xBox 360. Reviews of Disney's The Sword in the Stone (Blu-ray), Helen Mirren's Prime Suspect on Blu-ray, Burlesque Assassins, and How to Be the Life of the Party; and such riveting Ambush Topics as Chickens, Pillows, and Bottles.
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DVD Verdict 1368 - They Came From the North (Anthony Mann)

August 14,2013
This week, our resident canuckleheads tackle the good, bad, and ugly of director Anthony Mann (Ed Cid, Quo Vadis, He Walked by Night).
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DVD Verdict 1367 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Jodie Foster)

August 13,2013
This week, Clark spotlights music from the films of actress Jodie Foster. You'll hear selections from Taxi Driver, Nell, Flightplan, The Silence of the Lambs, Little Man Tate, Contact, Sommersby, Nim's Island, Maverick, Anna and the King, and The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys.
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DVD Verdict 1366 - Entertainment Docket for August 12

August 12,2013
Michael finds that Orange is the New Black, as Melissa learns Red State is not the horror movie it claims to be. Disney's D23 Convention celebrates the company's upcoming projects, while taking a $200M bath on The Lone Ranger; Sharknado gets a sequel; Jay Leno sets a February curtain call; MSNBC courts Alec Baldwin for a prime-time talk show; Billy Bob Thorton relocates to Fargo; Sylvester Stallone recruits Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas for Expendables 3; and Redbox prepares to take on Amazon and Netflix for king of streaming media.
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DVD Verdict 1365 - Blast Processing! (Highway to Hell)

August 11,2013
This week, Steve plays RIDE TO HELL: RETRIBUTION while Jon suffers through DARK. Meanwhile, newcomer, Tony (filling in for the wayward Kev) chimes in with his thoughts on the first Kickstarter Blockbuster; SHADOWRUN RETURNS. There's also More Microsoft hooey, talk of a Gran Turismo movie (???), and more of what makes people love us so much!
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DVD Verdict 1364 - F This Movie! (The State of Horror)

August 08,2013
Patrick welcomes in Dread Central's "Horror Chick," Heather Wixson, to discuss the state of modern horror movies and where the genre is headed.
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DVD Verdict 1363 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Denzel Washington)

August 06,2013
This week, Clark spotlights music from the films of actor Denzel Washington, offering selections from Cry Freedom, Out of Time, Glory, Malcolm X, Much Ado About Nothing, The Pelican Brief, The Hurricane, The Manchurian Candidate and The Great Debaters.
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DVD Verdict 1362 - Entertainment Docket for August 5

August 05,2013
As Melissa loses herself in the British crime drama Line of Fire, Michael revisits the cinematic world of Charlie Chan with Roland Winters in the title role. Plus! The latest arrivals on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, TV, books, music, and theatre; Peter Capaldi is unveiled as the 12th Doctor by BBC; ABC and Marvel expect Agents of SHIELD to be the next must-see TV; the magic of Sharknado knows no bounds; James Cameron is prepping THREE Avatar sequels; and Glee will deal with the death of Cory Monteith's character.
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DVD Verdict 1361 - F This Movie! (The Wolverine)

August 02,2013
Snikt! Join Patrick, Mike, and Adam T as they review the latest entry in the cinematic X-Men franchise -- The Wolverine -- discuss the current state of comic book movies, and share tales of their experiences at Comic Con 2013.
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DVD Verdict 1360 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (X-Men)

July 30,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of the X-Men franchise, offering selections from X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, and The Wolverine.
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DVD Verdict 1359 - Entertainment Docket for July 29

July 29,2013
As Melissa dances the night away, Michael takes in the surprisingly enjoyable Despicable Me 2 and the Broadway version of Young Frankenstein. Plus! The latest new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Amazon, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, TV, Books, and Music; Remembering Dennis Farina; Lindsay Lohan and Sharknado hit the big screen on the same day; Van Halen vs. Van Haggar; SNL is hiring; and Henry Selick begs the industry to wake up and finance PG-13 animated films.
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DVD Verdict 1358 - F This Movie! (The Truman Show)

July 28,2013
In today's reality TV obsessed world, Patrick and Alex return to a simpler time when the concept of following someone's life 24/7 was novel and creepy. Yes, it's The Truman Show!
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DVD Verdict 1357 - Blast Processing (Lazarus Rising)

July 27,2013
The guys took a while to digest all that was E3 2013, but here they are with thoughts on what transpired at the game show to end all game shows. Meanwhile, Steve has been playing THE LAST OF US, and Jon reviews DEADPOOL. In the news: A few kids at EVO act like tools, and Don Mattrick leaves Xbox. This episode brought to you by Hellriders leather biker chaps. When you've got to do a 600 yard powerslide on your ride to hell, these'll keep your insides in, and your outsides lookin' cool.
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DVD Verdict 1356 - The Friday Filibuster (Broke Hip Mountain)

July 26,2013
Alice joins the boys for another rip-rousing hour of entertainment tomfoolery. Mac debriefs us on the highs and lows of Comic Con 2013. Daryl is disappointed by the gag-driven format of The ABCs of Death. Erich revisits the idiocy of DC Comics' decades-old Batman arc Knightfall. Alice begins her foray into NBC's The Office. Dave proclaims from the mountaintop the glory of Cinemax' Banshee. Reviews of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: Season 2, BBC's North & South, Fernando di Leo Crime Collection 2. Ambush Topics: Movie sequels that never should have existed, Waiting in line, Eyeglasses, Major destruction / no body count, and Movie franchise you love but shouldn't.
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DVD Verdict 1355 - F This Movie! (Pacific Rim)

July 24,2013
Patrick and JB suit up for the ultimate battle of Robots vs. Monsters, and then wind up watching the whole thing from the sidelines. No matter. We still get their unfiltered take on Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.
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DVD Verdict 1354 - They Came From The North (Director Roulette)

July 23,2013
On this week's episode, Jon, Gabriel, Steve, and Matt mix things up with a little something they like to call director roulette. Steve tackles Brian G Hutton, Gabriel hits us with Alex Proyas, Matt Goes to the mat with Rob Zombie, and Jon takes it to the top rope with Jan De Bont! You know this all sounds so very interesting! Why aren't you listening already?!
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DVD Verdict 1353 - Entertainment Docket for July 22

July 22,2013
Melissa does a James Gunn double feature before time traveling with Aubrey Plaza, as Michael is pleasantly surprised by The Lone Ranger. Plus! Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine, the Cory Moneith autopsy, Netflix earns Emmy respect, David Fincher's next film may kill Sony's chances for The Girl Who Played with Fire, Disney's Tomorrowland finds its leading lady, Jim Moriarty is dead Dead DEAD, and The X-Files celebrates 20 years with the possibility of a new movie.
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DVD Verdict 1352 - The Friday Filibuster (Hot and Sticky)

July 19,2013
Daryl digs deep into his video game archive. Erich gives Tina Fey and James Gandolfini a second chance. Mac and Dave are underwhelmed by the bombastic Pacific Rim. Reviews of Banshee: Season One (Blu-ray), The Incredible Melting Man (Blu-ray), A Boy and His Dog (Blu-ray), Damages: The Final Season, and Evil Dead (2013). Ambush Topics include: Overused songs, Unbearable heat, Improvised weaponry, and the return of "Batman Versus."
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DVD Verdict 1351 - F This Movie! (Can't Hardly Wait)

July 18,2013
Ah, the life of youth in the '90s. Join Patrick and Doug as they revisit Harry Elfont's John Hughes wannabe coming-of-age romcom Can't Hardly Wait, and see how many familiar faces you can recognize.
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DVD Verdict 1350 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

July 17,2013
This week, Clark offers up a musical grab bag show, featuring a diverse group of selections from films like White Palace, The Andromeda Strain, MacArthur, Maid in Manhattan, Careful, He Might Hear You, and many more.
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DVD Verdict 1349 - Entertainment Docket for July 15

July 15,2013
Michael and Melissa connect the dots between socially conscious documentaries Forks Over Knives, Super Size Me, King Corn, and A Place at the Table; discuss the untimely death of Glee star Cory Monteith, and the George Zimmerman verdict; and then return to more mudane topics like what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, TV, film, music, and books; the madness of Syfy's Sharknado; casting news; and a smart move by Comic Con officials to head off what could have been a big problem.
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DVD Verdict 1348 - The Friday Filibuster (Back from the Dead)

July 14,2013
Mac lends his lukewarm support to The Lone Ranger. Erich has already forgotten his feelings for Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness. Daryl's epic hate for Cabin in the Woods prompts a strong defense from Dave and Erich. Dave is overwhelmed by the awesome idiocy of Olympus Has Fallen. Reviews of Walking Dead: The Video Game, Legend of Korra: Season 1, Latin dram No, The Kentucky Fried Movie. Ambush Topics: Creative uses of lawn equipment, Memorable henchmen, Bugs, and Fireworks.
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DVD Verdict 1347 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Harry Gregson-Williams)

July 10,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Harry Gregson-Williams, offering flavorful selections from such diverse efforts as Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Kingdom of Heaven, Shrek Forever After, Spy Game, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Veronica Guerin and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
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DVD Verdict 1346 - Entertainment Docket for July 8

July 09,2013
As Michael leverages Netflix to battle a flu bug, Melissa marvels at Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. Plus! The a rundown of the newest releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, TV, Music, Books, and Theatre; The Lone Ranger is Disney's next John Carter; DeNiro and Travolta play Bosnian war vets; the bizarreness of Comedy Central's Drunk History; Comic Con releases its schedule; Big Brother unleashes the bigotry; and Buckingham Palace prepares for a royal birth.
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DVD Verdict 1345 - F This Movie! (F Everything!)

July 07,2013
It's time once again for Patrick and Doug to vent their respective spleens, as they piss and moan about everything from Barbra Streisand to Sylvester Stallone. Happy Summer, everybody!
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DVD Verdict 1344 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (James Gandolfini)

July 02,2013
This week, Clark pays musical tribute to the late James Gandolfini, offering selections from True Romance, Where the Wild Things Are, The Last Castle, Crimson Tide, Terminal Velocity, A Civil Action, The Mexican, All the King's Men and Zero Dark Thirty.
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DVD Verdict 1343 - F This Movie! (The Sandlot)

June 30,2013
Patrick and Adam settle into the dog days of summer by celebrating America's pastime and exploring the gay subtext of The Sandlot.
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DVD Verdict 1342 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

June 25,2013
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering selections from Iron Man 3, Pain and Gain, Da Vinci's Demons, Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth and Defiance.
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DVD Verdict 1341 - Entertainment Docket for June 24

June 24,2013
As Melissa dines on the final morsels of NBC's Hannibal: Season One, Michael is unimpressed by Man of Steel and not stoned enough for This is The End. Plus! This week's new releases on DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, TV, Books, and Music. Remembering James Gandolfini, Paula Deen admits a bit too much, Pedro Almodovar does romantic comedy on a doomed airline flight, Robert Downey Jr signs on for two more Avengers Films, and Roland Emmerich's Independence Day 2 is set for July 2015.
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DVD Verdict 1340 - F This Movie! (Man of Steel)

June 21,2013
Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Patrick and Mark hitching a ride on the cape of Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. Impressive? Inspiring? Indulgent? Infuriating? You make the call.
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DVD Verdict 1339 - They Came From the North (Stanley Kubrick)

June 20,2013
This week, our resident Canuckleheads (and one damn Yankee) were victims of studio meddling, mob threats, technical issues, gaffes, and a lost recording. Only fitting for dissecting the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of legendary filmmaker STANLEY KUBRICK!
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DVD Verdict 1338 - Objection! (Man of Steel)

June 18,2013
America's favorite contrarian a-holes, Dave and Dan, are back to take on anyone who doesn't agree that Man of Steel is the finest adaptation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Superman to ever hit the big screen. Spoilers ahoy!
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DVD Verdict 1337 - Entertainment Docket for June 17

June 17,2013
As Melissa recovers from walking in the dark, Michael mends the wounds he suffered at the hands of A Good Day to Die Hard. The best of this week's releases on DVD and Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, TV, Music, and Books. Plus! Damon Lindelof saves the world, Brad Bird and George Clooney uncover Walt Disney's secrets, Arnold Schwarzenegger is Paramount's new Terminator, Netflix offers new Dreamworks animation, Marvel locks up the box office through 2017, and Disney Channel meets Girl Meets World.
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DVD Verdict 1336 - The Friday Filibuster (Octode Rectifying)

June 15,2013
Dave introduces Michael to the twisted madness of Silver Dream Racer and Miami Connection, Daryl completes two passes of Arrested Development: Season 4, Erich discovers pedophilia runs rampant in Helen Mirren's Prime Suspect, and Mac pops his Masters of the Universe cherry. Reviews of Mad Mad Trilogy (Blu-ray), Of Human Bondage (Blu-ray), Doctor Who: Mind of Evil, and Sadako 3D (Blu-ray). Plus! Preparing for the arrival of RetroN 5, Grand villainous entrances, Bears, Parties you never want to attend, and Distracting makeup.
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DVD Verdict 1335 - F This Movie! (V/H/S/2)

June 13,2013
You can't keep these horror fans down. Join Patrick and JB as the warm up the old VCR for V/H/S/2, the latest batch of independent found footage frights.
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DVD Verdict 1334 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Before They Were Famous)

June 11,2013
This week, Clark's theme is Before They Were Famous, as he takes a look at the early work of such famed composers as John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Elmer Bernstein, and more.
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DVD Verdict 1333 - Entertainment Docket for June 10

June 10,2013
Melissa participates in The Goodwin Games, as Michael expresses his frustrations with Oz The Great and Powerful. Plus! Recapping The Tonys; New this week on broadcast TV, at Amazon, Redbox, Netflix, and Hulu; The Purge cashes in on its own buzz; laughing at the Hollywood apocalypse; tempering expectations for Man of Steel; Michael Jackson's daughter attempts suicide; John Cusack plays Brian Wilson; JJ Abrams does Rod Serling; and the original Wizard of Oz comes to theaters in 3D IMAX for its 75th anniversary.
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DVD Verdict 1332 - Blast Processing! (E3 Preview)

June 08,2013
It's the week before E3, but scouring news sites for tidbits hasn't stopped Jon from taking Insomniac Entertainment's first multi-platform title FUSE for a spin. Meanwhile, Steve chimes in on the cyberpunk adventure REMEMBER ME, and Kev tells you what he thinks of the iOS WARHAMMER QUEST! We peel back and lay down the facts on Microsoft's XBOX ONE (yes, there will be used games), and there's news, news, and more news! Finally, we give you a rundown of what we hope/expect to see from this year's E3, quite possibly the most exciting E3 ever! This episode brought to you by MEME-MAKERS -- When you need a script for your E3 keynote, we guarantee your CEO will embarrass himself and earn internet immortality, or your money back.
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DVD Verdict 1331 - F This Movie! (A Hard Day's Night)

June 07,2013
Patrick and JB don their turtlenecks and mop tops for a rip roarin' 90 mins of Beatlemania, as they tackle Dick Lester's immortal film A Hard Day's Night. In the end, their happy just to dance with you.
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DVD Verdict 1330 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (John Ottman)

June 04,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer/editor John Ottman. You'll hear selections from X2: X-Men United, Fantastic Four, Incognito, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Orphan, House of Wax, Hide and Seek, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Cellular.
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DVD Verdict 1329 - Entertainment Docket for June 3

June 03,2013
Melissa savors the remains of Arrested Development and licks her chops for the final season of Dexter, while Michael takes a bullet by sitting through M. Night Shyamalan's painfully predictable After Earth. Plus! Pondering the mystery that is John Cusack's career; Rednecks get their own version of Survivor; Barenaked Ladies release a new album, still without Steven Page; Remembering Jean Stapleton; Matt Smith exits Doctor Who; Dan Harmon returns as Community showrunner; Sam Mendes is planning to direct the next two bond films as one big story; Amanda Bynes may in fact be schizophrenic; and Michael Douglas' cancer was caused by giving the ladies too much love.
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DVD Verdict 1328 - F This Movie! (Fast and Furious 6)

June 01,2013
Patrick and Doug get ripped, roided, and road raged to bring you the only review you'll need of Justin Lin's Fast and Furious 6. Buckle up, buttercup!
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DVD Verdict 1327 - The Friday Filibuster (D-Boxing)

May 31,2013
Dave and Mac D-Box Fast and Furious 6. Erich ensconces himself in David Lean's high def Lawrence of Arabia. Daryl proclaims Arrested Development: Season Four "the most ambitious television season" of all-time. Reviews of Doctor Who: The Visitation, Warner Bros' Ultimate Gangsters Contemporary Collection, Falcon, and Ninja III: The Domination. Plus! Badass storms, Surgeries, Hippies, and Bullies.
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DVD Verdict 1326 - Blast Processing! (Xbox One)

May 29,2013
Join Kev, Jon, and Steve as they pretend like they're professional gamimg journalists nd deliver a post-mortem on Microsoft's big XBOX ONE reveal! No other news, no bonus topics, and no sarcasm... we promise (we also lie). This episode brought to you by Marcus Beer and Kyle Bosman of "Annoyed Gamer" and "Final Bosman" fame -- because knowing they agree with us either makes us right, or makes them just as contrarian as we are, and that's awesome! (Editor's Note: Blast Processing is not endorsed by Marcus Beer or Kyle Bosman, but really should be!)
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DVD Verdict 1325 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Georges Delerue)

May 28,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of French composer Georges Delerue, offering selections from The Black Stallion Returns, True Confessions, A Little Sex, Salvador, Man Trouble, and Agnes of God.
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DVD Verdict 1324 - Entertainment Docket for May 27

May 27,2013
Melissa attends the Bluth family reunion, as Michael discovers that love cures the zombie plague in Warm Bodies. Plus! Will Smith returns to the summer movie scene, Jesse Eisenberg continues his depressingly mopey ways, Sharing the love for Whoopi Goldberg's Jumpin' Jack Flash, Strap yourself in for the summer TV season, Reaper gets a reunion special on FearNET, Alice in Chains unveils a new album, Steven Soderbergh develops a series for Cinemax, Will Forte is writing a sequel to MacGruber, Jimmy Kimmel and the naked Bea Arthur painting, celebrity Twitter wars, and Amanda Bynes is intent on becoming the craziest person on the planet.
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DVD Verdict 1323 - Blast Processing! (A Fate Worse Than Death)

May 26,2013
This week, Jon digs into FARCRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON, while Steve fires up DRAGON'S DOGMA: DARK ARISEN. Kev won't be joining us, on account of a slight case of death. In the news, Patrice "Assassin's Creed" Desilets gets sacked from Ubisoft, new Wolfenstein, Timegate Studios is toast, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a thing, Defiance is doing rather well, and something is definitely rotten at Silicon Knights. This episode brought to you by "Everwhite" white fabric paints, because you can't eliminate terror without a really bitchin' white skull painted on your ski-mask! Anything less would be lame.
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DVD Verdict 1322 - The Friday Filibuster (Fan Service)

May 24,2013
Dave and Mac have trouble digesting Star Trek Into Darkness. Erich appreciates The Office series finale. Reviews of Beautiful Creatures and Battle Earth. Plus! Best series finales. Favorite young adult fiction. Unusual voices. Strange early roles for A-list actors. Ridiculous tough guy dialogue. Unabashedly endorsing Wet Hot American Summer.
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DVD Verdict 1321 - F This Movie! (Star Trek Into Darkness)

May 22,2013
Patrick, Mike, and Adam boldly go where many fans have recently gone, into the fanboy abyss that is JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness. Who is this mysterious villain? What portion of the original series timeline is being exploited? And why can't Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Damon Lindelof tell an original story? These questions and more will be answered within this spoilerific adventure!
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DVD Verdict 1320 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ray Harryhausen)

May 21,2013
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late stop-motion wizard Ray Harryhausen, offering musical selections from such grand adventures as Mysterious Island, Jason and the Argonauts, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The Three Worlds of Gulliver and Clash of the Titans.
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DVD Verdict 1319 - Entertainment Docket for May 20

May 20,2013
Melissa savors Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, as Michael vents his spoiler free frustrations with Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus! New DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox, Netflix, and Hulu releases; Your roadmap to the end of the 2012-13 television season; Steppenwolf could lose their Tony nominations; Christopher Nolan may direct the next James Bond; Stallone calls on Mickey Rourke, Jackie Chan, and Wesley Snipes for Expendables 3, Joss Whedon confirms Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for Avengers 2, and SNL says goodbye to Bill Hader's Stefan.
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DVD Verdict 1318 - F This Movie! (2013 Thus Far)

May 19,2013
Patrick and JB sharpen their red pencils to evaluate the first half of 2013's Hollywood season. The good, the bad, the weird, the unsung, and the overrated. Nothing escapes their purview.
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DVD Verdict 1317 - The Friday Filibuster (There Be Whales Here!)

May 17,2013
Mac immerses himself in the new Tomb Raider game. Dave and Erich detail their Injustice story-mode experience. Daryl is plowing through Ron Moore and David Eick's Battlestar Galactica. Michael dives into LEGO Lord of the Rings. Dave is confounded by the path Mad Men's Don Draper is taking. Reviews of Superman: Unbound, Aquabats! Super Show! Season One, In Search Of: The Complete Collection, and Body Melt. Plus! Can Warner DC hope to compete with Disney's Marvel cinematic universe? What should the next LEGO game be? Great robots. Completely unnecessary biopics. Anti-climactic final showdowns. Metal spikes on flesh or clothing.
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DVD Verdict 1316 - Entertainment Docket for May 13

May 14,2013
As Melissa expresses her love for Shane Black's IRON MAN 3, Michael reacquaints himself with an older grumpier Arnold Schwarzengger. Plus, The Wachowski's Cloud Atlas comes to home video, Netflix runs silent, Hulu offers a feast of bad movies, Barbara Walters retires, Fox creates a 24 event series, Seth Meyers succeeds Jimmy Fallon, JJ Abrams shoots Star Wars: Episode VII in the UK, and running down network TV cancellations and renewals.
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DVD Verdict 1315 - Blast Processing! (Heroes United)

May 12,2013
On this week's exciting episode, Jon channels his inner Superman with INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, Steve beams up a copy of STAR TREK, and Kev relaxes on his SUMO beanbag chair. In the news, THQ orphans find a home, Microsoft sets a date, Futurama dies (again!), and much more! This episode brought to you by "Not so Silent" alarm systems. When you positively have to let the people know that the evil of Silent Hill is coming, this bad boy will have them cowering in the church long before the walls melt.
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DVD Verdict 1314 - Friday Filibuster (2013 Summer Movie Preview)

May 11,2013
It's that time of year again! Join Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl as they tear through Hollywood's slate of sequels, prequels, remakes, and cash grabs, in an attempt to set box office records. Brought to you in glorious 3D audio! (Not really, but we're contractually obligated to say that).
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DVD Verdict 1313 - F This Movie! (Pain and Gain)

May 08,2013
Patrick and Adam are here to pump you up, count the veins in Dwayne Johnson's non-existent neck, suffer through Mark Wahlberg's acting, and deconstruct the sports-crime-buddy-action-comedy Pain and Gain. Don't be a girly man! Listen and learn!!
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DVD Verdict 1312 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ron Goodwin)

May 07,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the music of British composer Ron Goodwin, offering stirring selections from such films as Where Eagles Dare, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, Battle of Britain, Submarine X-1, 633 Squadron, Murder, She Said, and Murder at the Gallop.
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DVD Verdict 1311 - Entertainment Docket for May 6

May 06,2013
Melissa catches up on TV season finales, as Michael keeps on acting. Plus! Iron Man 3 blitzes the box office, Baz Luhrmann's garish The Great Gatsby arrives in style, Eli Roth is trapped in an underground Chilean nightclub, Steve McQueen makes his Great Escape in HD, Bryan Singer ties up the loose ends of Fox's X-Men franchise, Marvel confirms Doctor Strange will kick off "Phase 3," Al Pacino's creative dispute leaves Universal scrambling, Mr. Rogers gets a biopic, while Brad and Angie agree to get hitched.
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DVD Verdict 1310 - Blast Processing! (Tears of a Sadistic Clown)

May 05,2013
On this week's action packed episode, Jon plays around on PSN and discovers GUACAMELEE, while Steve tackles the last Wii title worth talking about as he ventures into PANDORA'S TOWER. In the news, EA shutters studios, mommas cry, gamers wring their hands in angst. This episode brought to you by smooth tasting Ultra Roundhouse light beer. With only two calories per bottle, your Zangief physique won't go all E. Honda after a night out on Shadowloo Island.
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DVD Verdict 1309 - F This Movie! (Oblivion)

May 03,2013
Patrick and Mark go post-apocalyptic on Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, Tom Cruise movies, and the problems with generic sci-fi.
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DVD Verdict 1308 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Henry Mancini)

May 01,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the work of composer Henry Mancini, offering flavorful selections from Peter Gunn, Hatari!, 10, The Great Mouse Detective, Silver Streak, The Pink Panther, Lifeforce, Touch of Evil, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Revenge of the Pink Panther.
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DVD Verdict 1307 - Entertainment Docket for April 29

April 29,2013
Melissa finally gets around to watching Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky, as Michael recovers from a crazy week of theatre. Iron Man 3 dominates the overseas box office. Jodie Foster's boobs arrive on Netflix Instant. Joss Whedon wraps filming on the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot for ABC television. Bad Robot will bring Stephen King's 11/22/66 to cable. Clint Eastwood is too old for marriage drama. Hollywood forgot not to drink and drive. And Tom Brokaw nails the quote of the week.
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DVD Verdict 1306 - Friday Filibuster (Nuts to you!)

April 28,2013
Daryl is conflicted over the end of the Mass Effect series. Erich is determined to hang with the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove until the bitter end. Mac is not sure what to make of the Tom Cruise sci-fi epic Oblivion. Dave is jazzed for Man of Steel. Reviews of Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, Manborg, and Mr. Selfridge. Plus! Favorite video game endings and Candy bars.
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DVD Verdict 1305 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

April 24,2013
This week, Clark offers up another batch of new and recent releases. You'll hear music from To the Wonder, Evil Dead, Africa: Face to Face with the Unknown, 42, Peeples, Oblivion and new re-recordings of Michael Nyman's scores for The Piano and Gattaca.
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DVD Verdict 1304 - Entertainment Docket for April 22

April 23,2013
Melissa get mistaken for Katherine Heigl. Michael reviews Dreamwork's latest The Croods. Tom Cruise still has bank, Rebel Wilson is still hilarious, Jeremy Piven does period BBC drama, Remembering the incomparable Jonathan Winters, Netflix debuts their original horror series, Hulu showcases early David Lynch, Fox gives Glee two more seasons, and Charlie Brown may just prove the death of 3D in Hollywood. Hurray!
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DVD Verdict 1303 - F This Movie! (Evil Dead 2013)

April 21,2013
Grab your Book of the Dead and a barf bag and join Patrick, JB, and Adam as they digest writer/director Fede Alvarez' visceral remake of Sam Raimi's genre defining classic Evil Dead.
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DVD Verdict 1302 - They Came From the North (Oliver Stone)

April 19,2013
This week, Gabriel, Steve, and Jon are joined by The Beatnik Samurai himself, special guest Dan Mancini, to tackle the media's glorification of killers, the truth we find in conspiracy, and letters to grandma from Vietnam, as They Came From the North does battle with director Oliver Stone.
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DVD Verdict 1301 - F This Movie! (Planet of the Apes 1968)

April 17,2013
Keep your damn dirty paws off Patrick and JB just long enough for them to tackle Charlton Heston's legendary sci-fi epic Planet of the Apes. BTW, don't mention anything about the 2001 Tim Burton remake. It only infuriates people.
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DVD Verdict 1300 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ella Dell'Orso)

April 16,2013
This week, Clark continues his series spotlighting some of film music's most prominent vocalists by featuring the work of Italian singer Ella Dell'Orso. You'll hear her contributions to such soundtracks as Once Upon a Time in the West, Forbidden Photos of a Woman Above Suspicion, Nostromo, Once Upon a Time in America, Face to Face, The Secret, and The Grand Duel.
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DVD Verdict 1299 - Blast Processing! (Knuckle Duster)

April 14,2013
On this week's episode, Kevin delivers the crew's consensus on Irrational Games' Bioshock: Infinite, Jon proves portables aren't dead by playing the last copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening in Newfoundland on the 3DS, and Steve heads to Mexico with the latest in EA's Army of Two series. In news, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is announced, EA shows off the stunning Battlefield 4, and GDC parties are full of paid escorts!
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DVD Verdict 1298 - The Friday Filibuster (Do the Hustle)

April 13,2013
Dave gushes about History Channel's Vikings. Mac feels dirty for having watched Spring Breakers. Erich is pleased with the latest season of Justified. Daryl witnesses the beginning of the end for AMC's Mad Men. Reviews of Collaborator, Deadball (Blu-ray), and The Exorcist in the 21st Century. Plus! Ninjas, Weirdness on the Baseball Field, Strange Elderly Actresses, and Countdowns.
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DVD Verdict 1297 - They Came From the North (Joel Schumacher)

April 11,2013
On this week's episode, Gabriel, Jon, Andrew, and Steve pay tribute to the great Roger Ebert, before getting into the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the master of bat-nipples, Bon-Jovi look-alike Vampires, and Washington DC's best Cab company, writer/director Joel Schumacher.
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DVD Verdict 1296 - Entertainment Docket for April 8

April 09,2013
In this super-sized episode covering the next two weeks of entertainment, Michael voices his frustration over BBC's neglecting the significance of Donna Noble as a Doctor Who companion, while Melissa reviews the Netflix release of Shane Carruth's Sundance favorite Primer. Plus! Remembering the amazing Roger Ebert; Orlando Bloom makes his Broadway debut; Kellan Lutz is the new Hercules; Rob Zombie offers us a vinyl record from Hell; Repo Man gets a Criterion Blu-ray; the Bond girls get their own documentary; questioning whether you can be an A-list action hero, pop star, or rapper is you are openly gay; Justin Bieber brings the Norway educational system to a halt; and Jada Pinkett reveals she and Will Smith have an open marriage.
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DVD Verdict 1295 - The Friday Filibuster (Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes)

April 07,2013
After two weeks off, the boys return with big news. Mac's novel is sparking genuine interest. Erich has been taken down by a vicious illness. Daryl is launching a new comic book. Dave and his wife Carey adjust to a new son and a new home. Reviews of Game of Thrones, Kids in the Hall on Netflix, The Kroll Show, Safety Not Guaranteed, History Channel's Vikings, Ripper Street, A Monster in Paris, Criterion's A Man Escaped (Blu-ray), and Tormented 3D (Blu-ray). Plus! Strange and unusual motorcycles, and Less than ideal movie experiences.
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DVD Verdict 1294 - Blast Processing! (A-Woo-Ooh!)

April 04,2013
On this week's episode, Jon tackles God of War: Ascension, Steve buys a Wii-U and plays some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Kevin fires the retro rockets. In the news, Capcom is bringing back Duck Tales! (A-Woo-Ooh!), and we've got a few stories out of PAX East fresh for your consumption. Brought to you by Dovakhin's Friend Throat lozenges. When your throat is raw from those harsh winter colds (and it's always winter in Skyrim!), Dovakhin's Friend gives your Thum some FUS-ROH-DAH!
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DVD Verdict 1293 - F This Movie! (Run Lola Run)

April 03,2013
Patrick and Doug have 20 minutes to dissect writer/director Tom Tykwer's cult action thriller Run Lola Run, before Franka Potente beats them senseless with a giant Braunschweiger. And she can do it too!
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DVD Verdict 1292 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Lisa Gerrard)

April 02,2013
This week, Clark spotlights the talented composer and vocalist Lisa Gerrard. You'll hear her ethereal contributions to soundtracks written for The Insider, Gladiator, Whale Rider, The Mist, Fateless, and The Bible.
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DVD Verdict 1291 -- Entertainment Docket for April 1

April 01,2013
Michael and Melissa compare and contrast Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as Doctor Who. Plus! Previewing Stephen Sommers' Odd Thomas, honoring the memory of Richard Griffiths, creating a Chinese version of Iron Man 3, rebooting Howard the Duck, critiquing Kim Kardashian's acting debut, and running down what you can expect to find this week in movies, TV, Blu-ray, DVD, books, music, and theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1290 - F This Movie! (Spring Breakers)

March 31,2013
Patrick and Erika pack up their duffles and head to the beach with James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson for the debauchery known as Spring Breakers. Party on, dude!
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DVD Verdict 1289 - They Came From the North (John Ford)

March 28,2013
This week, our curmudgeonly Canucks -- Andrew, Steve, Jon, and Gabriel -- tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly of legendary Hollywood director and charter member of the Monument Valley Fan Club, JOHN FORD!
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DVD Verdict 1288 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Lebo M.)

March 26,2013
This week, Clark kicks off a series of programs spotlighting prominent vocalists in the world of film music. In this first installment, you'll hear the rich, distinctive voice of Lebo M. on soundtrack selections written for The Power of One, The Lion King, Outbreak, Dinosaur, Congo, and Tears of the Sun.
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DVD Verdict 1287 - Entertainment Docket for March 25

March 25,2013
Melissa sits Side-by-Side with Keanu Reeves, as Michael recalls the horrors of direct-to-DVD Disney sequels. Plus! A letter from a dying solider, animation continues to dominate the box office, Cartoon Network comes to Netflix, another new Tyler Perry movie, the future of Doctor Who, Tilda Swinton in a box, Mary Tyler Moore gets Hot in Cleveland, and Jay Leno is put out to pasture... again.
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DVD Verdict 1286 - F This Movie! (Oz: The Great and Powerful)

March 21,2013
Find out what happens when Patrick and Adam spend a little too much time with James Franco in Sam Raimi's land of Oz: The Great and Powerful. Trust me, it ain't pretty, folks.
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DVD Verdict 1285 - Blast Processing! (By This I De-Creed)

March 20,2013
This week, Steve's raids some tombs in Uncharted territory, Jon helps Vengeance get Revenge, and Kev has a personal "Crysis" to deal with. The boys chime in on Sony's big Playstation 4 show, Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed 4, and there's some shenanigans afoot over at EA. This episode is brought to you by SC: Blacklist Double-A's, official battery of Sam Fisher; because when your personal freedom is at stake, you don't want duds in your NVG's.
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DVD Verdict 1284 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

March 19,2013
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering music from John Dies at the End, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Spring Breakers, Frozen Planet, The Call, and A Good Day to Die Hard.
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DVD Verdict 1283 - Entertainment Docket for March 18

March 18,2013
As Melissa revisits the various worlds of Aaron Sorkin, Michael immerses himself in the world of Tom Hooper's Les Miserables. Plus! Nic Cage is a neanderthal, Gerard Butler rescues the President, Christian Bale is Moses, Alan Thicke returns to sitcom television, a new album from Anthrax, and Rob Thomas' Veronica Mars is gifted new life by fans and Kickstarter.
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DVD Verdict 1282 - The Friday Filibuster (Suffering the Entertainment Blahs)

March 16,2013
Erich found Oz: The Great and Powerful sorely lacking. Mac subjected himself to Jack the Giant Slayer. Daryl gives The Walking Dead a second chance. Dave gets his History Channel Vikings fill. Reviews of Willow (Blu-ray), Duck Dynasty: Season Two, The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (Blu-ray), Sushi Girl (Blu-ray), and Flight (Blu-ray). Plus! Deconstructing Bryan Singer's less-than-stellar career, What movie would you finance on kickstarter?, Strange and unusual dogs, Death by common household items, and Unconvincing injuries.
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DVD Verdict 1281 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Mychael Danna)

March 13,2013
This week, Clark celebrates composer Mychael Danna's Oscar win with another show spotlighting Danna's diverse discography. You'll hear selections from Chloe, Capote, Moneyball, Tideland, The Nativity Story and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
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DVD Verdict 1280 - Objection! (Willow)

March 12,2013
Join Dave, Dan, and Steve as they traverse the vast Lucasfilm wasteland, to celebrate the Blu-ray release of a forgotten '80s sword and sorcery classic, in which a diminutive farmer must protect a special baby from an insane queen using only his wits and the help of a skinny Val Kilmer. Of course, we're referring to Willow.
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DVD Verdict 1279 - Entertainment Docket for March 11

March 11,2013
While Michael is up to his eyeballs with theatre, Melissa begins dismembering the misplaced fandom for The Walking Dead. Plus! Oz dominates the box office, horny teens becoming Spring Breakers, a wealth of animation comes to Blu-ray, Chris Cooper will be the Green Goblin, Eddie Murphy is once again Axel Foley, Valerie Harper refuses to roll over to cancer, Star Trek Into Darkness gets a new trailer, and Kevin Smith begins work on Clerks III.
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DVD Verdict 1278 - F This Movie! (Aliens)

March 09,2013
Lock and load, as Patrick and Erich enlist in the Space Marines to help Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop take down the Queen in James Cameron's action/adventure sequel Aliens. It's not for the money or the glory, these guys just happen to look good in exosuits.
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DVD Verdict 1277 - They Came From the North (James Cameron)

March 08,2013
Join Gabe, Jon, Matt, and Mike as they dive deep into the filmography of writer/director/innovator James Cameron to uncover his good, bad, and ugly... in glorious 1080p High Definition 3D Audio!!!
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DVD Verdict 1276 - Entertainment Docket for March 4

March 03,2013
Michael and Melissa look back at the Oscars and the Visual Effects protest it created. Plus! Disney returns to Oz, Streaming Media dries up, trying to understand the drawing power of Duck Dynasty, the rebirth of Evil Dead, and the return Whose Line Is It Anyway?
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DVD Verdict 1275 - F This Movie! (High Fidelity)

March 03,2013
Patrick and JB paw through stacks of old vinyl records, while humming along to Sonic Death Monkey and discussing the social and philosophical importance of Stephen Frears and Nick Hornby's High Fidelity.
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DVD Verdict 1274 - The Friday Filibuster (Brought to you by Neil Patrick Harris)

March 01,2013
Mac gushes over this season of Castle. Daryl is glad to see Karen Gillan leave Doctor Who. Erich's Burning Love is still burning bright. Dave gives up on Parks and Recreation. Reviews of Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, Drak Pack, Naked City, Death Valley (Blu-ray), Halloween II (Blu-ray), and The Next (Blu-ray). Plus! Laundromats, Eyepatches, Villains with cool voices, Scenes of cold that made you feel it, and the Freaktastic World of Hanna-Barbera.
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DVD Verdict 1273 -- They Came From the North (David Fincher)

February 28,2013
On this week's episode, the scheduling of our mammoth tribute to James Cameron has left a gap that must be filled by Gabriel, Steve, and Jon. Join our trio as they tackle the light, breezy, fluffy, happy work of director David Fincher!
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DVD Verdict 1272 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (James and the Giant Peach)

February 27,2013
This week, Clark narrows his focus to a single soundtrack, taking an in-depth look at Randy Newman's songs and score written for Henry Selick's James and the Giant Peach.
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DVD Verdict 1271 - Entertainment Docket for February 25

February 25,2013
Melissa takes the Oscars to task for snubbing Ben Affleck, while Michael shovels 10 inches of New England snow and random entertainment industry bullshit. Plus! Twilight owns The Razzies, A Good Day to Die Hard tanks in week two, Jack slays all sorts of Giants, Barbie goes high brow, Bruce Willis inherits the mantle of Charles Bronson, James Marsden battles Ron Burgundy, and Megan Fox beds Michael Bay and the Turtles.
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DVD Verdict 1270 - F This Movie! (Forrest Gump)

February 23,2013
Patrick and Doug are nothing like a box of chocolates. You know exactly what you're gonna get from every episode of F This Movie! -- brilliant, subversive, hilarious conversation. So hitch a ride with Lt. Dan, as the boys break down Robert Zemeckis' Forrest Gump, because stupid is as stupid does.
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DVD Verdict 1269 - The Friday Filibuster (Yippee-Ki-Yay!)

February 22,2013
Mac and Dave buck the critical trend and share their love for A Good Day to Die Hard. Erich and Daryl are no longer laughing at NBC's Community but are intrigued by Netflix's House of Cards. Reviews of Young Justice: Invasion, Smiley, Side by Side, Monsters Inc. 3D, Undefeated, BSG: Blood and Chrome. Plus! Scenes that take place at the Opera, Playful sporting goods used for lethal means, TV shows that changed their theme song, and Ridiculous movie taglines.
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DVD Verdict 1268 - Blast Processing! (The Boys are Back in Town)

February 20,2013
The boys are back for a third season of mild insanity, nerd rage, and all the things that make gaming fun! This week, Steve nukes ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES from orbit, Jon slices and dices through DMC: DEVIL MAY CRY, and Kev takes it to the Necromorphs with DEAD SPACE 3! But wait! There's MORE! Want to learn about Bungie's first post-Halo video game endeavor? Sure you do! Tune in, stay a while, and listen!
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DVD Verdict 1267 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Sylvester Stallone, Part Three)

February 19,2013
This week, Clark wraps up his three-part series spotlighting music from the films of writer/actor/director Sylvester Stallone. You'll hear selections from Judge Dredd, Cliffhanger, Shade, The Specialist, Cop Land, and The Expendables.
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DVD Verdict 1266 - Entertainment Docket for February 18

February 18,2013
Michael reacquaints himself with vintage Doctor Who, as Melissa gets Twitter-slapped by Kathy Najimy (@kathynajimy). Plus! Something's up with Netflix; CBS has paired Robin Williams with Sarah Michelle Gellar; River Phoenix returns to the big screen long after his death; Oscar Pistorius faces more challenges than just his legs; Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill sign on for Star Wars Episode VII; and the trailer for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal brings horror to NBC.
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DVD Verdict 1265 - F This Movie! (The Faculty)

February 14,2013
Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite like Patrick and Alex managing to weave John Hughes, Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan, alien sex, and fond remembrances of the 1990s into a discussion of Robert Rodriguez' sci-fi mystery thriller The Faculty. Don't ask. Just listen.
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DVD Verdict 1264 - They Came From the North (Paul Schrader)

February 13,2013
This week, our Canadian compadres take on the good, bad, and ugly of a man perhaps known more for his screenplays (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) than his films (Cat People, Affliction), writer/director Paul Schrader.
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DVD Verdict 1263 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Sylvester Stallone, Part Two)

February 12,2013
Clark continues his exploration of music from the films of actor Sylvester Stallone. This week, you'll hear selections from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Cobra, Rambo III, Over the Top, and Tango & Cash.
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DVD Verdict 1262 - Entertainment Docket for February 11

February 11,2013
For as taken as Michael is revisiting Ridley Scott's Prometheus, Melissa is equally underwhelmed by the return of NBC's Community. Plus! It's A Good Day to Die Hard, Monty Python's Graham Chapman gets animated, Dame Shirley goes to the Oscars, Disney starts to expand the Star Wars universe, Marvel readies the Hulk for center stage, and Universal preps Dr. Seuss' Grinch and Cat for reboots.
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DVD Verdict 1261 - The Friday Filibuster (Shocking, I tell you!)

February 08,2013
Daryl preps for the return of Community. Erich debriefs his involvement in the second annual F This Movie! Twitter Festival. Dave critiques the Super Bowl movie trailers and hypes the most anticipated films of 2013. Reviews of In Like Flint (Blu-ray), BBC's Twenty Twelve, and Hara-Kiri (Blu-ray). Plus! Headlights, Zero chance of happening in real life, and Shocking moments in sports.
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DVD Verdict 1260 - F This Movie! (F This Movie Fest 2)

February 06,2013
Join Patrick, Erika, JB, Doug, and the entire F This Movie family as they recap another wildly successful marathon Twitter movie festival, this time celebrating the movies of 1991.
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DVD Verdict 1259 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Sylvester Stallone, Part One)

February 05,2013
This week, Clark kicks off a three-part series spotlighting music from the films of Sylvester Stallone. You'll hear tunes from early Stallone efforts such as Rocky , Paradise Alley, F.I.S.T., Rocky II, Escape to Victory, and Rocky III.
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DVD Verdict 1258 - Entertainment Docket for February 4

February 04,2013
While Melissa dines with the elite of Downton Abbey, Michael is trampled by horses of Ben-Hur's chariot. Plus! The rise of the zombie rom-com, Doctor Who Series 7 theories, Tom Cruise in 3D, Michael Bay streamlines the next Transformers trilogy, the X-Men battle the Sentinels, crossbreeding teen vampires with Harry Potter, vacationing at the Bates Motel, and the dumbest title for a movie sequel... ever.
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DVD Verdict 1257 - The Friday Filibuster (Mickey Rourke: Wedding Planner)

February 01,2013
Mac is back online with snazzy new tech, but laments what Marvel has done to Spider-man. Daryl experiences Nobuhiko Obayashi's mind-bending House for the first time. Erich closes the book on JJ Abrams' Fringe. Dave previews the final season premiere of Starz' Spartacus. Reviews of Merlin: Season Four, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and Bangkok Assassins. Plus! Terrible performances by child actors, When movies and TV get technology wrong, Make your own movie based on a historical figure and a profession, and Weird weather.
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DVD Verdict 1256 - F This Movie! (F Everything!)

January 31,2013
Patrick and Doug settle in for a good ol' fashion cinematic bitch fest, tackling such randomly diverse topics as the Star Wars franchise, the Oscars, Hudson Hawk and other movies released in 1991. Don't forget: F This Movie Fest 2 is Feb 2!
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DVD Verdict 1255 - They Came From the North (Michael Bay)

January 30,2013
Having survived the worst snowstorm in Newfoundland history, our resident Canucks are back with a vengeance, all fired up to tackle the good, bad, and ugly of bombastic filmmaker Michael Bay. Buckle up, buttercup!
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DVD Verdict 1254 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Part Two)

January 29,2013
This week, Clark concludes his two-part tribute to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, offering musical selections from Total Recall, Eraser, End of Days, Kindergarten Cop, Last Action Hero, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
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DVD Verdict 1253 - Entertainment Docket for January 28

January 28,2013
As Melissa walks the comedic beaches of Malibu Country, Michael bathes in the blood of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Plus! Star Wars: Episode VII gets a director, Charlie Brown gets arrested, Barbara Walters contracts the chicken pox, and the world of cinema falls in love with Ben Affleck's Argo.
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DVD Verdict 1252 - The Friday Filibuster (Frozen Cockles)

January 26,2013
Erich is Following the ridiculousness of Kevin Bacon's new series. Daryl is sad for David Tennant's Doctor Who. Michael is unchained by Tarantino's Django. Dave's brain suffers from Schwarzenegger's Last Stand. Reviews of Tai Chi Zero, the Chinese Dangerous Liasons, Lightning Bug, Downton Abbey: Season Three, and Dead Sushi. Plus! Names of great importance, Castles, Man mixed with beast, and Bloodiest finales.
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DVD Verdict 1251 - F This Movie! (The Fifth Element)

January 24,2013
Join Patrick and Mark as they cosplay and reflect upon Luc Besson's sci-fi cult classic, The Fifth Element.
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DVD Verdict 1250 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Part One)

January 22,2013
This week, Clark begins a two-part musical tribute to actor-turned-governor-turned-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this installment, you'll hear selections from Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Commando, Red Heat, Predator and Red Sonja.
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DVD Verdict 1249 - F This Movie! (Battle Royale)

January 20,2013
Patrick and Mark are kidnapped, drugged, and wake up in a strange place where they're forced to fight to the death with Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale.
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DVD Verdict 1248 - The Friday Filibuster (Merriment 24/7)

January 18,2013
Mac suffers white guilt watching Django Unchained. Daryl continues his Doctor Who immersion. Erich celebrates the Fringe series finale. Dave is distraught by the state of modern sitcoms. Reviews of The Imposter, Thor: Legend of the Magic Hammer, Archer: Season 3, and The Whale. Plus! Falling without a parachute, Nausea, People in robot suits, and a special guest appearance by Bender.
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DVD Verdict 1247 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best of 2012)

January 15,2013
This week, Clark concludes his look back at 2012 by featuring the very best film scores of the past year. You'll hear selections from such composers as Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, Benh Zeitlen, Dan Romer, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Twyker and Mychael Danna - but who lands on top?
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DVD Verdict 1246 - Entertainment Docket for January 14

January 14,2013
Melissa and Michael debrief and debunk The Golden Globe Awards and Oscar Nominations. Plus! Arnold Schwarzenegger attempts to regain his leading man status with Johnny Knoxville in tow. Uncovering the "sport" of beard growing. The new Arrested Development is not what it appears. Johnny Depp gets back into music. Jurassic Park 4 gets a release date. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 gets a writer. The SHIELD television series gains some clarity. Liza Minnelli joins the cast of Smash. And Showtime teases us as to whether or not this is the end for Dexter.
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DVD Verdict 1245 - They Came From the North (Jean-Pierre Melville)

January 12,2013
As Jon and Steve are rocked by storms, Andrew, Gabe, and Mike grab the wheel to explore the good, bad, and ugly of minimalist film noir director Jean-Pierre Melville, inspiration to such modern day filmmakers as John Woo, Michael Mann, and Quentin Tarantino.
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DVD Verdict 1244 - The Friday Filibuster (The Flupocalypse)

January 11,2013
Mac acknowledges Les Mis is not for the unwashed masses. Daryl gets Enlightened. Erich is unimpressed by the CGI in Middle Earth. Dave approves of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Reviews of Shameless: Season 2, Sleep Tight, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and House of Lies: Season 1. Plus! Cereal, Opening narrations, Clocks, and Non-actors in leading roles.
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DVD Verdict 1243 - F This Movie! (2012 Favorites)

January 10,2013
Join Patrick, Doug, and JB, as they flay the cinematic year of 2012 to reveal their favorite movies, and learn some valuable life lessons in the process.
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DVD Verdict 1242 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (2012 Dramas)

January 08,2013
This week, Clark continues his look back at 2012 by spotlighting music from some of the year's most prominent dramas. You'll hear selections from Flight, Lincoln, Promised Land, Hitchcock, Cosmopolis, Les Miserables, and Django Unchained.
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DVD Verdict 1241 - Entertainment Docket for January 7

January 07,2013
While Melissa bathes in the blood of Battle Royale and the sweetness of Extract, Michael compares and contrasts the highs and lows of Paranorman and Frankenweenie. Plus! A review of The Hobbit, new life for Leatherface, Al Gore sells out to Al Jazeera, TV midseason gets underway, The Beatles movie Backbeat comes to the stage, Baby Biebs and the paparazzi menace, the NHL strike ends, and the Kim-ye baby conceived at The Vatican.
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DVD Verdict 1240 - Objection! (2012 Year-in-Review)

January 05,2013
You may be sick of all the year-end entertainment retrospectives, but I guarantee you haven't experienced one as contrarian as this. Join resident A-hole #1 (Dave) and A-hole #2 (Dan) as they feast on the bones of the past year and discover the Mayan apocalypse might have happened after all.
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DVD Verdict 1239 - F This Movie! (Overrated, Underrated, and Ugly of 2012)

January 03,2013
Patrick and JB hunker down for their annual winter solstice, during which they pontificate on movies you should've seen, might've seen, wish you hadn't seen, and must never EVER see.
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DVD Verdict 1238 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (2012 Comedies)

January 02,2013
This week, Clark continues his look back at 2012 by featuring music from some of the year's most prominent comedies. You'll hear selections from Ted, Men in Black 3, Casa de mi Padre, A Thousand Words, Mirror, Mirror, Moonrise Kingdom, Bernie, Seven Psychopaths and Silver Linings Playbook.
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DVD Verdict 1237 -- Entertainment Docket for December 31

January 01,2013
Melissa is blindsided by Looper, while Rise of the Guardians earns Michael's respect. Plus! Remembering Charles Durning and Jack Klugman, Leatherface vs. Clint Eastwood's son, Matt Damon goes frakking for natural gas, Verdict impresses the Cronenberg faithful, Arrested Development: Season 4 gets a premiere date, Walking Dead loses a another showrunner, and Kayne West / Kim Kardashian are spawning. Perhaps 2013 is the year of the apocalypse.
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DVD Verdict 1236 - The Friday Filibuster (2012 Buster Awards)

December 28,2012
Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl are decked out in their finest awards season formal wear for the annual Buster Awards, honoring their favorite and least favorite choices in such esteemed categories as... Villain Death, Action Scene, Guilty Pleasure, Lamest Hero, Longing for the Mayan Apocalypse, Biggest WTF Moment, DVD or Blu-ray Release, Television Series, Movie of the Year, and a very special Ambush Topic.
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DVD Verdict 1235 - F This Movie! (This is 40)

December 26,2012
Patrick and Erika spend Christmas talking marriage, family, Megan Fox's boobs, and Judd Apatow's latest film This is 40.
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DVD Verdict 1234 - They Came From the North (Paul Verhoeven)

December 22,2012
The trio of Steve, Jon, and Gabe foolishly attempt to tackle the testosterone-fueled filmography of Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. If we never hear from them again, you'll know why.
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DVD Verdict 1233 - The Friday Filibuster (End of the World As We Know It)

December 21,2012
The boys ring in the Mayan Apocalypse, as Mac devours Futurama: Volume 7, Daryl savors Sherlock: Series 2, Erich survives The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Blu-ray) marathon, and Dave adores The Hobbit (Sorry haters. We're talking serious love affair here). Reviews of The Legend of Neil: Complete Series and Ultra Seven: The Complete Series. Plus! Town slogans, Movie-related holiday wrapping paper, Post-apocalyptic living, and Least likely Star Trek Into Darkness villain.
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DVD Verdict 1232 - F This Movie! (Hitchcock)

December 20,2012
Armed with the knowledge gained from his review of the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection (Blu-ray), Patrick enlists the help of JB to observe and mutilate director Sacha Gervasi's biopic Hitchcock. Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!
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DVD Verdict 1231 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (2012 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Films)

December 18,2012
This week, Clark continues his look back at 2012 by spotlighting music from the sci-fi and fantasy films of the past year. You'll hear selections from John Carter, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel's The Avengers, Total Recall, The Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans, Snow White and the Huntsman, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Looper and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II.
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DVD Verdict 1230 - Entertainment Docket for December 17

December 17,2012
Skyfall helps Melissa celebrate the career of Dame Judi Dench, as Michael is enchanted by Ang Lee's Life of Pi. Awards season gets underway with announcements for the Golden Globe and SAG nominations. The Hobbit breaks December box office records but is falling short of business and fan expectations. TV gears up for Christmas. Broadway remounts Pippin. TNT gives JR Ewing a funeral. Johnny Depp becomes a sentient supercomputer for Christopher Nolan. And despite a new trailer, we are no closer to uncovering the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in Star Trek Into Darkness.
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DVD Verdict 1229 - The Friday Filibuster (All-Star Edition)

December 16,2012
The Sounds and Sights of Cinema's Clark Douglas joins the boys for an all-star hour of entertainment lunacy. Daryl remembers why Freaks and Geeks derailed in its home stretch. Mac is intrigued by the resourcefulness of Anna Karenina. Erich revisits extended Middle Earth in preparation for The Hobbit. Dave discovers a forgotten '80s movie that stands toe-to-toe with Gymkata and Psycho Kickboxer. Reviews of This is 40, The Bourne Legacy (Blu-ray), Star Trek TNG: Season 2 (Blu-ray), Paradise Lost Trilogy, Miami Connection (Blu-ray). Plus! Underground lakes, Cartoons that should never be made into live-action movies, Memorable basketball scenes, TV casts shakeups, and Bad trailers for good movies.
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DVD Verdict 1228 - F This Movie! Commentary (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

December 14,2012
It's Ho-Ho-Horror, as Santa Patrick and his F This Movie! elves stuff your digital stocking with their commentary for the most disturbing Christmas film ever put to celluloid, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Happy Holidays!
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DVD Verdict 1227 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (2012 Animated Films)

December 11,2012
This week, Clark kicks off a series of podcasts which take a look back at the films and film music of 2012. In the first installment, you'll hear selections from a handful of 2012's prominent animated films, including The Lorax, Paranorman, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Brave, The Secret World of Arrietty, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Rise of the Guardians.
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DVD Verdict 1226 -- Entertainment Docket for December 10

December 10,2012
Melissa gets caught up on recent television, while Michael consumes cinematic Christmas classics in bits and pieces. The Hobbit is generating poor early reviews. The Girls operates in television's grey area. Netflix lands an exclusive contract with Disney. Time to revisit Amazon Prime instant video. Tragic death of a latin music superstar. Sean Bean coming to TNT. Kevin Smith gifts fans with Clerks III. Star Trek Into Darkness' teaser trailer sends interweb speculation into hyperdrive. And singer James Taylor as Lincoln?!
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DVD Verdict 1225 - F This Movie! (Fargo)

December 09,2012
Son-of-a-Gunderson! Patrick and JB warm up the wood chipper and cook up a nice stack of pancakes before settling in to talk the Coen brothers cult classic Fargo.
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DVD Verdict 1224 - The Friday Filibuster (The Rise of Derrick)

December 07,2012
As Dave fights a brutal Resident Evil 6 addiction, Erich and Daryl also delve into offbeat and throwback gaming. Mac breaks the trend by enjoying a vintage big screen double feature of Back to the Future and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Reviews of Paranorman (Blu-ray), Halo 4 (Blu-ray), Siberian Tiger Quest, and a boatload of bad Spaghetti Westerns. Plus! Easily frightened heroes, Poorly placed villain lairs, He should be dead, and Great flying machines.
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DVD Verdict 1223 - They Came From the North (Renny Harlin)

December 06,2012
On this week's action packed episode, our resilient Canadian bastards -- Jon, Steve, Gabe, and Andrew -- tackle the cinematic masterworks of director Renny Harlin. No Geena Davises were harmed in the recording of this podcast.
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DVD Verdict 1222 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Controversial Films)

December 05,2012
This week, Clark explores music from controversial cinema, offering a variety of musical selections from such hotly-debated films as Compliance, A Clockwork Orange, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, JFK and Midnight Cowboy.
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DVD Verdict 1221 - Entertainment Docket for December 3

December 04,2012
Melissa returns from London to report differences in Spamalot's West End production, while Michael revisits Glengarry Glen Ross. Plus! Judi Dench owns Skyfall, Danny Elfman does Bernard Herrmann, Patti Lupone does David Mamet, the sad demise of muppeteer Kevin Clash, Lawrence Kasdan returns to the Star Wars universe, DC's Justice League movie gets a supervillain, Cate Blanchett plays Lady Tremaine, and the plot for Star Trek Into Darkness is revealed.
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DVD Verdict 1220 - The Friday Filibuster (J'accuse!)

November 30,2012
This week, Mac succumbs to the brilliance of Gravity Falls, Erich applauds Pixar for the bold choices of Brave, Daryl revisits early Judd Apatow, and Dave shares his Black Friday triumphs. Reviews of Men in Black 3 (Blu-ray), MST3K XXV, Butter (Blu-ray), and V/H/S. Plus! Appendages bending the wrong way, Bad VFX in movies you really like, Scars, and Outdoor scenes which were obviously filmed indoors.
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DVD Verdict 1219 - F This Movie! (Twilight)

November 28,2012
Join Patrick, Erika, and their expanding vampire family as they talk glittering immortality, werewolves with six-pack abs, brooding paranormal teen romance, and the the film that started it all, Twilight.
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DVD Verdict 1218 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1975)

November 27,2012
This week, Clark briefly discusses some minor structural changes being made to the show, before jumping into his musical time machine and traveling back to 1975. You'll hear musical selections from Jaws, The Wind and the Lion, Three Days of the Condor, The Eiger Sanction, Breakheart Pass, Dog Day Afternoon, The Man Who Would Be King, and Farewell, My Lovely.
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DVD Verdict 1217 - The Black Friday Filibuster 2012

November 24,2012
While camping overnight in line at Best Buy, Mac reveals the details of his VIP evening with Stan "The Man" Lee, Daryl revels in a [REC] trilogy marathon, Erich marvels at the beauty E.T. 1080p, and Dave catches up with Star Wars on Blu-ray. Reviews of TMNT: The Classic Series, Sunset Boulevard (Blu-ray), Universal 100th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection, and Power Rangers: Christmas Together. Plus! Favorite holiday dinner scenes, Remakes that miss the point, Gifts that keep on giving, and When two good guys fight one bad guy.
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DVD Verdict 1216 - Objection! (James Bond)

November 22,2012
Join Dave, Dan, Daryl, and the Old White Man Cabal as they discuss and debate the presence of Skyfall in the canon of James Bond's 50 year cinematic history.
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DVD Verdict 1215 - Entertainment Docket for November 19

November 19,2012
Melissa spends an evening on Avenue Q, as Michael explores unseen John Hughes. Plus! Glittery vampires kick James Bond to the curb. Collecting Doctor Who: The Next Generation. American Horror Story comes to Netflix. Brad Bird will NOT direct Star Wars Episode VII (neither will Ben Affleck). And Star Trek Into Darkness gives The Hobbit audiences a 9-minute IMAX preview.
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DVD Verdict 1214 - F This Movie! (Skyfall)

November 17,2012
James Bond turns 50, prompting Patrick and JB to throw one of those "over the hill" parties by reviewing 007's latest adventure Skyfall and comparing it to every previous Bond film. Of course, there is rampant sexual promiscuity and martinis involved, so parental discretion is advised.
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DVD Verdict 1213 - The Friday Filibuster (The Answer You Seek Is...)

November 16,2012
Mac is a revolutionary assassin, Daryl reveals an irrational hatred of Ben Affleck, Erich compares and contrasts Argo with Wreck-It Ralph, and Dave has no love for George Lazenby as James Bond. Reviews of CHiPs '99, Shazam!, and Gone in 60 Seconds (1974). Plus! Yoda returns to answer your movie questions. TV series that start well and end badly. Nonsensical "Very Special Episodes." Sweet moustaches. And a rear-spoiler discussion of Skyfall.
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DVD Verdict 1212 - They Came From the North (Wes Craven)

November 14,2012
Our nerds from the north -- Jon, Gabriel, Andrew, and Mike -- continue their exploration of the macabre this week, by focusing their gaze on the good, bad, and ugly of Freddy Krueger's father, Wes Craven. On a side note: Everyone here at Verdict extends our sincerest condolences to the family of co-host Steve Power on the passing of his father Tom.
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DVD Verdict 1211 - Entertainment Docket for November 12

November 12,2012
Melissa endures the world of My Little Pony, while Michael Braves Pixar's foray into the world of fairy tales. Plus! James Bond makes box office Skyfall, Glittering vampires do battle with Spielberg's Lincoln, a painful season of Lifetime/Hallmark holiday movies begins, and Star Wars: Episode VII gets a writer... and perhaps a director!
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DVD Verdict 1210 - F This Movie! (Lady in White)

November 08,2012
Patrick and Erich travel back to the '80s and wrap up #ScaryMovieMonth with Frank LaLoggia's atmospheric cult classic, Lady in White. Now we just have to find a way to get them out of that closet.
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DVD Verdict 1209 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Erich Wolfgang Korngold)

November 06,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of golden age composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold, offering rousing selections from The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Wolf, Deception, Captain Blood, Another Dawn, King's Row and The Sea Hawk.
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DVD Verdict 1208 - Entertainment Docket for November 5

November 05,2012
As Melissa sees life from a zombie's perspective, Michael spends time with The Incredible Mel Brooks. Plus! Skyfall is this holiday season's international juggernaut, Cloud Atlas faces a box office disaster, Amazing Spider-man comes to DVD and Blu-ray, a little known Sesame Street Christmas resurfaces, George Lucas sells Lucasfilm and uses the profits to fund education initiatives, and steel yourself for a 12-hour Middle-Earth cinematic marathon.
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DVD Verdict 1207 - They Came From the North (Terence Fisher)

November 04,2012
On this week's episode, the Northern Hextravaganza continues with a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of iconic Hammer Horror director Terence Fisher!
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DVD Verdict 1206 - F This Movie! (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

November 01,2012
Patrick and Mike close out Scary Movie Month with their annual franchise retrospective, this time turning attention to the man with burns on his face, knives for fingers, and hundreds of horrible jokes... Freddy Krueger. Sleep tight!
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DVD Verdict 1205 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Halloween 2012)

October 31,2012
It's time once again for the annual Halloween episode, as Clark spotlights music from horror movies. You'll hear selections from The Innkeepers, The Omen, Nightbreed, The Dark Half, Final Destination 5, The Howling, Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, The Bad Seed, Wolfen, Black Belly of the Tarantula, and The Witches of Eastwick.
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DVD Verdict 1204 - Entertainment Docket for October 29

October 29,2012
While Michael attempts to decipher The Wachowski's Cloud Atlas, Melissa spends her week in a series of dive bars. Plus! Nobody goes to the US box office, Hitchcock comes to Blu-ray, cult classics dominate Netflix, Matthew Vaughn abandons X-Men: Days of Future Past, Schwarzenegger returns to Conan, and our friend Steve quits Lindsay Lohan.
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DVD Verdict 1203 - They Came From the North (George Romero)

October 28,2012
This week, our Halloween Canuckleheads -- Steve, Jon, Andrew, and Gabriel -- go toe-to-gangrenous-toe debating the good, bad, and ugly of zombie master George Romero.
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DVD Verdict 1202 - Friday Filibuster Commentary (A Power Rangers Halloween)

October 26,2012
Join Dave, Mac, Erich, and Daryl for a festive indulgence, providing commentary on The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One episode "Life's a Masquerade." You can play along by accessing the show through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or the Shout! Factory DVD release.
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DVD Verdict 1201 - F This Movie! (The Massacre 2012)

October 25,2012
Patrick, JB, Doug, and Mike subject themselves to 24 hours of horror movies at the annual Chicago Massacre, changing venues from the Music Box to the historic Portage Theater. Did they survive the ordeal without irreparable harm or a need for psychotherapy? Listen in and find out! You can also check out their 8-minute video recap.
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DVD Verdict 1200 - Objection! (The Rise and Fall of Parks and Rec)

October 24,2012
Join Dave and Dan, in yet another very special episode, as they come to bury Parks and Recreation, NBC's most schizophrenic sitcom. From Meat Tornadoes and Jean-Ralphio, to Tom/Ann to Leslie's run for higher office, the series showed flashes of brilliance but ultimately choked on its own inconsistency.
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DVD Verdict 1199 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

October 23,2012
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering selections from Lincoln, Paranorman, Looper, The Master, The Words, Seven Psychopaths, Anna Karenina, and Skyfall.
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DVD Verdict 1198 - Entertainment Docket for October 22

October 22,2012
Melissa savors the sheer joy of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, while Michael peels himself off the ceiling after watching Ben Affleck's Argo. Plus! The Wachowski's unveil Cloud Atlas, double shot of Tyler Perry, a wealth of Halloween viewing opportunities, Rod Stewart releases his autobiography, more controversy surrounding NBC's Community, Nicolas Cage becomes Kirk Cameron, and Steve Carrell has a terrible horrible no good very bad day.
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DVD Verdict 1197 - The Friday Filibuster (Fragile little minds)

October 19,2012
Mac is underwhelmed by Frankenweenie, but enjoys The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1. Alice catches up with The Walking Dead and suffers through Vile torture porn. Dave experiences a lack of quality TV comedy, but gushes over Masters of the Universe in HD. Plus! Terrible superhero costumes, Movies you were too young to fully comprehend, and Wacky next door neighbors.
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DVD Verdict 1196 - F This Movie! (V/H/S)

October 18,2012
Scary movie month continues, as Patrick and B fire up their ancient analog equipment for a found footage anthology horror flick that uses VHS as its story conceit and a cadre of genre writer/directors to tell the tale.
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DVD Verdict 1195 - They Came From the North (Dario Argento)

October 17,2012
Join Andrew, Jon, Steve, and Gabriel as they kick off their month-long Halloween celebration, by examining the good, bad, and ugly of Italian giallo master Dario Argento.
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DVD Verdict 1194 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ben Affleck)

October 16,2012
This week, Clark spotlights music from the films of actor/director Ben Affleck. You'll hear selections from Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, Force of Nature, Gigli, Dogma, The Sum of All Fears, Daredevil, Smokin' Aces, and Argo (which is also reviewed).
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DVD Verdict 1193 - Entertainment Docket for October 15

October 15,2012
Melissa gets Elementary with Sherlock and White Collars Michael out of the Dark Shadows. A rundown of the best new DVD, Blu-ray, Movies, Streaming Media, Music, and Books. Plus! Political propaganda on home video, an undiscovered Anne Bancroft/Sidney Poitier thriller, mourning the passing of Mongo, Stan Lee sues Disney for Billions, and Agent Phil Coulsen returns to the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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DVD Verdict 1192 - The Friday Filibuster (By the power of...)

October 12,2012
Dave is forced to defend his love of live-action He-Man, Mac shares his bucket list of unseen horror movies, Erich supports region free commerce, and Daryl goes full-tilt gamer. Reviews of Looper, Excision, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Dial M for Murder 3D, and the HD alternate ending of Little Shop of Horrors. Plus! Favorite alien conspiracy, Promised/Implied sequels that never came to be, Scenes that take place in a sewer, and A-hole cops.
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DVD Verdict 1191 - F This Movie! Commentary (Friday the 13th: Part III 3D)

October 11,2012
The Halloween horror movie season is well underway, and the F This Movie! team is here to ensure you make the most of it. Join Patrick, Mike, Doug, and JB for a feature length commentary of Friday the 13th: Part III, director Steve Miner's 1982 attempt to immerse audiences in a three-dimensional murderous rampage, as Jason Voorhees once again unleashes vengeance upon the unsuspecting horny teens of Camp Crystal Lake.
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DVD Verdict 1190 - Entertainment Docket for October 8

October 08,2012
Melissa gets caught up on new fall television, while Michael spends an evening at Hotel Transylvania with Adam Sandler and friends. Plus! Ridley Scott's Prometheus (Blu-ray) ties into the Blade Runner universe; Halloween comes to Netflix; Frank Oz' Little Shop of Horrors gets an alternate ending; Katee Sackhoff and Gina Carano front an all-female Expendables film; and a Buffy actor scripts the final two Hunger Games films.
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DVD Verdict 1189 - They Came From the North (Peter Hyams)

October 06,2012
Join Jon, Steve, Andrew, and special guest Michael McVey as they celebrate and denigrate the life's work of director/cinematographer Peter Hyams. End of Days, Timecop, Sudden Death, Capricorn One, Outland, 2010, what's not to love?
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DVD Verdict 1188 - The Friday Filibuster (Bad Mojo)

October 05,2012
Erich processes through his long buried ALF issues, while diving into the deep recesses of Netflix horror opportunities. Daryl gets his videogame geek on and gushes over Criterion's Eating Raoul. Dave unloads on Rob Zombie, and previews the final season of Fringe. Mac is confounded by American Horror Story, and drops a Spider-man bombshell. Big screen tyrants, Different characters / Same name, Obscure fictional characters on the big screen, and Ridiculous money-making schemes.
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DVD Verdict 1187 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (David Arnold)

October 02,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer David Arnold. You'll hear selections from Godzilla, Tomorrow Never Dies, Enough, Independence Day, Casino Royale, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Last of the Dogmen, Stargate, Paul, and The Musketeer.
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DVD Verdict 1186 - Entertainment Docket for October 1

October 01,2012
A jet-lagged Melissa expresses her excitement for Frankenweenie, while Michael raves about Universal's Classic Monsters (Blu-ray) collection. Plus! Annie celebrates its 30th Anniversary, Jennifer Garner sculpts with butter, Ah-nold authors his life story, the rebirth of NKOTB, Scrubs coming to Broadway, a gruesome Sons of Anarchy-related death, and more scandals!
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DVD Verdict 1185 - The Friday Filibuster (Lights Out)

September 28,2012
Dave revels in Parks and Rec's return to form, after painfully sitting through Terra Nova: The Complete Series. Erich arrives late to the party for Friday Night Lights, while keeping his finger on the pulse of Sons of Anarchy. Daryl is still loving the animated insanity of Archer, though shocked recommend Jessica Biel in The Tall Man. Plus! Funny or odd product placement, Lame fictional worlds, and Windows.
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DVD Verdict 1184 - F This Movie! (Scary Movie Month)

September 27,2012
Patrick and Doug gear up for an October of creature features and fright fests, by pitting Milla Jovovich's Alice against Kate Beckinsale's Selene. Two women enter. One woman leave. Let the reckoning begin!
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DVD Verdict 1183 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Alan Silvestri)

September 25,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Alan Silvestri. You'll hear selections from The Quick and the Dead, Judgment Night, Cast Away, The A-Team, CHiPs, Father of the Bride II, Predator, Van Helsing, The Mexican and Sgt. Bilko.
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DVD Verdict 1182 - The Friday Filibuster (Eat Me)

September 21,2012
Dave, Mac, and Daryl knock heads about such weighty movie topics as Judge Dredd vs. Dredd 3D, the common failings of all horror anthologies, favorite cannibal movies, favorite songs from non-musicals, dramatic character shifts in sequels, and bizarre law enforcement technology.
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DVD Verdict 1181 - F This Movie! (The Shawshank Redemption)

September 20,2012
Patrick is a tall drink of water with a silver spoon up his ass. Doug is a fat barrel of monkey spunk. Together, this pair of misfits set out to dissect Frank Darabont's beloved adaptation of Stephen King's novella, The Shawshank Redemption. Easy peasy japanesey.
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DVD Verdict 1180 - They Came From the North (Richard Fleischer)

September 19,2012
On this week's episode, while Gabriel practices Quebec separatism, the Atlantic trio of Steve, Jon, and Andrew take on the good, bad, and ugly of Narrow Margin director Richard Fleischer. Yep, he also directed Red Sojna!
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DVD Verdict 1179 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Richard Gere)

September 18,2012
This week, Clark highlights music from the films of actor Richard Gere. You'll hear selections from Days of Heaven, An Officer and a Gentleman, Primal Fear, Red Corner, Unfaithful, Pretty Woman, Final Analysis, Sommersby, First Knight, and Chicago. Plus, a review of the Wall Street thriller Arbitrage.
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DVD Verdict 1178 - Entertainment Docket for September 17

September 17,2012
Melissa runs down Fall TV premiere dates, while Michael recovers from reviewing Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (Blu-ray, Harry Potter Wizard's Collection (Blu-ray), and The Lord of the Rings (Blu-ray) Extended Edition. Plus! JJ Abrams' Alias comes to Netflix, Zooey Deschanel's New Girl gets parents, Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER shatters box office records, and Edgar Wright's "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy comes to an end.
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DVD Verdict 1177 - The Friday Filibuster (Why Am I So Cranky?)

September 14,2012
Confusion reigns supreme, as Dave and Daryl each try to figure out what the other is talking about. Mac investigates the cost of a bullet proof vest. Erich suffers a migraine in the HD world of Terminator. Reviews of anime Wolverine, weird Noir, and boring Stop-motion Animation. Plus! New network series worth our attention, Large servings of food, Cheesy sci-fi, Memorable gestures, and Ultimate movie versus.
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DVD Verdict 1176 - F This Movie! (Adventureland)

September 13,2012
Patrick and Alex are forced to work Games this week, but screw off watching Jesse Eisenberg emote and Kristen Stewart make out with Ryan Reynolds in Adventureland. Hey, litterbug! In the clown mouth!
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DVD Verdict 1175 - They Came From the North (Tim Burton)

September 12,2012
This week, our resident Canuckogoths -- Steve, Jon, Gabriel, and Andrew -- worship at the altar of the master of macabre mirth, director Tim Burton. This is Halloween!
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DVD Verdict 1174 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

September 11,2012
his week, Clark offers a grab bag of assorted musical treats, featuring selections from Dark Victory, Incognito, Donnie Darko, Antz, Inchon, The Eye, White Fang II, O Pioneers!, The Cincinatti Kid, Reign Over Me, 9, King Ralph, Saturn 3, and Notes on a Scandal.
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DVD Verdict 1173 - Entertainment Docket for September 10

September 10,2012
Melissa gets Grimm with Michael as he goes Lawless on the IMAX upgrade of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Plus! Lamenting the 3D menace, honoring the memory of Michael Clarke Duncan, recapping the Clint Eastwood debacle, casting the Roger Ebert memoir film, naming the new Star Trek sequel, and Kris Jenner vs. Honey Boo Boo.
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DVD Verdict 1172 - The Friday Filibuster (A Voice From the Past)

September 07,2012
A very special episode! DVD Verdict podcast originator Brett Cullum resurfaces to join Dave, Mac, and Erich for an hour's worth of movies (revisiting Halloween II and III), comic books (Did you know Superman and Wonder Woman were dating?), True Blood, and reality TV regurgitation.
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DVD Verdict 1171 - F This Movie! (Side by Side)

September 06,2012
Join Patrick and JB as they dissect, discuss, and debate Keanu Reeves and Christopher Kenneally's documentary Side by Side about the validity of making films in an increasingly digital world.
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DVD Verdict 1170 - F These Summer Movies! (2012)

August 31,2012
Patrick, Doug, and JB spend their last weekend at Summer Movie Camp reminiscing about all the fun things they saw and did.
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DVD Verdict 1169 - They Came From the North (Michael Mann)

August 30,2012
This week, Steve, Jon, and Andrew are joined by special guest Michael McVey as they discuss the good, bad, and ugly of the modern master of crime drama: Michael Mann. And they will not hesitate to take you down.
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DVD Verdict 1168 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Tony Scott)

August 29,2012
his week, Clark pays tribute to the late Tony Scott, offering musical selections from Top Gun, Days of Thunder, True Romance, Crimson Tide, The Fan, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Deja Vu and Unstoppable.
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DVD Verdict 1167 - Entertainment Docket for August 27

August 28,2012
With summer's dying breath, Melissa confronts Dexter for the sixth time, while the Bourne franchise is already dead to Michael. Plus! Political propaganda films return to Hollywood, Zac Efron tries on big boy pants, Netflix drowns in a sea of great movies, Star Wars 3D will dominate 2013, the Mormons wants no part of NBC's gay agenda, and the regular rundown of what's you can find this week in the world of entertainment.
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DVD Verdict 1166 - The Friday Filibuster (I'm So Horny!)

August 24,2012
Mac draws parallels between acting performances in Paranorman and Expendables 2. Erich immerses himself in the gaming world of Walking Dead. Dave has been sucked into Househunters International. Reviews of '80s teen sex comedy Joysticks, Shout! Factory's Steve Martin: The TV Stuff, and 30 episodes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Season One. Plus! Freaky deaths, Sprinting through the woods, and Snakes!
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DVD Verdict 1165 - F This Movie! (The Expendables 2)

August 23,2012
Patrick, Mark, and returning guest Adam go back to war with the '80s action heroes who light up the screen in The Expendables 2.
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DVD Verdict 1164 - They Came From the North (John Carpenter)

August 22,2012
The boys from the foreboding Northern wastes of Canada tackle the works of the proclaimed "Master of Terror!" Buckle up as Gabriel, Steve, Jon, and Andrew bring you the good, bad, and ugly of director John Carpenter.
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DVD Verdict 1163 -- Sounds and Sights of Cinema (John Carpenter)

August 21,2012
This week, Clark spotlights music from the films of director John Carpenter. You'll hear selections from Dark Star, Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, Christine, Escape from New York, They Live, The Thing, Starman, Prince of Darkness, The Fog, and Memoirs of an Invisible Man.
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DVD Verdict 1162 - Entertainment Docket for August 20

August 20,2012
Melissa is Bourne again. Michael goes Grey. We mourn the passing of director Tony Scott, attempt to define the line between erotic cinema and porn, emphasize the importance of stop motion animation as an art form, and run down what you can find at the movies and on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, and Hulu this week.
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DVD Verdict 1161 - The Friday Filibuster (I Like My Clay Messy)

August 17,2012
Erich jumps into the world of Fringe, Mac is loving' Young Justice, and Dave gets up close and personal with Twinkle Toes the first movie from the Sketchers shoe company. Seriously. Plus! Favorite stop motion movies, The Hell of Russell Brand, Things you can't unsee, Technophobia, and Fictional video games.
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DVD Verdict 1160 - F This Movie! (Waterworld)

August 16,2012
Patrick and Doug. Two drifters meet. Something must be exchanged, so they're willing to give you this one for free -- an hour-long exploration of Waterworld, a vision so great you'll weep as it comes to you.
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DVD Verdict 1159 - They Came From the North (Sam Peckinpah)

August 15,2012
This week our Canadian Wild Bunch -- Jon, Andrew, Gabriel, and Steve -- tackle the good, bad, and ugly of cinematic genius and Hollywood terror "Bloody" Sam Peckinpah! No extras or crew were fired in the making of this podcast.
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DVD Verdict 1158 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Marvin Hamlisch)

August 14,2012
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late Marvin Hamlisch by featuring music from The Sting, A Chorus Line, The Swimmer, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Informant!, I Ought to Be in Pictures, and The Way We Were. Plus, a review of the Will Ferrell / Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign.
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DVD Verdict 1157 - Entertainment Docket for August 13

August 13,2012
Melissa struggles with Sanyo customer service. Michael revisits the rich world of Grimm in anticipation of Season Two. Greg Brady and Danny Partridge team up to take down Big Foot. TV game shows have reached a new low point.The Brits are creating a one month cable network to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond. Ben Affleck being courted to be the Joss Whedon of the DC Universe. David Duchovny is up for another X-Files movie, even if Fox is not. And the best of what's new at the movies, and on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Books, and Music this week.
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DVD Verdict 1156 - The Friday Filibuster (Lego TGIF)

August 11,2012
Dave laments the horrific Blu-ray treatment given to The Raid: Redemption in a Total Recall fashion. Mac interrupts his Breaking Bad marathon to consume all of Dexter: Season Six in one HD sitting. Erich revisits the cinematic twists and turns of The Prestige, LA Confidential, and Twelve Monkeys. Plus! Bad parenting, Assault by garden implements, Brainstorming new Lego video game franchises, and Testing your TGIF knowledge.
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DVD Verdict 1155 - F This Movie! (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

August 10,2012
Join Patrick and JB as they travel by map to the far reaches of the globe in search of ways to discuss aspects of Raiders of the Lost Ark which have never been talked about before!
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DVD Verdict 1154 - They Came From the North (A Very Special Episode)

August 09,2012
While Steve is away, the boys will play. Join Jon, Gabriel, and Andrew as they break with regular programming to bring you a very special episode.
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DVD Verdict 1153 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

August 07,2012
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering musical selections from The Amazing Spider-Man, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Brave, Doctor Who: Series 6, Ted, People Like Us, The Bourne Legacy, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and Len Wiseman's Total Recall (which is also reviewed).
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DVD Verdict 1152 - Entertainment Docket for August 6

August 06,2012
Melissa finds comfort inside The Rockford Files. Michael proposes a cable network dedicated to airing failed TV pilots. Len Wiseman's Total Recall fails to make a splash. Celebrating 25 years of Adventures in Babysitting. Hulu and Criterion show their love for Vivien Leigh. Orlando Bloom comes to Broadway in Romeo and Juliette. Vertigo dethrones Citizen Kane as the greatest film of all-time. And The Brady Bunch gets a 21st Century spinoff series on CBS.
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DVD Verdict 1151 - The Friday Filibuster (Olympic Fever)

August 03,2012
Daryl suffers Olympic Fever and tackles gangster rackets. Alice shares her love for The Batman and Samuel L. Jackson. Erich is Breaking Bad with The Lorax. Dave throws down with Steven Seagal and Steven Doff. Plus! Olympic sports you're drawn to, Olympic events inspired by a Bond film, Surprisingly good performances from worthless actors, Memorable fictional websites, and Gratuitous sports scenes.
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DVD Verdict 1150 - F This Movie! Commentary (Revenge of the Ninja)

August 02,2012
Patrick exhibits balls of steel, recording a solo commentary of Sam Firstenberg's 1983 action cheese fest Revenge of the Ninja. After all, only a ninja can critique a ninja.
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DVD Verdict 1149 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Hans Zimmer's Batman)

July 31,2012
This week, Clark is joined by special guest Dave Johnson for an in-depth conversation about film music. Using Hans Zimmer's score for The Dark Knight Rises as a launching point, the two discuss musical scores with a physiological impact, the evolution of music over the course of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, Hollywood's frustrating fondness of origin stories, and much more. Afterwards, you'll be treated to a suite of music from The Dark Knight Rises.
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DVD Verdict 1148 - Entertainment Docket for July 30

July 30,2012
It's a Brit-centric opening, as Melissa uncovers the truth behind BBC's Sherlock and Michael debriefs the first weekend of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Plus! Fox celebrates 50 years of dead Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Sheen's new show gets 100 episodes, The Hobbit becomes a trilogy, the long awaited trailer for Doctor Who: Series 7, and live from the set of Arrested Development: Season 4.
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DVD Verdict 1147 - Objection! (The Dark Knight Rises)

July 28,2012
Our week-long Dark Knight Rises marathon concludes with Dave and Dan bringing their contrarian Objection! out of mothballs to provide DVD Verdict's final words on Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy -- and those words are "unabashed love!"
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DVD Verdict 1146 - Friday Filibuster (The Dark Knight Stinketh)

July 27,2012
Michael sits in for a vacationing Dave, as the boys take Chris Nolan and team to task for the failures of The Dark Knight Rises and dread the forthcoming Man of Steel franchise. DVD and Blu-ray reviews of Detention, Big Easy Express, Lockout, and Clue. Plus! Bizarre means of communication, Lesser third films in a franchise, and Most unlikely action heroes.
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DVD Verdict 1145 - F This Movie! (The Dark Knight Rises)

July 26,2012
Our wall-to-wall Dark Knight Rises coverage continues, with Patrick and Mike's in-depth investigation into the hits and misses of Chris Nolan's final Batman adventure. Can our heroes reach a consensus? Will the die hard fans take umbrage to their opinions? Tune in and find out! Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.
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DVD Verdict 1144 - They Came From the North (Howard Hawks)

July 25,2012
On this week's episode, Andrew, Jon, Gabriel, and Steve tackle the good, bad, and ugly of legendary director Howard Hawks. No baby leopards were harmed in the making of this podcast.
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DVD Verdict 1143 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Christian Bale)

July 24,2012
This week, Clark features music from the films of actor Christian Bale, offering selections from Empire of the Sun, Rescue Dawn, Portrait of a Lady, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Pocahontas, The Secret Agent, Shaft, Reign of Fire, Howl's Moving Castle, and The Dark Knight Rises (which is also reviewed).
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DVD Verdict 1142 - Entertainment Docket for July 23

July 23,2012
Melissa spends the weekend at a waitron Downton Abbey. Michael experiences The Dark Knight Rises ahead of the Colorado tragedy that followed. Dealing with the fallout. Tracy Letts: Great writer, lousy actor. ABC marries The Bachelor to MTV's Real World. Woody Harrelson writes/directs for Broadway. The Jackson family continues to embarrass themselves. And the latest arrivals on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Books, Music, and Theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1141 - The Friday Filibuster (The Francis Ford Coppola of Movies)

July 20,2012
Mac uncovers the truth behind Desert Survival Batman and details his rules for purchasing action figures. Erich recalls bizarre Batvillains. Dave realizes just how much Superman II sucks. Reviews of vintage Doctor Who going Rambo, Holy Flying Circus, and Quill. Plus! Favorite Batmobiles, Amusement parks based on films or TV shows, Near-invulnerable foes, and When the car won't start.
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DVD Verdict 1140 - F This Movie! (Batman)

July 19,2012
As the sun sets over Gotham, a call goes out... one that can only be answered by the hero known as JB and his trusty sidekick Patrick. Together they stand for absolute truth and movie justice. Their mission: Dissect and diffuse Tim Burton's Batman before Christopher Nolan unleashes his final Dark Knight upon the world. May God have mercy on their souls.
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DVD Verdict 1139 - They Came From the North (John Hughes)

July 18,2012
On this week's episode, our Canuck clan -- Steve, Gabriel, Jon, and Andrew -- adopt an orphaned American, welcoming Matt Avrach into the fold; as this angst ridden, misunderstood episode tackles the works of '80s Teen expert, the late John Hughes. "You'll never understand me!"
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DVD Verdict 1138 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ernest Borgnine)

July 17,2012
his week, Clark pays homage to the late Ernest Borgnine by featuring music from a handful of films the lovable character actor appeared in. You'll hear selections from The Wild Bunch, Demetrius and the Gladiators, The Black Hole, The Split, Ice Station Zebra, The Poseidon Adventure, Deadly Blessing, Gattaca, Red and Escape From New York.
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DVD Verdict 1137 - Entertainment Docket for July 16

July 16,2012
Melissa makes a Great Escape. Michael gets bitten by The Amazing Spider-man. The Dark Knight finally rises. Marvel unveils Phase 2 of their cinematic empire. Make way for Magic Mike: Stripper Detective. Singin' in the Rain in glorious HD. And The Spice Girls reclaim the London stage.
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DVD Verdict 1136 - The Friday Filibuster (Kindergarten Kommandos)

July 14,2012
The boys experience varying degrees of acceptance regarding The Amazing Spider-man. Daryl falls on the pro side of Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Dave and Erich are dying for the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Reviews of Outland (Blu-ray), MST3K XXIV, Louie: Season 2, Wilfred: Season 1, and GI Joe: A Real American Hero: Series 2. Plus! Rabid fandom for a movie premiere, Memorable reptiles, Memorable spiders, and Weird siblings.
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DVD Verdict 1135 - F This Movie! (The Amazing Spider-man)

July 13,2012
Whallopin' websnappers! Join Patrick and Erich as they untangle the complex development and execution of director Marc Webb's Spidey reboot.
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DVD Verdict 1134 - They Came from the North (Neil Jordan)

July 12,2012
Steve and Gabriel are joined by special guest Antoine to discuss the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Irish Arthouse purveyor of Vampires, IRA hitmen, and mermaids... Neil Jordan!
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DVD Verdict 1133 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Nora Ephron)

July 11,2012
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late Nora Ephron by featuring music from the films she wrote and/or directed. You'll hear song and score selections from Silkwood, You've Got Mail, Heartburn, Michael, Sleepless in Seattle, Mixed Nuts, Lucky Numbers, Julie & Julia, and When Harry Met Sally. Plus, a review of The Amazing Spider-Man.
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DVD Verdict 1132 - Entertainment Docket for July 9

July 09,2012
Melissa gets Brave and reviews Rock of Ages. Michael loses himself in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Does anyone really want to see The Hobbit? Remembering Andy Griffith. Alec Baldwin: Mayor of NYC. And a rundown of what's new in movies, TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, books, music, and theatre this week.
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DVD Verdict 1131 - F This Movie! (Ghost)

July 05,2012
Patrick and his lovely wife Erika postpone their pottery lessons long enough to review Patrick Swayze's romantic magnum opus, Ghost.
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DVD Verdict 1130 - They Came From the North (Ridley Scott: The Later Years)

July 04,2012
Steve, Andrew, Jon, and Gabriel return to continue their dissection of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of director Ridley Scott in Part II: The Later Years. While not a straight sequel, it does contain Part I's DNA.
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DVD Verdict 1129 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Ennio Morricone and Giuseppe Tornatore)

July 03,2012
This week, Clark wraps up his latest exploration of director/composer relationships by featuring music written by Ennio Morricone for the films of director Giuseppe Tornatore. You'll hear selections from Cinema Paradiso, Everybody's Fine, A Pure Formality, The Star Maker, The Legend of 1900, Malena, The Unknown Woman and Baaria. Plus! A review of Seth McFarlane's directorial debut, Ted.
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DVD Verdict 1128 - Entertainment Docket for July 2

July 02,2012
This week... Melissa stuffs a few dollars in the g-string of Magic Mike. Michael pits The Avengers vs. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Anderson Cooper comes out of the closet. Katie Holmes becomes Scientology Public Enemy #1. And we run down a wealth of new entertainment from Movies and TV, to DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Books, Music, and Theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1127 - Blast Processing! (Time in a Bottle)

July 01,2012
This week, Steve and Jon talk about what they've been into lately, before they get down to discussing video game collections, the collector's mental state, and their respective "Holy Grails." Meanwhile, Kev is busy plain' Jim Croce songs.
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DVD Verdict 1126 - The Friday Filibuster (Dancing is Forbidden!)

June 30,2012
Mac gets Brave and knocks Prometheus. Erich goes to church to take down the casinos. Dave can't tear himself away from Wrath of the Titans. Plus! Desired filmmaker documentaries, Intense helicopter stunts, and Memorable bears.
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DVD Verdict 1125 - F This Movie! (A Few Good Men)

June 29,2012
I could say Patrick and Doug are looking for A Few Good Men, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. The truth is... you can't handle the truth!
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DVD Verdict 1124 - They Came From the North (Ridley Scott: The Early Years)

June 27,2012
On this week's episode Jon, Andrew, Gabriel, and Steve tackle the early works of Legendary visualist Sir Ridley Scott!
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DVD Verdict 1123 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Patrick Doyle and Kenneth Branagh)

June 26,2012
Clark continues to explore director/composer collaborations by featuring music composed by Patrick Doyle for the films of Kenneth Branagh. You'll hear selections from Henry V, Dead Again, Much Ado About Nothing, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Hamlet, Love's Labours Lost, As You Like It, Sleuth, and Thor.
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DVD Verdict 1122 - Entertainment Docket for June 25

June 25,2012
Melissa returns from a weekend at Downton Abbey, Michael crucifies Jim Henson's Labyrinth, Pixar and the Afro Circus dominate the box office, fluffing up Magic Mike, Eugene Levy shacks up with Tyler Perry's Madea, a review of Kevin Smith's new internet series Spoilers, The Exorcist comes to the stage, and all the latest arriving at the movies, on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, books, music, and theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1121 - The Friday Filibuster (All About the Cheese)

June 23,2012
Mac crushes on Legend of Cora while burying Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Daryl gets sucked into a black hole to revisit Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Little Lord Fauntleroy (1934). Erich discovers old Role Models and an older Matt LeBlanc in new Episodes. Dave contracts a case of Burning Love while living Life with Principles. Plus! Truckers, Favorite sports movie antagonist douchebag, Movies made to look old, and Killer vegetables.
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DVD Verdict 1120 - F This Movie! (The Game)

June 22,2012
Patrick and Alex are given a surprise gift, one which turns this discussion into a Fincher-esque exploration of Michael Douglas and Sean Penn in The Game. Discovering the object of this podcast is the object of this podcast.
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DVD Verdict 1119 - They Came From the North (John McTiernan)

June 20,2012
This week, Jon leads the troops as he, Gabriel, Steve, and Andrew tackle the works of action Maestro John McTiernan! Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. Falcon!
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DVD Verdict 1118 - Entertainment Docket for June 18

June 18,2012
Melissa gets her documentary on. Michael defends Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Preparing for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Embracing David Wain's Wanderlust. Debriefing the Tony Awards. Running down the latest and greatest in Movies, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, TV, Music, Books, and Theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1117 - Blast Processing! (E3 or not E3)

June 16,2012
Kev, Jon, and Steve put down their controllers long enough to chime in on the goings on of E3-2012. Meanwhile Kev finds himself marooned in Rural Newfoundland with naught but his iPad to save his sanity, Jon plays a bit of Lollipop Chainsaw, while Steve finds his feet with Dragon's Dogma and continues loving Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
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DVD Verdict 1116 - The Friday Filibuster (The Great Superhero Movie Debate)

June 15,2012
Dave and Erich get into a hefty debate over the hierarchy of successful superhero films. Alice spends time Seeking Justice with The Innkeepers. Dave provides a Mad Men wrap-up and rediscovers '80s family sitcom Rags to Riches. Plus! Horrible road trips, Balloons, and Hideous muppets.
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DVD Verdict 1115 - F This Movie! (Prometheus)

June 14,2012

Join Patrick and JB as they don their finest Replicant and Alien cosplay to seek the nerd truth behind Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

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DVD Verdict 1114 - They Came From the North (David Cronenberg)

June 13,2012
Our boys from beyond the pale present a double-sized look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Canadian master of macabre grotesquery -- David Cronenberg! Long live the new flesh!
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DVD Verdict 1113 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Howard Shore / David Cronenberg)

June 12,2012
Clark kicks off another series spotlighting director/composer collaborations by examining the scores composer Howard Shore has penned for director David Cronenberg. You'll hear music from Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Dead Ringers, Naked Lunch, M. Butterfly, Crash, eXistenZ, Spider, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and A Dangerous Method.
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DVD Verdict 1112 - The Friday Filibuster (Expecting Big Things)

June 08,2012
Facebook is wooing Mac with cardboard skulls from Out of the Woods. Erich catches up with The Muppets and their Wanderlust. Dave is underwhelmed by news from E3 and gets brain poisoning from two Thai fight movies. Plus! Senseless slaughter, Strange and unusual airplanes, and Memorable vans.
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DVD Verdict 1111 - F This Movie! (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

June 07,2012
Patrick and Erich are the Knights who say "F This!" Join our dynamic duo, as the purchase a shuddery, estimate the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, slay vorpal bunnies, and fart in your general direction.
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DVD Verdict 1110 - They Came from the North (Stuart Gordon)

June 06,2012
The tragically hip Northerners tackle the good, bad, and ugly of the bleak, bent, twisted world of horror and sci-fi filmmaker and lover of all things Lovecraft; Stuart Gordon.
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DVD Verdict 1109 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Live-Action Fairy Tales)

June 05,2012
This week, Clark offers musical selections from live-action fairy tales. You'll hear pieces from Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Crystal, Big Fish, Enchanted, The NeverEnding Story, Willow, The Brothers Grimm, Pan's Labyrinth, and Snow White and the Huntsman (which is also reviewed).
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DVD Verdict 1108 - Entertainment Docket for June 4

June 04,2012
Michael and Melissa are on hand to run down your week in entertainment options; review Men in Black III, Idris Elba's Luther, and Darren McGavin's classic Kolchak: The Night Stalker; preview Ridley Scott's Prometheus; eulogize Richard Dawson; and discuss matters of global importance like the overexposure of Snow White and the media's obsession with celebrity outings.
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DVD Verdict 1107 - Blast Processing! (Unabated)

June 03,2012
Jon really doesn't like A Game of Thrones, Kev is torn on Dragon's Dogma, and they both dig the latest in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier. The boys pour one out for 38 Studios, creators of the awesome Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, probably known from here on out as Schilling's folly. And yes, there's a desert island disc-style question.
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DVD Verdict 1106 - The Friday Filibuster (Sherlock or Young Sherlock Holmes?)

June 02,2012
Michael overdoses on classic Saturday morning cartoons, with a Joe Dante Gremlins chaser. Mac debriefs the Castle finale and dines on vintage Doctor Who cheese. Erich gets his Donnie Darko on and subsequently develops teenage superpowers. Dave catches up on the world of Sherlock, while managing to Curb his enthusiasm for Larry David. Plus! Casting the new Fantastic Four, Cartoons you loved as a kid but despise as an adult, An in-depth analysis of Encyclopedia Brown, Favorite TV themed breakfast cereal, Insanity at cinematic rock concerts, Deadly appliances, and Animal cruelty. Please remember to give generously to DVD Verdict's new charity "Protecting Our Children from Deadly Refrigerators."
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DVD Verdict 1105 - F This Movie! (Robocop)

June 01,2012
Come quietly, as Patrick and Mark take on Detroit's last best hope for law enforcement -- Robocop. Dead or alive, you will listen to this hour of internet radio. Your move, creep.
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DVD Verdict 1104 - They Came From the North (John Landis)

May 31,2012
This week, the boys from above the 49th tackle the good, bad, and ugly of the darkly comedic John Landis!
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DVD Verdict 1103 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Tommy Lee Jones)

May 29,2012
This week, Clark offers musical selections from the films of actor Tommy Lee Jones. You'll hear pieces from The Package, The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, In the Electric Mist, Volcano, Men in Black, Cobb, The Hunted, The Missing, Lonesome Dove, and Men in Black III (which is also reviewed).
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DVD Verdict 1102 - Entertainment Docket for May 28

May 28,2012
Michael and Melissa help underscore your Memorial Day weekend, by running down the latest and greatest in movies, TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Books, Music, and Theatre. Plus! The guest stars of Veronica Mars, Will Smith still has game, Stealing the plot of Jaws 3D, Suffering through bad '70s Hanna-Barbera, Kevin Coster finds his way to basic cable, The Transformers get a revolutionary theme park ride, the new James Bond trailer arrives in the face of controversy, someone needs to put a stop to Baz Luhrmann and Amanda Bynes, and Bruce Jenner: Father of the Year.
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DVD Verdict 1101 - Blast Processing! (Long Lost Characters)

May 26,2012
This week, Steve is playing A Game of Thrones, while Jon digs into Max Payne 3 and Kev rips open Diablo III. The usual smattering of news, including the possible death of Curt Schilling's Dream Team at 38 Studios. Then the retro rockets are fired, asking "What video game character from eras gone by has been MIA the last few console generations?"
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DVD Verdict 1100 - The Friday Filibuster (You Sunk My Battleship)

May 25,2012
Dave and Mac barely escape with their sanity from Peter Berg's Battleship, Daryl bemoans the creative death of NBC's Community, and the boys are floored by 3D pornography in HD. Reviews of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha (Blu-ray), Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Season 2, and Bobcat Goldthwait's return to standup with You Don't Look the Same Either. Plus! Painful deaths from the Indiana Jones franchise, Dressed like a clown, Great beards. Don't forget to buy Mac's new book, Cine High, on Amazon Kindle!
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DVD Verdict 1099 - F This Movie! (Do the Right Thing)

May 24,2012
As Chicago protests and riots around the NATO summit, Patrick and JB confront their own racial, political, and socio-economic issues by tackling Spike Lee's critically-acclaimed Do the Right Thing. WWMD -- What would Mookie do? (FYI, no protesters were harmed during the recording of this episode.)
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DVD Verdict 1098 - They Came From the North (Kevin Reynolds)

May 23,2012
This week, our favorite movie-lovin' Canadians tackle the good, bad, and ugly of director (and Kevin Costner wrangler) Kevin Reynolds! We're gonna cut your heart out with a spoon!
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DVD Verdict 1097 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

May 22,2012
This week is another musical grab bag, as Clark wanders through his vast collection of film music and pulls out selections from The Orphanage, Mosquito Squadron, Baby Boy, The Sundowners, The Caveman's Valentine, The Mummy Returns, Red Dawn, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Monsters, Inc., The Haunting, The Fiend, How to Murder Your Wife, and Corpse Bride.
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DVD Verdict 1096 - Entertainment Docket for May 21

May 21,2012
hough Michael and Melissa intention is to educate you on the entire Fall 2012 television schedule, they still make time for the important stuff, like Dan Harmon being fired as showrunner on Community, Pee-Wee Herman's new movie, Disney's Tron: Uprising, Duncan Jones' Ian Fleming biopic, and the weekly rundown of what you can expect to find at the movies and on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant. The most important two words of the week: Cat Dancers! (You've been warned.)
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DVD Verdict 1095 - The Friday Filibuster (Netflix the Alcoholic Dad)

May 19,2012
This week, Mac climbs out of the Dark Shadows to battle Vampire Women. Erich begins training with The Masters of Horror while his guitar gently weeps. Alice is done with Christian Slater's Nicholson schtick. Dave is leaving The Office to cancel his Parks & Rec membership. Plus! Tall women, Creepy kids, Strange and unusual dogs, and a spoilerific discussion of The Avengers.
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DVD Verdict 1094 - F This Movie! (The Year So Far)

May 17,2012
With the summer movie season in full swing, Patrick and JB review what 2012 has already given us and preview what's still on the way.
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DVD Verdict 1093 - They Came From the North (Tony Scott)

May 16,2012
This week, our boys from the North -- Jon, Gabriel, Andrew, and Steve -- tackle the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of action director Tony Scott!
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DVD Verdict 1092 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Johnny Depp)

May 15,2012
This week, Clark explores music from the films of actor Johnny Depp, offering selections from Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon, Ed Wood, Don Juan DeMarco, Donnie Brasco, The Astronaut's Wife, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Secret Window, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Finding Neverland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Plus, a review of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.
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DVD Verdict 1091 - Entertainment Docket for May 14

May 14,2012
Shazam! Michael and Melissa are here to decipher your week in entertainment and sink your Battleship. Meanwhile, The Avengers amasses a $1 Billion worldwide bonanza; Morgan Spurlock gets Mansome for Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator; Easy Reader and Ryan Gosling Drive into your Netflix queue; John Travolta forced to give up massages; and a rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, TV, music, theatre, and books.
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DVD Verdict 1090 - Blast Processing (Vintage Game Levels)

May 12,2012
Steve takes SPEC OPS: THE LINE out for a test drive and digs into Sony's STARHAWK. Jon is busy exploring dystopian cyberpunk futures with SYNDICATE and BINARY DOMAIN, and Kevin has been digging some more with MINECRAFT while taking out the trash in Gotham with BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. The usual smattering of news and rambling follows, and we finish it all off by firing up the retro rockets by asking: "What's your favorite vintage video game level?"
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DVD Verdict 1089 - The Friday Filibuster (Phoning it in)

May 11,2012
Mac gives The Avengers his comic geek seal of approval. Erich experiences his first "Free Comic Book Day." Dave is too depressed to care about anything but his hatred of Katherine Heigl. Reviews of MST3K: Girl in Gold Boots and Sherlock: Season Two (Blu-ray). Plus! Disappointing endings, Creating alternate titles, and Famous Nicks. Coming Soon: The home version of Friday Filibuster.
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DVD Verdict 1088 - F This Movie! (The Avengers)

May 10,2012
In this superhero-sized episode, Patrick and Doug deconstruct Joss Whedon's box office beast The Avengers. But fear not, those who have not seen the film. The first half of the discussion is spoiler-free. Just shut it off when you reach the midway point, because that's when the boys let it all hang out. Excelsior!
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DVD Verdict 1087 - They Came From the North (Ralph Bakshi)

May 09,2012
On this exciting episode, our belligerent youths from Canuckistahn -- Power, Mercer, Girard, and Forbes -- tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly of 1970s animation auteur, Ralph Bakshi.
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DVD Verdict 1086 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Joel Goldsmith)

May 08,2012
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late Joel Goldsmith, offering selections from Kull the Conqueror, Stargate: SG-1, Shiloh, Diamonds, Brotherhood of the Gun, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stealth Fighter. Plus, a review of Joss Whedon's The Avengers.
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DVD Verdict 1085 - Entertainment Docket for May 7

May 07,2012
Michael and Melissa return from a one week exile to celebrate Joss Whedon's success, remember Adam Yauch, take Ryan Murphy and Glee to task, recall the creepiness of Fantasy Island, prepare for network TV's season finale onslaught, and run down what you can expect to find in movies, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming, television, books, music, and theatre this week.
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DVD Verdict 1084 - Blast Processing (Gamers Assemble!)

May 05,2012
The boy's have all seen The Avengers, and they're still playing games. Jon gets groovy with Rhythm Heaven, Kev tries his hand with Demon's Souls, and Steve is a little let down by Risen 2: Dark Waters but takes Dragon's Dogma for a spin. News includes some big game announcements, and the retro rockets are fired for "What's you're favorite old school Ninja game?"
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DVD Verdict 1083 - The Friday Filibuster (Summer Movie Preview)

May 04,2012
Join Dave, Erich, Mac, and Daryl as they run through their regular Filibuster updates before settling into a discussion of what you can expect from Hollywood this summer. (Hint: Sequels, Superheroes, and Remakes). Welcome to Summer Movie Season!
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DVD Verdict 1082 - F This Movie! (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

May 03,2012
Patrick and Doug aren't bad; they just podcast that way. So join our animated duo, as they dip into the wild and wacky world of Baby Herman, Judge Doom, and Roger and Jessica Rabbit. If you don't, they'll drop a piano on your head.
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DVD Verdict 1081 - They Came From the North (Kathryn Bigelow)

May 02,2012
On this week's episode, our belligerent Canucks -- Andrew, Gabriel, Jon, and Steve -- tackle the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow.
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DVD Verdict 1080 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Thomas Newman)

May 01,2012
This week, Clark explores the music of esteemed composer Thomas Newman, with selections from American Beauty, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Shawshank Redemption, Meet Joe Black, Pay it Forward, and many more.
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DVD Verdict 1079 - Blast Processing (Warhammers of Love)

April 29,2012
The boys are back in prime form. Steve has been playing Diablo III and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Jon has been loving The Witcher II, and Kev has put the kibosh on Warhammer 40K: Space Marine (one of 2011's most overlooked gems). All the news that's fit to repeat, and another fine episode of Retro Rockets asks: "What was your favorite Castlevania?"
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DVD Verdict 1078 - The Friday Filibuster (I Pity the Fool!)

April 27,2012
Mac geeks out at Boston Comic Con while eating at Bob's Burgers. Alice gets familiar with The Killing and The Fields. No Linda Hunt in either. Dave trips out with Mad Men while regurgitating British crime procedurals. Plus! Scenes you see coming but still freak you out, Older actors overstaying their welcome, and Robots disguised as humans.
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DVD Verdict 1077 - F This Movie! (Heat)

April 26,2012
Patrick and Alex knew the risks. They didn't have to do this show. But when it rains, you get wet. So they're tackling Heat. No, not the Burt Reynolds / Howard Hessman flick, nor the Andy Warhol / Joe Dallesandro movie, but Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus starring Pacino and Deniro. For these guys, the action is the juice.
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DVD Verdict 1076 - They Came From the North (Series Premiere!)

April 25,2012
We welcome a new podcast to the DVD Verdict family, from some familiar voices and new friends. Each week, resident Canucks Andrew Forbes, Gabriel Girard, Jon Mercer, and Steve Power deconstruct a different film director's body of work, as only high-falootin' Canadians can. This week: the good, the bad, and the ugly of gritty '70s action master Walter Hill!
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DVD Verdict 1075 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

April 24,2012
This week, it's another batch of new and recent releases, as Clark offers musical selections from Dark Shadows, The Lorax, Natural Selection, The Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans and Sherlock.
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DVD Verdict 1074 - Entertainment Docket for April 23

April 23,2012
Michael and Melissa are back with another week of award-winning entertainment journalism, first running down what you can expect this week in movies, TV, music, books, and theatre, and then focusing on the important things like the children from Sound of Music doing '70s sci-fi, Hollywood's fixation on remaking things that don't need to be remade, the legacy of Dick Clark, a push to get Don Coscarelli to direct more films, and Kim Kardashian's mayoral campaign. Where else can you find internet radio this compelling?
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DVD Verdict 1073 - The Friday Filibuster (with DJ Davey Fresh)

April 20,2012
Mac spends a weekend with Cora in a Cabin in the Woods. Erich is getting to know the Rare Export known as Doctor Who. Daryl scarfs 16 spaghetti westerns. Dave succumbs to The Raid with a Fresh Beat. Plus! Great instrumental TV themes, Memorable versions of Heaven and Hell, and Making movies out of songs.
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DVD Verdict 1072 - F These Movies! (Westerns)

April 19,2012
Howdy Pardners! Join the saddle-sore twins -- Sheriff Patrick and his trusty Deputy JB -- as they rope, throw, and brand their favorite westerns. Hold tight, because this is guaranteed to be the wildest ride in the wilderness!
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DVD Verdict 1071 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Matchstick Men)

April 17,2012
This week, Clark offers a change-of-pace, taking an in-depth look at the soundtrack for Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men, featuring an original score by Hans Zimmer (with a little help from the late Nino Rota) with additional contributions from Herb Alpert, Bobby Darin, George Formby, and more.
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DVD Verdict 1070 - Entertainment Docket for April 16

April 16,2012
Melissa and Michael celebrate the annual income tax filing nightmare, by shifting your attention to the latest in movies, television, and home entertainment. Thrill to the sound of box office cash registers ringing in the success of The Three Stooges and Titanic 3D; gird your loins for Zac Efron as an Iraq war veteran returning home to find his true love; travel with Morgan Spurlock as he uncovers the ugly truth behind the San Diego Comic Con; feel the unbridled excitement as Mel Gibson's remaining sanity unravels at the hands of Joe Eszterhas; and so much more!
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DVD Verdict 1069 - Blast Processing! (Top Gear, Top Gun)

April 15,2012
This week, Steve attempts to beat Tom Cruise's lap time around the Top Gear test track, Kev tries Fez on for size, and Jon plays the latest twisted byproduct of the continued existence of Grasshopper Manufacture (Sine Mora) while rediscovering Alice: Madness Returns. In the news, there's much Shadowrun talk, and the boys pour one out for Demon's Souls' North American online servers. We finish the night by firing the retro rockets on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!
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DVD Verdict 1068 - F This Movie! (American Reunion)

April 13,2012
Patrick and Doug stick their noses in one last pie, as the venerable American Pie franchise draws to a merciful end. I wonder if either of them slept with Stifler's mom?
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DVD Verdict 1067 - View from the Couch (Series Finale)

April 11,2012
After five years and 198 episodes, the Canadian duo of Kent and Michelle bid farewell to their family-centric entertainment podcast. They will be missed.
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DVD Verdict 1066 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Pop/Rock Composers)

April 10,2012
This week, Clark offers a sampling of film music written by musicians from the world of pop/rock. You'll hear compositions by Peter Gabriel, Clint Mansell, Elton John, Jonny Greenwood, Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor, Randy Newman, Trevor Rabin, and Badly Drawn Boy.
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DVD Verdict 1065 - Entertainment Docket for April 9

April 09,2012
Michael and Melissa take a post-Easter journey through the world of entertainment, with stops at vintage Dark Shadows and Doctor Who, Kate Winslet's breasts in 3D, the Three Stooges being swallowed by a Cabin in the Woods, yet another new Titanic movie, Clerks 3 on Broadway, selling out a Marvel marathon, the return of Ron Burgundy, and so much more!
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DVD Verdict 1064 - Blast Processing! (Nintendo Bashing)

April 08,2012
The boys put the Mass Effect 3 debacle to bed, Jon's been tackling some retro games, Kev's been playing Dragon Age II, and Steve takes the wrapping off Xenoblade Chronicles possibly the last great Wii game! Excitement builds for Jordan Wiesman's "Shadowrun Returns" kickstarter initiative, we dish about Notch's post-Minecraft effort, and the ends with some good old fashioned, heart-warming Nintendo bashing.
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DVD Verdict 1063 - The Friday Filibuster (Star Wars Sacrilege)

April 06,2012
This is a podcast that will live in infamy! Cruelty to animals. Defaming Mary Poppins! Comparing Darth Vader to Susan Lucci on All My Children!! Plus! Big moves, Strange and unusual plant life, Terrible accents, and Genres that bore you to tears.
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DVD Verdict 1062 - F This Movie! (Free Association)

April 05,2012
It's another exercise in free association, as Patrick and Doug let their movie-addled brains run wild across a savanna of filled with cinematic beasts. Embrace the madness!
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DVD Verdict 1061 - Objection! (Psycho Kickboxer Curtis Bush)

April 03,2012
Dave and Dan return from podcast obscurity for a once-in-a-lifetime interview with the Psycho Kickboxer himself, Curtis Bush.
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DVD Verdict 1060 - Entertainment Docket for April 2

April 02,2012
Melissa goes back to school with 21 Jump Street, Michael is still tormented by Mekhi Pfifer and Torchwood: Miracle Day, Titanic sinks in 3D, Keith Olbermann gets fired (again), Chevy Chase loses his shit and perhaps his job, and we run down what's new this week at the movies, on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, and in Books, Music, and Theatre. Viva la revolution!
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DVD Verdict 1059 - Blast Processing! (Over the Moon and Under the Radar)

March 31,2012
Steve goes back to some of last years favorites with more Skyrim and Dark Souls, Jon has been trying to play some Kid Icarus in 3D, and Adam is one of those folks who was really perturbed by the end of Mass Effect 3. Dave Johnson of "The Friday Filibuster" drops by to shoot the breeze, and the boys run down all the news that's fit to repeat, before delving into the most anticipated under-the-radar games for the next few months.
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DVD Verdict 1058 - The Friday Filibuster (No Wrath for These Titans)

March 30,2012
Mac participates in the Hunger Games with DC Comics sidekicks. Erich is immersed in Game of Thrones with '90s Madonna waiting in the wings. Daryl goes cruising for The Three Musketeers. Dave is celebrating January Jones' absence from Mad Men and laughing at Bruce Boxleitner's spy skills. Plus! A visceral hatred of That '70s Show, Roasting cinematic sacred cows, Overly padded movies, Your first R-rated movie experience, Movies you've fallen asleep watching, and Best pet animals in a non-starring role.
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DVD Verdict 1057 - F This Movie! (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

March 29,2012
"Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator there ever lived" and our intrepid heroes -- Patrick and Alex -- are bound and determined to find it. Spielberg's The Lost World: Jurassic Park would have been loads better if it were an actual Predator hanging with the dinosaurs. Oh well...
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DVD Verdict 1056 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Jerry Goldsmith)

March 27,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of the great Jerry Goldsmith. You'll hear selections from The 13th Warrior, Planet of the Apes, A Patch of Blue, Mulan, Breakheart Pass, Chinatown, Matinee, Deep Rising, The Boys From Brazil, The Ghost and the Darkness, Caboblanco, Malice, Babe, and Night Crossing.
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DVD Verdict 1055 - Entertainment Docket for March 26

March 26,2012
It's a titanic episode, as Hunger Games scores a $155 Million weekend; Sam Worthington battles more CGI Greek Gods; Melissa unleashes her wrath on the Motion Picture Association of America; Michael prepares for new Doctor Who; we run down the latest movie, music, TV, DVD, Blu-ray, and Video on Demand releases; and James Cameron sinks into the deepest recesses of the earth. What more can you ask for?
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DVD Verdict 1054 - Blast Processing! (If you don't like the end, we can change it)

March 24,2012
On this week's episode, Kev gives Angry Birds Space a go, Jon plays the controversial Ninja Gaiden III, and Steve takes Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for a test drive. All the news that's fit to repeat leads to discussion on the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy (SELLOUTS!). And Steve asks the question, "Which narrative-driven game fell apart for you in the final act?"
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DVD Verdict 1053 - The Friday Filibuster (Confucius say...)

March 23,2012
Erich is happy to rejoin the Community and makes a Killing. A literate Mac is reading Game of Thrones with oversexed women and hippie Wizards. Dave is biding his time for The Raid by watching subversive Looney Tunes. Plus! Incorrectly rated movies, Eyeballs in strange places, and Cinematic wizards.
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DVD Verdict 1052 - F This Movie! (Network)

March 22,2012
Patrick and JB take the "Shitting on the Classics" concept to air, as they tackle Sidney Lumet's critically acclaimed visualization of Paddy Chayefsky's Network. All I know is this violates every canon of respectable podcasting.
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DVD Verdict 1051 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Randy Edelman)

March 20,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Randy Edelman. You'll hear his melody-driven scores for such films as Kindergarten Cop, The Quest, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Mask, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Daylight, Angels in the Outfield, My Cousin Vinny, Dragonheart, and an iconic TV theme.
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DVD Verdict 1050 - Entertainment Docket for March 19

March 19,2012
Michael attempts to corral a tipsy Melissa, so they can review Carnage and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and settle into discussions of Channing Tatum's comedic skills, the further demise of John Carter, director Tony Kaye's star-studded Detachment, Hulu's glut of charged documentaries, movie news from WonderCon including the return of Beetlejuice, This American Life's damage control, and what you can expect to find this week in theatres and on DVD, Blu-ray, TV, streaming media, books, and music.
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DVD Verdict 1049 - Blast Processing! (Creeper)

March 17,2012
Steve and Jon experience the need for speed with The Run. Meanwhile Kev got himself a snazzy new Video Card, which means he's back on the Minecraft train, Steve is martial difficulties with Mass Effect 3, and Jon goes back to his roots with JRPG gaming. There's also great news (Geohot busted for possession!), not so great news (sorry for your loss, Obsidian), and Kev asks us, "Who's the creepiest damn bastard you've ever had to kill or run away from in a video game?"
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DVD Verdict 1048 - The Friday Filibuster (The Clown Hunt is Upon Us!)

March 16,2012
Mac immerses himself in Brian K. Vaughn's Saga to avoid the albino clown. Erich is not changing his name to John Carter, but is seriously considering Tintin. Dave gets short with Warwick Davis and plans COBRA's IPO. Plus! Megalomaniacs, Batman villain conversions, and Dangerous chemicals.
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DVD Verdict 1047 - F This Movie! (Swingers)

March 15,2012
Join Patrick and Doug as they road trip to Vegas, drink any scotch that's not a blend, hit on beautiful babies, and wait six days to call them. Oh yeah, they also find time to review some movie called Swingers. These guys are so money, they don't even know it!
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DVD Verdict 1046 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Mission to Mars)

March 13,2012
This week, Clark takes a musical journey to the red planet, offering selections from Mission to Mars, My Favorite Martian, Mars Attacks, Mars Needs Moms, Red Planet, Total Recall, Roving Mars, Capricorn One, and John Carter.
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DVD Verdict 1045 - Entertainment Docket for March 12

March 12,2012
There's magic in the air, as Michael and Melissa review The Muppets and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Blu-ray; witness The Lorax giving John Carter a beatdown; vacation at Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods; and rundown the latest on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, TV, books, music, and theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1044 - Blast Processing! (Renegade? Paragon? I'm the Guy With the Gun!)

March 11,2012
Snarkiness abounds, as Steve plays Mass Effect 3, Jon gets his mitts on Street Fighter X Tekken, and Kevin takes back what he said about Borderlands. The boys attempt to brainstorm a cool sports game, but can't. And lots of big news, including release dates, rumors, scuttlebutt, and shenanigans.
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DVD Verdict 1043 - The Friday Filibuster (This sounds like a sex hotel)

March 09,2012
Mac finds out what happens when you Sleep No More in the Big Apple. Erich once again embeds himself within The Satellite of Love. Dave hooks his parents on The Shield while getting his own steampunk Musketeer on. Alice discovers the OWMC is alive and well in the modern Safehouse and not-so-classic Charade. Plus! Montages with serious character progression, Strange and unusual masks, Real women fighting men, and TV shows with a gimmick.
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DVD Verdict 1042 - F This Movie! (The Iron Giant)

March 08,2012
This week, Patrick plays the big scary robot with a heart of gold and Doug his tiny, naive human child companion, as our reluctant heroes review Brad Bird's cult classic The Iron Giant. They talk about other stuff too... like reanimating dead relatives. Needless to say, these boys ain't right in the head.
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DVD Verdict 1041 - View from the Couch (We don't wanna spoil the whole thing)

March 07,2012
Kent and Michelle skipped the Oscars this year, but did attend the Edmonton Symphony's film score concert, took the kids to see Jurassic Park on a big art house screen, review Stephen Fry's "Inside the World of Dinosaurs" app for the iPad, tap into A&E's revival of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, and invite Connor and Emily to critique Hugo and Transformers: Prime.
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DVD Verdict 1040 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

March 06,2012
It's another new and recent releases show, as Clark offers music from The Woman in Black, Transformers: Prime, Casa de mi Padre, Being Flynn, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Gone, Doctor Who: Series Six, and remastered cues from Titanic. Plus, a quick rundown of the ten best films of 2011.
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DVD Verdict 1039 - Entertainment Docket for March 5

March 05,2012
Michael and Melissa prepare you for a full week of entertainment with reviews of Wanderlust and Friends with Kids; a growing frustration with NBC's Smash; boffo box office for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax; memorializing Davy Jones and Ralph McQuarrie; American Horror Story gets its Season 2 cast; and a rundown of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, books, music, and theatre.
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DVD Verdict 1038 - Blast Processing! (Buddha's Packin' Heat)

March 03,2012
Jon is back, and he's brought Asura's Wrath with him. Kev continues to waste his idle time with iPad games and the near two-year old Borderlands. Steve continues to roam through dystopian Cyberpunk futures with Binary Domain and Syndicate. And... Holy crap it's Assassin's Creed III and it looks awesome!
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DVD Verdict 1037 - The Friday Filibuster (Waiting for something crazy to happen)

March 02,2012
Mac suffers through Adam Sandler's Jack & Jill, Erich revisits a fragmented Star Wars universe, Dave gets excited about The Avengers, and Daryl introduces us to his Vampire Lover. Plus! What George Lucas can do to screw up the Indiana Jones franchise on Blu-ray, Scenes aboard cruise ships, Improvised surgeries, and Premonitions.
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DVD Verdict 1036 - F This Movie! (Braveheart)

March 01,2012
Join Patrick and Mark as they draw and quarter Mel Gibson's Braveheart, while gladly trading their freedom for another Mad Max movie. You have bled with William Wallace, now bleed with us!
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DVD Verdict 1035 - Entertainment Docket for February 27

February 27,2012
Fresh off their live-tweeting The Oscars, Michael and Melissa compare and contrast the winners with those of the Independent Spirit Awards; run down what's coming this week to theaters, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming media, television, books, and music; explore a metric ton of concert performances and music documentaries being released to Netflix; revisit the cheese that is The Bee Gee's movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; highlight some big name casting news for network pilots including Martin Landau and Lily Tomlin; witness Zach Efron attempting to get laid at The Lorax premiere; and thrill to Nick Nolte's incoherent Oscar red carpet interview. Rejoice, America! Awards Season is over.
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DVD Verdict 1034 - Blast Processing! (Dead or Alive, You're Coming with me to the Prom)

February 25,2012
Jon is off Peacekeeping in Angola this week, leaving Steve and Kev to fend for themselves in the harsh Newfoundland tundra. Steve has been playing EA's relaunch of SYNDICATE, while Kev wonders what all the BORDERLANDS hubub was all about. The also guys start talking books, Robocop, and the most insane iOS game you can dream up. Jon, never leave us again!
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DVD Verdict 1033 - The Friday Filibuster (I Broke the Sacred Pact)

February 24,2012
Dave is too busy watching basketball, playing video games, and loving War of the Arrows to host this week's show. Erich Fades and is okay with X-Men: First Class but not the previous glowing reviews. Mac subjects his brain to Nic Cage's Ghost Rider 2 and cleanses his palate with vintage Doctor Who. Plus! Mandatory retiring of go-to topics, Solid-In-Liquid-Out, and Cat-like aliens.
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DVD Verdict 1032 - F This Movie! (Patrick's Favorite Movies)

February 23,2012
This is it. End of the favorites line. Join JB and Doug as they help uncover the truth behind five of Patrick's favorite movies.
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DVD Verdict 1031 - View from the Couch (Too much information)

February 22,2012
After learning far more than you ever wanted to know about Dixon family illnesses and exploding canine anal glands, Kent and Michelle talk Whitney Houston, Judi Dench, Robert Pattinson, Star Wars: Phantom Menace in 3D, Transformers IV, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, getting old, and a review of The Adventures of Tintin.
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DVD Verdict 1030 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2011, Part Four)

February 21,2012
This week, Clark completes his countdown of the year's finest film scores. Your five finalists: Michael Giacchino, Dario Marianelli, Howard Shore, John Williams, and Marco Beltrami. Who lands on top? Press play and find out!
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DVD Verdict 1029 - Entertainment Docket for February 20

February 20,2012
Michael and Melissa navigate pre-Oscar waters to bring you the week's other compelling entertainment. Reviews of Misfits and The Artist give way to an up close and personal look at Kevin Clash (the man behind Elmo); waking up with Jason Isaacs; John Morris' music from Mel Brooks' movies comes to CD; Whitney Houston receives a Michael Jackson-esque sendoff; Glee's Chris Colfer writes/produces/stars in his first film; Kim Kardashian plans her next wedding; fascinating new DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon releases; and so much more.
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DVD Verdict 1028 - Blast Processing! (This One Took an Arrow to the Knee)

February 18,2012
This week, Steve drops his first thoughts on Mass Effect 3 and swings a sword or two, Jon gives his two and a half cents on Twisted Metal, and Kev plays more Skyrim. There's also news, release dates, pondering the illustrious Tim Schaefer's Kickstart initiative, and teasing last week's lost episode that Steve inadvertently destroyed. FYI: This episode contains no references to Jem and the Holograms, so you're safe... for now.
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DVD Verdict 1027 - The Friday Filibuster (The Citizen Kane of Geek Podcasts)

February 17,2012
This week... Dave suffers Linsanity but Elevates himself from MADness. Though to joke to the masses, Mac still appreciates Phantom Menace after 22 viewings. Alice's VIP status is lost in the Idaho library system. Daryl pounds ThunderMuscle while chainsmoking Community. Plus! Eyeball popping, Worst Singer/Actor and Actor/Singers, Defying gravity, and Bad birthdays.
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DVD Verdict 1026 - F This Movie! (Doug's Favorite Movies)

February 16,2012
Doug explains to Patrick why he's the richest man in town, how a German orders three drinks, and why the only good bug is a dead bug. Oh yeah, and he shares five of his favorite movies.
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DVD Verdict 1025 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2011, Part Three)

February 14,2012
This week, Clark continues his countdown of the best film scores of 2011, moving from number 10 to 6. You'll hear selections from Christopher Young, Ludovic Bource, Alexandre Desplat, Michael Giacchino, Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, but which scores are featured and where do they rank?
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DVD Verdict 1024 - Entertainment Docket for February 13

February 13,2012
Michael and Melissa are back to bring you an encapsulated look at the week in entertainment, including a review of NBC's new series Smash; listener feedback; renaming Dr. Seuss book titles; 1970s celebrity bowling; finding humor in mental illness with Sara Benincasa; a rundown of what's new in movies, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, television, and books; and the show buries Whitney Houston instead of praising her.
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DVD Verdict 1023 - The Friday Filibuster (We need to weaponize this!)

February 10,2012
This week, Alice hopes Alcatraz will be a just-In Time replacement for Lost; Erich will not swim in this River but he will Drive over it; Mac goes '40s retro while fighting ghosts in a chain link cage; Dave is still crying in his beer over the Super Bowl and a Korean abortion (which may or may not have happened). Plus! Something haunted other than a house, Star Wars trivia insanity, Most
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DVD Verdict 1022 - F This Movie! (100th Episode)

February 09,2012
Slap happy and bleary eyed, the F This Movie! crew celebrates their 100th episode fresh off their first Twitter Film Festival. Join Patrick, Erika, and the gang as they coast into home on nothing but fumes.
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DVD Verdict 1021 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2011, Part Two)

February 07,2012
This week, Clark continues his countdown of the best film music of 2011, moving from number 15 to 11. You'll hear selections from Henry Jackman, Christopher Young, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, and Thomas Newman. Plus, reviews of The Grey, Chronicle, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and The Woman in Black.
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DVD Verdict 1020 - Entertainment Docket for February 6

February 06,2012
Fresh off the Super Bowl, Michael and Melissa debrief Madonna's halftime show; span the socio-political spectrum with reviews of George Clooney's Ides of March and Gregory Peck's To Kill a Mockingbird (Blu-ray); mourn the death of Don Cornelius and the lack of Bruce Campbell's Ash in the Diablo Cody scripted Evil Dead reboot; map out your week in DVD, Blu-ray, TV, and streaming media; and pray for the end of NBC's unrelenting Smash promos.
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DVD Verdict 1019 - Blast Processing! (Truly Outrageous)

February 04,2012
This week, Steve and Kev spend some time with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, while Jon wades back into the JRPG pool with Final Fantasy XIII-2. There's some love for Syndicate, more Jem and the Holograms talk than should be considered healthy, a roundtable discussion on the Used Game side of the industry, and how we feel about pre-owned lockouts on next gen systems, online passes, and Curt Schilling's views on Free DLC and online codes. This is one for the ages!
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DVD Verdict 1018 - The Friday Filibuster (Talking TV)

February 03,2012
It's a two-man crew this week, as Dave and Erich talk Hulu Plus, NBC Thursday comedies, cable programming originals, Top 5 current and all-time favorites.
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DVD Verdict 1017 - F This Movie! (JB's Favorite Movies)

February 02,2012
The run up to Episode 100 is almost through, but not before JB has his moment in the sun with his five favorite films of all-time. While Night of the Lepus and The Artist did not make the list, Dr. Strangelove, 12 Angry Men, Bride of Frankenstein, Singin' in the Rain, and Casablanca did.
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DVD Verdict 1016 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2011, Part One)

January 31,2012
Clark begins counting down the very best film music of the past year. You'll hear selections from Howard Shore, Brian Tyler, John Powell, Alexandre Desplat and Rachel Portman. Plus, reviews of Red Tails and Haywire.
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DVD Verdict 1015 - Entertainment Docket for January 30

January 30,2012
Michael and Melissa are back with a look at your week in entertainment, including reviews of Young Adult, Jennifer Garner and Ty Burrell carving Butter, and Nickelodeon's How to Rock. 50th anniversary parties for To Kill a Mockingbird and A Wrinkle in Time. Joe Carnahan has a Death Wish. The Pythons regroup for a new movie. Plus! What you can expect to find at the movies, and on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant, as well as television, music, and books. It's a smorgasbord of awesome.
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DVD Verdict 1014 - The Friday Filibuster (Do octopuses have one eye or two?)

January 27,2012
Dave feels Justified by his horrific eye injury, Mac experiences Star Wars: Uncut then reveals his secret life, and Erich gets Touched by Keifer Sutherland in the Grindhouse. Reviews of ST:TNG The Next Level (Blu-ray), Switched at Birth: Volume 1, and Killing Bono. Plus! Getaway drivers, One-eyed characters, and Football (American only).
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DVD Verdict 1013 - F This Movie! (Mike's Favorite Movies)

January 26,2012
Patrick welcomes in long lost co-host Michael Pomaro to discuss the weirdness of Terrence Malick, the disappointing films of Ed Burns, the pervasiveness of Kurosawa's Rashomon, quoting Nuns on the Run, and Mike's five definitive all-time favorite movies -- Pulp Fiction, Fargo, The Godfather, Jaws, and Goodfellas.
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DVD Verdict 1012 - View from the Couch (Blinded by Hollywood's Shining Light)

January 25,2012
Kent and Michelle are back with a new episode that debriefs The Golden Globes, reviews of Fox's new series Alcatraz and The Finder, and The Smurfs on Blu-ray.
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DVD Verdict 1011 - Entertainment Docket for January 23

January 23,2012
Michael gets crazy stupid for Love. Melissa spins a Dolphin Tale. Chris Dodd proves he's an idiot. George Lucas quits Star Wars. Keifer Sutherland goes to Confession. Dustin Hoffman tries his Luck on HBO. Bruce Jenner gets cuckolded. A rundown of what's new and exciting at the movies, on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant. And this week's life lesson: Always go for the wing man, unless the other guy is Ryan Gosling.
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DVD Verdict 1010 - Blast Processing! (Showering with Pippa and Soapa)

January 21,2012
Our boys from the Rock are joined by the Prodigal Ontarian, Adam, as they wax philosophical on all things piracy. Talk of PIPA and SOPA quickly gets out of hand (and borderline offensive to Mexican housekeeper stereotypes) and the boys hazily recollect those "extra special" games that felt like they took an eternity to arrive. There's also talk of "The Bachelor: Skyrim Edition." The only way you'll find out who Kev married, and who he wants to keep "adventuring" with is to tune in!
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DVD Verdict 1009 - The Friday Filibuster (A scythe by any other name...)

January 20,2012
Dave accepts an improbable mission, Mac makes a run for the border, and Erich time travels with Stephen King. Reviews of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Fox's Alcatraz, Merlin: Season 3, Paranormal Activity 3 (Blu-ray), Real Steel (Blu-ray), and Hell and Back Again (Blu-ray). Plus! Live-action fighting robots, Secret passageways, Scythes.
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DVD Verdict 1008 - F This Movie! (Alex's Favorite Movies)

January 19,2012
Stalwart co-host Alex Lawson joins Patrick to rundown his short list of favorite movies... not already covered by other F This Movie! staffers. The Usual Suspects, Adaptation, Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
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DVD Verdict 1007 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Meryl Streep)

January 17,2012
Clark spotlights music from the movies of freshly-crowned Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep, featuring selections from Silkwood, Out of Africa, Death Becomes Her, The House of the Spirits, The River Wild, Before and After, Marvin's Room, One True Thing, The Hours and The Iron Lady (which is also reviewed, along with Roman Polanski's Carnage).
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DVD Verdict 1006 - Entertainment Docket for January 16

January 16,2012
Recovering from Golden Globes overload, Michael and Melissa are able to regain their composure long enough to review The Descendants and Drive; preview this week's release of Underworld: Awakening, Haywire, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; and run down what's new on DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant. Plus! Betty White invades NBC, Senior citizens get their Punk'd on, Disney ascends The Matterhorn (spawning more attraction-based films), your weekly Kardashian update, and more! Everything you need to know about this week in entertainment in 30 minutes or less.
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DVD Verdict 1005 - Blast Processing! (All I Got For Christmas)

January 14,2012
This week, the boys return from vacation to reveal the exciting video game presents found under their Christmas trees, talk the next generation game consoles, and rant about crappy gaming gifts from Christmas' past.
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DVD Verdict 1004 - F This Movie! (Deconstructing 2011, Part Two)

January 12,2012
Patrick, JB, and Doug put the final nail in the coffin of 2011, as they run down their favorite movies of the year.
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DVD Verdict 1003 - View from the Couch (Beginning of the End?)

January 11,2012
Join Kent and Michelle as they debunk the Mayan calendar, declutter the world, solve global obesity, bottle air, rundown a list of TV's midseason replacements, and review Real Steel, Fright Night (2011), and Contagion.
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DVD Verdict 1002 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Gary Oldman)

January 10,2012
This week, Clark spotlights music from the films of actor Gary Oldman, offering selections from True Romance, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Air Force One, Romeo is Bleeding, Murder in the First, The Scarlet Letter, Lost in Space, The Dark Knight, The Unborn, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (which is reviewed, along with War Horse, The Adventures of Tintin, and A Dangerous Method).
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DVD Verdict 1001 - Entertainment Docket for January 9

January 09,2012
Melissa lands in Los Angeles in time to catch Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol and catch up with The Help. Michael shakes The Devil Inside long enough to talk Amazon Instant. Plus: This week on DVD and Blu-ray, Mark Wahlberg smuggles Contraband, Jennifer Hudson writes a book, a Jonas brother on Broadway, 24: The Movie gets a start date, Fox kills the Glee spinoff and animated Jonah Hill, Beyonce makes (see: buys) a baby, and the Kardashians use their powers for good instead of evil.
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DVD Verdict 1000 - The Friday Filibuster (2011 Buster Awards)

January 06,2012
How fitting we celebrate our 1,000th episode with the team of our very first weekly show. And what's more, it's their biggest show of the year! Dave, Mac, and Erich welcome in special guest, Judge Alice Nelson, as the honor their favorite moments in film and television for 2011, with such unique categories as Guilty pleasure, Favorite villain death, The moment that made you gently weep, and The movie that pooped on your soul. You may be done with "Best Of" lists, but I guarantee this is unlike anything you've seen/heard thus far.
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DVD Verdict 999 - F This Movie! (Deconstructing 2011, Part One)

January 05,2012
Wind them up and watch them go! Patrick and JB set out to give you the final word on the year in movies. In part one of this two part adventure, they detail the overrated, the underrated, and the worst Hollywood had to offer. You might not always like what they have to say, but you'll be better off for having heard it.
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DVD Verdict 998 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Joel McNeely)

January 03,2012
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Joel McNeely, offering selections from Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal, Iron Will, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, The Avengers, Buffalo Soldiers, Virus, Holes, Return to Neverland, and Flipper. In addition, you'll hear reviews of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and David Fincher's remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
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DVD Verdict 997 - Entertainment Docket for January 2

January 02,2012
Melissa enjoys her time in Suburgatory. Michael finds himself stuck in Wee Britain. A Swedish girl and her tattoo fail to win over the box office. Do it yourself exorcisms. Bollywood invades Netflix. Reality TV overwhelms the networks. Elvis goes country. Cee-Lo butchers John Lennon. Katy and Russell: An American Horror Story. And your moment of Zen.
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DVD Verdict 996 - Blast Processing (Say Goodbye to 2011)

December 31,2011
Join Steve, Jon, and Kev as they deliver the end of year goods. Snazzy non-awards are handed out to the best of 2011 as voted by you the readers! The boys then lay out their own top fives (and honorable mentions), before unanimously agreeing on Blast Processing's Game of the Year. There's also a little talk of what looks good in 2012.
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DVD Verdict 995 - F This Movie! (Erika's Favorite Movies)

December 30,2011
In a blatant case of nepotism, Patrick interviews Erika (his life-shmoop), in a quest to unearth five of her favorite movies (not her Top 5, mind you, because that's far too limiting): Ghostbusters, Goodfellas, Boogie Nights, Hoop Dreams, The Royal Tenenbaums. Just be aware you'll have to listen to fawning over George Clooney and Tom Cruise first. That Patrick just can't control his adoration.
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DVD Verdict 994 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Music from the films of Charlize Theron)

December 27,2011
This week, we offer up a smattering of music from the films of actress Charlize Theron. You'll hear melodies from The Cider House Rules, Mighty Joe Young, The Devil's Advocate, Sweet November, The Yards, The Italian Job, Men of Honor, In the Valley of Elah, and Sleepwalking. Plus! Clark visits his local arthouse and catches up with Shame, My Week with Marilyn, and Young Adult.
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DVD Verdict 993 - Entertainment Docket for December 26

December 26,2011
Melissa finds The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo exceeds expectations. Michael spends Christmas Eve at Disneyland. Plus! A glut of '70s and '80s television and '90s cult classic movies arrives on Netflix and Hulu. Another year of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Trent Reznor the film composer returns to CD. New books from Dean Koontz, The View's Elizabeth Hasslebeck, and "the sexy" Suzanne Sommers. Massive hype generated by trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and Ridley Scott's Prometheus. And a dose of celebrity banality. Happy New Year!
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DVD Verdict 992 - The Friday Filibuster (Lay off the Figgy Pudding!)

December 23,2011
Basking in the glow of Peter Jackson's trailer for The Hobbit and pitifully attempting to decipher Tom Hardy's Bane monologue, Mac seeks Dave's blessing to imbibe on He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, Dave is disappointed with the Dexter season finale, and Erich doesn't have access to Willow. Reviews of Young Justice, The Simpsons: Season 14, and Cinematic Titanic: War of the Insects. Plus! Favorite fake Seinfeld movies, Memorable beards, Famous aliases, and Supervillains with speech impediments.
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DVD Verdict 991 - F This Movie! (Erich's Favorite Movies)

December 22,2011
Patrick interviews Erich about his favorite movies of all time, including Annie Hall, The Graduate, This is Spinal Tap, Rushmore, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
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DVD Verdict 990 - View from the Couch (Unconventional Christmas)

December 21,2011
Kent and Michelle's bi-weekly odyssey continues with this year's unconventional Christmas episode: reviews of Die Hard, The Sound of Music, three vintage Canadian animated films, a statistical breakdown of the Christmas holiday, and a visit from Old Saint Nick. Yippee Kay Yay, Mister Mistletoe!
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DVD Verdict 989 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Christmas Special)

December 20,2011
Clark gets into the holiday spirit by offering a full hour of film music from Christmas movies. You'll hear selections from Blizzard, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, Scrooged, Love Actually, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Jack Frost, and The Polar Express.
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DVD Verdict 988 - Entertainment Docket for December 19

December 19,2011
Another exciting week of entertainment is on tap, as Melissa learns what happens in The Booth at the End, Michael learns valuable Christmas lessons from Fat Albert and Mr. Magoo. Plus! Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of the dwindling box office, the arrival of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a rundown of festive holiday week television, new arrivals on Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus, Austin Powers is making his way to Broadway, The Lord of The Rings gets the Lego treatment, your weekly celebrity scanner report, and much more.
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DVD Verdict 987 - Blast Processing! (Best of 2011)

December 18,2011
This week's episode sees more talk of Skyrim, as Kev puts the final nail into the main quest. Meanwhile, Jon gets his Smackdown on with WWE 12, and Steve continues his hate march against the Nintendo 3DS. Plus! The boys finish out 2011 with talk of their favourite gaming moments.
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DVD Verdict 986 - The Friday Filibuster (Little Podcast on the Prairie)

December 16,2011
Dave and Mac return to the glory days, when it was just the two of them huddled around a roaring fire and open mic. This week's hot topics include X-Men vs. The Avengers, comic books in the digital age, embedding stealth pilots in hit series, reviewing the french thriller Point Blank on Blu-ray and the latest Ben 10 DVD release, action scenes on trains, and fights scenes in bathrooms.
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DVD Verdict 985 - F This Movie! (The Halloween Franchise)

December 15,2011
For those of you already overdosing on Christmas cheer, we offer some much needed counter-programming. Join Patrick and Mike as they freebase all eight movies in the original Halloween franchise, beginning with John Carpenter's 1978 classic, and ending with Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, Katee Sackhoff, and Tyra Banks taking down Michael Myers one last time.
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DVD Verdict 984 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Jerry Fielding)

December 12,2011
This week, Clark explores the music of the late Jerry Fielding, offering selections from The Wild Bunch, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Outfit, Super Cops, Chato's Land, The Big Sleep, The Black Bird, and The Gauntlet. In addition, a handful of new DVD and Blu-ray releases are reviewed.
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DVD Verdict 983 - Entertainment Docket for December 12

December 12,2011
Melissa spends quality comedic time across the pond. Michael sits down with the cast of Community. The box office tanks hard but looks to rebound with a big season. A rundown of this week's Christmas TV specials. James Bond returns to Netflix Instant with Pierce Brosnan in tow. Getting down with OPP 20 years later. Elisabeth Sladen releases a posthumous autobiography. Lindsay Lohan brings her disaster tour to Hawaii. And The 100 Hottest Women of All Time... Really?!
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DVD Verdict 982 - The Friday Filibuster (Super Committee Assemble!)

December 09,2011
Erich acquaints himself with Being Human. Daryl finds Deadwood doesn't live up to the hype. Michael finds The Iron Lady has a heart of gold. Dan streams Community. Mac finishes Assassins Creed. Dave gets knocked out by Warrior. Plus! Movie word association, Irritating kids in Christmas movies, Mini DVD and Blu-ray Holiday Gift Guide, Severed heads that spring back to life, and Casting the worst actor to play Khan in Star Trek 2.
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DVD Verdict 981 - F This Movie! (Reindeer Games Commentary)

December 08,2011
Ho-Ho-Ho! Hey boys and girls, Santa has a special treat for you this year. Our movie elves -- Patrick, Doug, and JB -- have recorded a special audio commentary to one of Santa's favorite Christmas movies... John Frankenheimer's Reindeer Games! So get yourself situated in front of the TV, bring the movie up on Netflix Instant Streaming, and join Rudolph and me for a rip-snortin' good time.
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DVD Verdict 980 - View from the Couch (Tweeting is for the Birds)

December 07,2011
The dynamic Edmonton duo return with a winter weather update. Kent taps his massive Christmas TV specials collection (Spongebob, Shrek, Bugs Bunny, How to Train Your Dragon). Michelle talks 2011 television (Prime Suspect, Falling Skies). And we wrap with a look ahead to Pixar's Brave, Disney's John Carter.
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DVD Verdict 979 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Guitar Spotlight)

December 06,2011
This week, Clark spotlights film music which prominently features the guitar, featuring selections from Once Upon a Time in the West, Deadfall, Spanglish, Under Fire, Taking Woodstock, Brokeback Mountain, 3:10 to Yuma, Norma Rae, P.S. I Love You, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In addition, The Muppets, Hugo, and a handful of DVD and Blu-ray releases are reviewed.
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DVD Verdict 978 - Entertainment Docket for December 5

December 05,2011
A snowed-in Melissa revists Jonathan Winters and Bonnie Hunt in the short-lived series Davis Rules. Michael gets to know Margaret Thatcher via Meryl Streep's The Iron Lady. The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy gets an extended TV mini-series treatment. A big week for British comedy on Netflix Instant. Community finds a new home on Hulu Plus. A rapid rundown of this week's Christmas-themed television. Richard Branson's new book says "Screw business as usual!" Amy Winehouse lives on in new music. Brad Pitt saves a man's life. And more wretched Kardashian news.
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DVD Verdict 977 - Blast Processing! (Nintendo Hatefest)

December 04,2011
On this week's episode, the boys stop talking about Skyrim (briefly) to share some thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Then there's the usual Bethesda love and some news, before everything degenerates into a Nintendo hate-fest when Jon asks, "What would you do to save the 3DS?"
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DVD Verdict 976 - The Friday Filibuster (Over the River and Through the Woods)

December 02,2011
Mac thrills to a Wonder Woman that never was, Erich reaches puberty while reading a book, and Dave loves his Kindle. Reviews of Being Human (US): Season One, Mission: Impossible '88, Meet Me in St. Louis (Blu-ray), and Smallville: Season Ten (Blu-ray). Plus! Overly complicated schemes, Alternate sledding devices, and Fictional game shows.
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DVD Verdict 975 - F This Movie! (F Everything!)

December 01,2011
A broken laptop throws Patrick and Doug into an alternate universe where the resulting conversation is a pop culture, stream of consciousness explosion that's going to be a bitch to clean up.
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DVD Verdict 974 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

November 29,2011
This week, Clark presents another batch of new and recent film score releases, featuring selections from Funeral Home, Forever Young, Gremlins, Rampage, The Debt, Dolphin Tale, Immortals, and Real Steel. Plus! A review of Alexander Payne's The Descendants.
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DVD Verdict 973 - Entertainment Docket for November 28

November 28,2011
Michael and Melissa dive head first into the holiday season with reviews of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy and My Week With Marilyn, glittery vampire births causing seizures, the arbitrary abuse of labeling a film NC-17, a rundown of this week's TV Christmas specials, new films to watch for on Netflix Instant, Angry Birds attack the publishing world, a Kardashian loses Dancing with the Stars, and the Dark Knight ages rapidly in his final chapter.
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DVD Verdict 972 - Blast Processing! (What's a Zelda?)

November 27,2011
On this week's episode of Blast Processing, the boys ignore all these great new releases like Zelda: Skyward Sword, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and Saint's Row: The Third, in order to gush some more over Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and other games that do not have colons in their titles. There's also news, Uncharted 3 disappointment, and some King of Fighters XIII talk for those who may care. All 4 of you.
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DVD Verdict 971 - Objection! (Thanksgiving Special)

November 25,2011
A court order forces Dan and Dave out of retirement to defend the Old White Man Cabal from the countless cinematic examples of victimized badass indigenous people -- Jaguar Paw, Wind in his Hair, Mola Ram, Mani, Wicket the Ewok, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Chingachgook, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill, Vohnkar, Chief Bromden.
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DVD Verdict 970 - F This Movie! (The Muppet Movies)

November 24,2011
Patrick and Erich forge a rainbow connection, during a stay at the Happiness Hotel on their way to New York City. It's a long way from Sesame Street to the Magic Store, boys. I hope you packed replacement felt and google eyes.
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DVD Verdict 969 - View from the Couch (Your Holiday Movies Road Map)

November 23,2011
Michelle pays tribute to a retiring Regis Philbin, Kent stages a Shrek-a-thon, Paramount reboots Lara Croft, Elizabeth Shue joins C.S.I., and a road map to plan your holidays at the movies.
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DVD Verdict 968 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Family Movies from Esteemed Directors)

November 22,2011
This week, Clark spotlights music from family movies made by esteemed directors. You'll hear tunes from Happy Feet, E.T., How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Where the Wild Things Are, and Hugo. Plus, some thoughts on Happy Feet Two.
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DVD Verdict 967 - Entertainment Docket for November 21

November 21,2011
Michael and Melissa prepare you for a very Gaga Thanksgiving week with more entertainment than you can shake a turkey leg at. Twilight makes more money in a weekend than some countries generate in a year. The Muppets get rebooted. Michelle Williams channels Marilyn Monroe. Super 8 shines on Blu-ray. Doctor Who shortchanges early adopters. NBC mistreats the smartest show on TV. Netflix makes a game-changing deal. Investigating the death of Natalie Wood 30 years after the fact. And another Hollywood marriage fails. (Big surprise).
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DVD Verdict 966 - The Friday Filibuster (Breaking the Geek Barometer)

November 18,2011

Mac starts watching Community, Erich rages against the NBC machine, Dave sacrifices his life to the world of Skyrim, and Steve pops his inadvertently sleazy cherry. Plus! Fantasy characters you would hate to play in an RPG, Scenes from a cemetery, Signs of the zodiac, and Actors whom you've seen criminally few of their movies.

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DVD Verdict 965 - F This Movie! (The Mist)

November 17,2011

Celebrating their 25th F This Movie! collaboration, Patrick and JB cut through the pea soup that is Frank Darabont's The Mist; postulate on conspiracy theories, ironic climaxes, and religion in movies; and agree that denial is a powerful thing.

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DVD Verdict 964 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The FBI)

November 15,2011

This week, Clark offers up music from films which prominently feature the FBI. You'll hear selections from Public Enemies, The Silence of the Lambs, The Siege, Breach, Donnie Brasco, The Rock, and Catch Me If You Can. Plus, in keeping with the theme, his review of Clint Eastwood's sluggish biopic J. Edgar.

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DVD Verdict 963 - Entertainment Docket for November 14

November 14,2011
Michael and Melissa are back in the saddle for a look at your week in entertainment. Adam Sandler vs. an animated cat, the beginning of the end of The Twilight Saga, Oscars no good horrible very bad 48 hrs, Donald Glover does stand-up, Tom Hanks goes to community college, the Duggars get pregnant again, Quentin Tarantino assembles the greatest cast in history, Bring It On goes Broadway, even more Wimpy Kid, how much famous authors actually write themselves, and much more.
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DVD Verdict 962 - Blast Processing! (Skyrimming)

November 12,2011

This week, the boys grab their axes and chainmail and get lost in the Misty Mountains, Mead Halls, and loose Women of SKYRIM! There may be talk of other games, but it all seems futile and without merit after experiencing Bethesda's latest Elder Scrolls epic.

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DVD Verdict 961 - The Friday Filibuster (Veterans Day Extravaganza)

November 11,2011
Michael feels J. Edgar sucks. Erich catches up on FX's American Horror Story and NBC's Community. Mac compares Once Upon a Time and Grimm to DC Comics' Fables. Dave gets hostile about Roswell. Reviews of Scrooge, Scrooged, MST3K XXII, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere: 15th Anniversary, Roswell: Aliens Attack. Plus! Secret passages, Non-lethal weapons, When familiar aliens attack, and Revamping the Oscars.
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DVD Verdict 960 - F This Movie! (Juno)

November 10,2011
You'll have to pardon Patrick and Alex. They're suffering from a hipster contact high while f-ing the brains out of Jason Reitman, Diablo Cody, and Juno. I just hope they used protection.
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DVD Verdict 959 - View from the Couch (A Grim Fear of New Muppets)

November 09,2011
A very busy Kent and Michelle settle into a twice monthly schedule, meaning each new episode is packed with twice entertainment. This week: What to expect from the holiday movie season, reviews of Puss in Boots and The Muppet Movie, reviving The Muppets for a new generation, fall television report card thus far, comparing/contrasting Grimm and Once Upon a Time, and psychoanalyzing Kent's fear of strong females.
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DVD Verdict 958 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

November 08,2011
This week, Clark explores another batch of new and recent releases, offering musical selections from Puss in Boots, The Rum Diary, In Time, A Dangerous Method, My Week with Marilyn, The Artist and War Horse. Additionally, Clark offers his thoughts on the new comedy Tower Heist plus a handful of DVD and Blu-ray releases.
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DVD Verdict 957 - Entertainment Docket for November 7

November 07,2011
Verdict's look ahead to the week in entertainment returns with Michael and Melissa bringing you the best of film, television, DVD, Blu-ray, internet streaming, celebrity news, and more. This week: Eddie Murphy's towering inferno, notable TV guest stars, Hulu Plus vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime, reviews of Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 2 and Clint Eastwood's snoozer J. Edgar, and exorcising the Kardashian plague.
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DVD Verdict 956 - Blast Processing! (Naughty dog...)

November 05,2011
This week, our boys spread a little love all over Naughty Dog's latest masterpiece, Uncharted 3! The usual suspects also return: Batman, Deus Ex, Dark Souls, and Call of Duty. Don't miss our in-depth roundtable on classic linear scripted experiences vs. emergent gameplay, and why we think the two can co-exist. Trust me, it's a lot more exciting than it sounds.
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DVD Verdict 955 - The Friday Filibuster (Everything's better on stilts)

November 04,2011
As the New England team digs out from a Halloween snowstorm, Daryl steps in to catch us up on Parks and Rec, Mac survives Marvel Comic's Spider Island, and Dave leads the charge on hot new video game releases. Reviews of A Serbian Film, In a Glass Cage, Dracula 2000, and The Change-Up. Plus! Terrible dubbing, Least favorite sports movie, and Wacky lawyers.
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DVD Verdict 954 - F This Movie! (Hostel, Parts I and II)

November 03,2011
Despite an invitation from the Elite Hunting Club, Patrick and Alex decided against traveling to Slovakia for "rest and relaxation." Instead, they've decided to stay home and soundly F Eli Roth and his depraved films Hostel and Hostel: Part II.
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DVD Verdict 953 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Franz Waxman)

November 01,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the music of Golden Age composer Franz Waxman, offering sweeping selections from Prince Valiant, Rebecca, Objective, Burma!, Suspicion, Untamed, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Anne of the Indies, The Silver Chalice, and Sunset Boulevard.
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DVD Verdict 952 - Blast Processing! (What, no Skyrim?)

October 29,2011
On this week's episode, all three of the boys still love Batman: Arkham City, while Steve spends some quality time with Battlefield 3, and Jon plays some Kirby, Kev decides to take his chances as some sort of harpoon wielding cloud whale thing. Being topical and all, we also sound the drums of doom for Nintendo, what with all their recent financial woes. Rated M for Mature.
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DVD Verdict 951 - The Friday Filibuster (2011 Halloween Special)

October 29,2011
It's an unintentional Halloween episode, as Mac reacquaints himself with Freddy Krueger, Erich leverages Netflix to consume Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, and Dave is enjoying the new season of Dexter. Reviews of Winnie the Pooh, Halloween 6-8, and Ghost Adventures. Plus! Classic bedsheet ghosts, Wolves, and Master Yoda answers your Halloween questions.
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DVD Verdict 950 - F This Movie! (American Psycho)

October 27,2011
Patrick and Doug get naked with Christian Bale to return some videotapes, drink fine Chardonnay, murder some neighbors, and dissect American Psycho.
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DVD Verdict 949 - View from the Couch (2011 Halloween Special)

October 26,2011
Back from the dead, Kent and Michelle recap their insane life before diving into a discussion of urban legends, and reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the Universal classic Creature from the Black Lagoon, and John Carpenter's The Thing.
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DVD Verdict 948 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (2011 Halloween Special)

October 25,2011
With Halloween approaching, Clark spotlights another batch of nerve-jangling horror movie music, offering selections from Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Prince of Darkness, The Mephisto Waltz, Snow White: A Tale of Terror, The Grudge 2, Shrunken Heads, Freddy vs. Jason, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Dexter, Lord of Illusions, Scream 2, End of Days, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.
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DVD Verdict 947 - Blast Processing! (Batshit Crazy)

October 22,2011
This week's BLAST PROCESSING takes our boys to Gotham City for some thoughts on Batman's latest video game outing. There's also talk of racing fast cars, the dirty cyberpunk future, '80s cartoons that would make awesome games, poutine, and Tony Scott: The Video Game. We don't understand it either. Failure to curb Jon's penchant for F-bombs means this bad boy is Rated 'M' for Mature.
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DVD Verdict 946 - The Friday Filibuster (Vacationing in Arkham City)

October 21,2011
Even though Dave has taken ill, it will not stop him and Erich from immersing themselves in the new video game Arkham City. Mac is looking forward to the steam punk version of The Three Musketeers. Excitement surrounds Season Two of The Walking Dead. Reviews of Batman: Year One, The Frighteners (Blu-ray), and Freerunner (Blu-ray). Plus! Dangerous nerds, Watching movies-within-a-movie, and a bonus Lightning Round: Movies that start with a vowel. Go!
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DVD Verdict 945 - F This Movie! (Music Box Massacre 2011)

October 20,2011
Patrick and JB once again venture into the maw of the Music Box Massacre and live to tell about it. 13 movies. 24 hours. This is their story, in their own shell-shocked, sleep deprived words.
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DVD Verdict 944 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

October 18,2011
It's another musical grab bag, as Clark spotlights a random assortment of film music selections: I Capture the Castle, The Unsaid, Soldier, Tin Man, Live and Let Die, The Stunt Man, Forever Amber, The Driver, Apt Pupil, The Virgin Suicides, and a piece from Christopher Young's An Unfinished Life rejected score. Plus, reviews of The Tree of Life, Horrible Bosses, Terri, and Lars von Trier's polarizing sci-fi flick Melancholia.
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DVD Verdict 943 - The Return of Blast Processing!

October 15,2011
Indian Summer Vacation is over! Blast Processing is back with talk of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rage, Dark Souls, Steve Jobs, High Def Remakes, and a round of Whiskey shots (purely celebratory, of course). Rated M for Mature!
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DVD Verdict 942 - The Friday Filibuster (Man Service)

October 14,2011
Dave plays midwife to The Howling Reborn. Erich Attacks the Block with his Troll Hunting. Mac finds V: Season Two to be an American Horror Story. Josh pops his Psycho Kickboxer cherry with The Punisher. Plus! Memorable collapses, Rapid transit, Secrets in the attic, and Characters known only by their first names.
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DVD Verdict 941 - F These Zombie Movies!

October 13,2011
They're coming to get you, Patrick and JB, so you better hurry up and F these zombie movies before it's too late. Mwahahahahaha!
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DVD Verdict 940 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1960)

October 11,2011
Clark jumps into his musical time machine once again and travels back to the year 1960, offering selections from Purple Noon, From the Terrace, Psycho, Spartacus, The Apartment, Cimmaron, La Dolce Vita, and appropriately enough The Time Machine.
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DVD Verdict 939 - Objection! (Horrific Video Game Adaptations)

October 10,2011
Contrarian a-hole authoritarians Dave and Dan return with a Ron Swanson update before settling into an in-depth discussion of terrifying Hollywood adaptations of video games for television and film -- The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N: The Gamemaster, Pac-Man, Dragon's Lair, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, DOOM, and more. The bigger question: Is it even possible to create a worthwhile translation from game to film? Speculation centers on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Halo.
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DVD Verdict 938 - The Friday Filibuster (Casually Racist)

October 07,2011
This week, the boys ponder the validity of Columbus Day. Mac asks the question, "Can you murder a robot?" Erich gets into Deadwood. Dave stops short of saying he loves Terra Nova. NBC Comedies redeem themselves in Week 2. Reviews of Submarine, The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway (Blu-ray), Fast Five (Blu-ray), and the house pet ghost-hunting reality series The Haunted. Plus! Flying right at you, Missing body parts, and Broken necks.
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DVD Verdict 937 - F This Movie! (Sleepaway Camp)

October 06,2011
Join Patrick, Doug, Mike, and JB as they kick off their month-long Halloween celebration by spending a quiet evening in the woods at SLEEPAWAY CAMP recording their first feature-length commentary. It's the ultimate horror show-and-tell with an M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong twist!
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DVD Verdict 936 - View from the Couch (Re-Imagine This!)

October 05,2011
Global Warming descends up Edmonton, as Kent and Michelle prepare for Canadian Thanksgiving, the oddities of High School reunions, bringing television series back from the dead, October movies, reviews of ABC's Pan Am and Revenge, Fox's Terra Nova, CBS' Two Broke Girls, and NBC's Prime Suspect.
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DVD Verdict 935 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (I Gotta Fever)

October 04,2011
This week, Clark coughs up some music from films about sickness and disease, offering selections from Iris, Dying Young, Medicine Man, Shadowlands, Outbreak, and Stepmom. In addition, the cancer-themed comedy/drama 50/50 is reviewed alongside a handful of new DVD and Blu-ray releases.
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DVD Verdict 934 - The Friday Filibuster (The Transparent Cash Grab)

September 30,2011
This week, Erich breaks bread with Breaking Bad, Mac ensconces himself within Castle, and Dave covers his Fall TV favorites. Reviews of Terra Nova, Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Blu-ray), Thor (Blu-ray), The Naked Gun (Blu-ray), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Barbie: Princess Charm School. Plus! Faulty Gremlins memories and Fall-related tomfoolery.
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DVD Verdict 933 - F This Movie! (Napoleon Dynamite)

September 29,2011
Bowing to peer pressure, Patrick and Alex time travel back to 2004 to shave their heads, cast a protective spell over Loch Ness, hunt Alaskan wolverines, tame a wild honeymoon stallion, master the art of Rex Kwan Do, and F the heck out of Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh!
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DVD Verdict 932 - View from the Couch (My So-Called Tragic Life)

September 28,2011
Kent and Michelle return with tips from The Jack Handy School of Parenting, how not to attend your High School Reunion, Disneyland dons its Halloween costume, James Cameron buys Disney theme park real estate, The Lion King goes high def and 3D, Kent refuses to believe The Help has grossed $154 Million, plus reviews of CBS' A Person of Interest and a retooled C.S.I. with Ted Danson.
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DVD Verdict 931 - The Friday Filibuster (Behind the Scenes at DVD Verdict)

September 23,2011
A unique show this week, in that Dave interviews Michael about the inner workings of DVD Verdict, which then devolves into a discussion of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's key role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, why Verdict didn't get Star Wars (Blu-ray) to review, and a review of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.
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DVD Verdict 930 - F This Movie! (Gremlins)

September 22,2011
We screwed up. Patrick and Erich are wet, bathed in bright light, and just finished a midnight buffet. Now you're going to be forced to listen to them talk ad nauseam about Joe Dante, Gremlins, and Gremlins 2. We apologize in advance.
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DVD Verdict 929 - View from the Couch (Easily Annoyed)

September 21,2011
Kent and Michelle debrief the Emmys (and butcher talent names), add their voice to the growing Glee backlash, review the new Syfy channel series Alphas and The CW's Secret Circle, and speculate about the forthcoming Fox series Terra Nova.
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DVD Verdict 928 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Bill Conti)

September 20,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the music of Oscar-winning composer Bill Conti, offering selections from The Karate Kid, the Rocky franchise, The Right Stuff, Blood In, Blood Out, An Unmarried Woman, Uncle Joe Shannon, Dynasty, and Escape to Victory. Plus! A reviews of the Ryan Gosling flick Drive and a handful of new DVD and Blu-ray releases.
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DVD Verdict 927 - Objection! (Hollywood Conceits that Drive Us Insane)

September 19,2011
Dave and Dan welcome a star-studded lineup to hash through a list of movie and television idioms, tropes, and conventions that drive them up a wall -- The Scooby-Doo Conceit, Hacking the Gibson, Computers are Magic, Death by Consumer Electronics, The 360-degree Camera Pan, The Boss Hogg Effect, Running from the Fireball, Exploding Automobiles, and more. How stupid do these filmmakers think we are?
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DVD Verdict 926 - The Friday Filibuster (John Carpenter is Dead to Me)

September 16,2011
This week, Erich stops bailing water long enough to review BBC's Misfits and eviscerate John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China, Michael is up to his bloody eyeballs in new Hollywood horror, and Dave postmortem's Curb Your Enthusiasm and Make It or Break It. Reviews of Conan O'Brien Can't Stop (Blu-ray), X-Men: First Class (Blu-ray), and Outsourced: The Complete Series. Plus! Scenes of the afterlife, John Carpenter directs your favorite '80s film, and vintage special effects that still hold up.
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DVD Verdict 925 - F This Movie! (Superbad)

September 15,2011
Join Patrick and Doug as they explore such heady topics as the male camel toe and the sin of breast reduction surgery, while giving Greg Mottola's Superbad some much needed McLovin.
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DVD Verdict 924 - View from the Couch (Yellypants)

September 14,2011
Kent and Michelle are in the manic throes of Fall activities, but still manage to squeeze in a few minutes to talk cereal snobbery, box office leaders from Septembers past, reviews of the Sherman Bros. documentary The Boys and Disney's colossal flop Mars Needs Moms, and the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray.
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DVD Verdict 923 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Steven Soderbergh)

September 13,2011
This week, Clark explores music from the films of director Steven Soderbergh, featuring selections from Out of Sight, the Ocean's Trilogy, Solaris, Che, The Good German, Erin Brokovich, and Contagion, which is also reviewed alongside such recent DVD and Blu-ray releases as Hanna, Fringe: Season Three, Everything Must Go, Scarface, and United 93.
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DVD Verdict 922 - Objection! (The NFL Challenge)

September 12,2011
This week, Dave, Dan, Adam, and a mute Michael face a most unusual change -- identify a film that corresponds in some way, shape, or form to each of the NFL's 32 teams. Okay.... go!
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DVD Verdict 921 - The Friday Filibuster (Just the Ten of Us on Spider Island)

September 09,2011
Dave, Mac, and special guest Judge Daryl Loomis attempt to dispel the growing anger permeating life on Earth, by spinning a web around Marvel Comics "Spider Island," extolling the virtues of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and reviewing such new releases as Secret of the Lost Legend (Blu-ray), Creepshow (Blu-ray), True Legend (Blu-ray), Sons of Anarchy: Season Three (Blu-ray), and Outsourced: The Complete Series. Plus! TV shows with strange opening credit sequences, Memorable motorcyles, Remaking TV shows into movies of a different genre.
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DVD Verdict 920 - F This Movie! (Lost Highway)

September 08,2011
Patrick and JB learn it's not healthy to tailgate, before transforming into Peter Travers and Roger Ebert to dissect David Lynch's mind-numbing Lost Highway.
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DVD Verdict 919 - View from the Couch (Fall Spectacular)

September 07,2011
Kent and Michelle pay homage to the victims of 9/11, before settling into discussions of broken dog tails, the upcoming Fall television season, September theatrical releases, and excitement over Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars. Plus, reviews of No Ordinary Family, and BBC's Wonders of the Universe.
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DVD Verdict 918 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

September 06,2011
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering selections from Days of Heaven, Being Human, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and more! In addition, Clark offers his thoughts on John Madden's thriller The Debt and a handful of new DVD and Blu-ray releases.
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DVD Verdict 917 - Objection! (Darth Vader says "Nooooo!!!")

September 05,2011
The world's foremost contrarian a-holes, Dan and Dave, have their say about George Lucas' continuing changes to the Star Wars saga.
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DVD Verdict 916 - The Friday Filibuster (Subverted Expectations)

September 02,2011
Our intrepid gang of 'Busters is joined by guest Judge Josh Rode this week, as Erich is entertained but not overwhelmed by Dexter: Season 5, Mac is unimpressed by DC Comics' reboot, and Dave brainstorms a 21st century Aquaman. TV on DVD reviews of Angry Beavers: Seasons One and Two, The Event: The Complete Series, Community: Season Two, and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Plus! Changing movies you loved as a kid, Movies you'd wish you could see for the first time again, Dominating diminutive actors, and Inventing Movie/TV board game tie-ins. Oh, and don't forget to bring your prosthetic penis!
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DVD Verdict 915 - F This Movie! (Summer 2011 Postmortem)

September 01,2011
Join Patrick, Doug, and JB, as they debrief, debunk, debase, and defile the 2011 summer movie season.
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DVD Verdict 914 - View from the Couch (Two Dogs and a Dead Fish)

August 31,2011
Kent and Michelle reflect upon 15 years of marriage, campers vs. motorhomes, a horrible swimming experience, analyzing the Twilight franchise, Taylor Lautner's Abducted and more upcoming fall movies, and a review of Green Lantern.
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DVD Verdict 913 - The Friday Filibuster (Bushy Bushy Bushy)

August 26,2011
Mac has layers but does not live in Worcester, Erich is still disturbed by his The Fly / The Fly II double feature, Dave is underwhelmed by this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus: Reviews of '80s cult horror flick Bad Dreams, Twilight Zone: Season Five (Blu-ray), and Bangkok Knockout; Villain freakouts; Making your own changes to the Star Wars: Complete Saga (Blu-ray); and camping with a Saved by the Bell character.
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DVD Verdict 912 - F This Movie! (Star Trek)

August 25,2011
Boldly going where many have gone before, Patrick and company attempt to out trek the Trekkers with their f-ing of JJ Abrams' Star Trek.
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DVD Verdict 911 - View from the Couch (George Lucas works Blu)

August 24,2011
The Dixon Bros. -- Kent and Tim -- join forces to defeat kidney stones, dissect Star Wars on Blu-ray, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Hollywood franchising, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and more. BTW, we apologize in advance for the quality of the audio.
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DVD Verdict 910 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Music of Harry Potter, Part Four)

August 23,2011

This week, Clark wraps up his four-part series on the music of the the Harry Potter franchise, by featuring Alexandre Desplat's music from Deathly Hallows Parts I and II. On the review portion of the program, Clark offers his thoughts on the Fright Night remake and a selection of new DVD and Blu-ray releases. Enjoy!

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DVD Verdict 909 - Objection! (Old White Man Cabal Film Festival)

August 22,2011
This week, Dan, Dave, and Michael settle in for the first annual OWMC Film Festival, but only after a hearty discussion of the new Conan the Barbarian, the original Conan films, Bangkok Knockout, and the current state of the Asian action film genre.
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DVD Verdict 908 - The Friday Filibuster (You Crack Me Up)

August 19,2011
Dave and Mac offer up a streamlined episode, focusing their attention on $200 movie tickets, Boston's Twilight convention, new Ben 10, going retro with Airwolf: The Movie, worst movie location to raise a child, and scenes that crack you up no matter how many times you see them.
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DVD Verdict 907 - F This Movie! (Dune)

August 18,2011
Behold! As a wild ass in the desert, Patrick and Mark go forth to their work, F-ing the Hell out of David Lynch's sci-fi epic Dune. Let's just hope they don't attract the worm.
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DVD Verdict 906 - View from the Couch (Surfin' Safari)

August 17,2011
Michelle flies solo once again, as the summer comes crashing to an end, with health and job crises. But there's still time for reviews of Rio, Soul Surfer, the disappointing adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and some recent trailers.
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DVD Verdict 905 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Music of Harry Potter, Part Three)

August 16,2011
Clark delivers part three of his four-part series exploring the music of the Harry Potter franchise. This week, Nicholas Hooper's surprisingly understated contributions to Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince are examined.
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DVD Verdict 904 - Objection! (Comic Book Movies)

August 15,2011
Dave, Dan, and Mac dissect the genre's potential, overwhelming presence, and underwhelming execution.
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DVD Verdict 903 - The Friday Filibuster (Big Trouble in Little Nockmaar)

August 12,2011
On this week's action-packed episode, Erich rises to the challenge of reviewing the new Planet of the Apes flick, Michael envisions a Blues Brothers Saturday morning cartoon, Dave discovers Seinfeld in HD, Dexter: Season Five's bonus features go AWOL, John Carpenter's movie monsters face off in celebrity deathmatch, and the boys plot out a rather boring prequel to Willow. BTW, a very special thank you to Tom from Chicago who sent Dave a copy of the original Willow book and cassette.
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DVD Verdict 902 - F This Movie! (That Thing You Do!)

August 11,2011
A man in a really nice camper wants to put Patrick and Erich on a podcast to F-the-heck out of Tom Hanks' directorial debut That Thing You Do! Hey, it's no Larry Crowne, but what is... right?
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DVD Verdict 901 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Music of Harry Potter, Part Two)

August 09,2011

Clark continues his exploration of the music of the Harry Potter franchise, offering selections from John Williams' Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Patrick Doyle's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Additionally, the sci-fi thriller Rise of the Planet of the Apes is reviewed. Enjoy!

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DVD Verdict 900 - Objection! (Denouncing Movies We Used to Love)

August 08,2011
On this OWMC-approved episode, Dave and Dan travel back in time to denounce their own critical opinions for movies they once loved -- Independence Day, Modern Problems, Con Air, The Fly (1986), The Karate Kid III, Superman II, and more.
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DVD Verdict 899 - The Friday Filibuster (Alternate Universe)

August 05,2011
Kickin' it old school, Dave and Mac dodge toddler heckling and intrusive phone calls to discuss Cowboys and Aliens and Marvel Comics' The Ultimates; reviews of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Dylan Dog, and Clash; clunky spacesuits and dope roller skating.
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DVD Verdict 898 - F This Movie! (Cowboys and Aliens)

August 04,2011
In its new Thursday time slot, F This Movie joins Jon Favreau's big screen battle between Cowboys and Aliens. Saddle up with Patrick and JB, as they attempt to find some common ground with which to wage their Spielbergian war. It can't be too tough a fight, since they were nearly KO'd by The Smurfs.
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DVD Verdict 897 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Music of Harry Potter, Part One)

August 02,2011
Clark travels to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, beginning a four-part series featuring the music from each of the Harry Potter films. This week, John Williams' music for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 896 - Objection! (Ironclad / Captain America)

August 01,2011
Dave and Dan return from their self-imposed exile, dripping with testosterone and ready to sink their reviewing incisors into the summer's most macho period pieces -- Ironclad and Captain America.
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DVD Verdict 895 - F This Movie! (Stop Making Sense)

July 30,2011
Patrick and JB put their Talking Heads together, living in a shotgun shack, letting the day go by, reviewing Jonathan Demme's Stop Making Sense and other memorable concert films.
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DVD Verdict 894 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Patriotic Flair)

July 26,2011
This week, Clark waves his American flag and spotlights film music with a distinctly patriotic flavor. You'll hear selections from Band of Brothers, The Patriot, Apollo 13, The Alamo, Patton, MacArthur, The Green Berets, and Captain America (which is also reviewed). Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 893 - The Friday Filibuster (Nursing Half a Chubby)

July 22,2011
Mac and Michael debrief Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Dave provides his Summer Movie report card thus far, dissecting the new teaser trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man, and gettin' jazzed about Batman: Arkham City and Supernatural: The Anime Series. Plus, reviews of Source Code, Fortress, Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 1, and Dynasty: Season Five; plotting Arrested Development: The Anime Series, brainstorming your ultimate dream double feature, goddamn hippies, and the latest headlines from Yahoo! news.
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DVD Verdict 892 - F This Movie! (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2)

July 21,2011
Patrick and Doug put an end to Harry Potter once and for all, as they f the horcrux that is The Deathly Hallows, Part 2.
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DVD Verdict 891 - View from the Couch (Super Cool)

July 20,2011
Kent and Michelle take a few minutes out from their summer activities to admit they haven't seen many of the latest box office hits, run down the Top 10 Summer Movies of all time, debrief Harry Potter mania, gush over a new Star Wars iPad/iPhone app, celebrate Disneyland's 56th birthday, and review Rango.
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DVD Verdict 890 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (James Newton Howard)

July 19,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer James Newton Howard. You'll hear selections from Peter Pan, Treasure Planet, Dinosaur, A Perfect Murder, The Lookout, Glengarry Glen Ross, Grand Canyon, Guilty by Suspicion, and The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. In addition, the comedy Horrible Bosses is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 889 - F This Movie! (The Boondock Saints)

July 17,2011
Patrick and Doug say a prayer and F the living hell out of the inexplicable cult classic The Boondock Saints, writer/director Troy Duffy, and his cult of coolness.
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DVD Verdict 888 - The Friday Filibuster (Justin Bieber is Robin!)

July 15,2011
On international Harry Potter day, Mac succumbs to the mania, Erich regales us with tales from Netflix-land, and Dave embraces Larry David. Plus: Reviews of MST3K vs. Gamera, Rookie Blue, Tekken (Blu-ray), gross collections, favorite blooper reels, and surprise plot twists leaked from The Dark Knight Rises.
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DVD Verdict 887 - View from the Couch (The Wrath of Kent)

July 13,2011
The solo act is once again a duet, as Kent makes his return to The Couch. Unfortunately, nobody really missed him. But it's back witty banter and bickering over such topics as Disney looking to add Marvel characters to its theme parks, Kent buys illegal DVDs and is now on a US watch list, Michelle's hatred of The Muppets bubbles to the surface, reviews of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show and Fran Drescher's Happily Divorced, and the continuing saga of box office billionaires.
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DVD Verdict 886 - Objection! meets Sounds and Sights of Cinema

July 12,2011
This week, it's a spectacular crossover edition of Objection! and The Sounds and Sights of Cinema as Dave, Dan, and Clark explore scores from Die Hard rip-offs, in addition to basking in the glory of 13 Assassins, pondering the minimalism of Christopher Nolan, tracing the origins of modern action music back to Black Rain, extolling the virtues of Sudden Death and much more. Plus! Musical selections from The Rock, Sudden Death, Cliffhanger, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Air Force One, and Die Hard 2: Die Harder are offered for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 885 - F This Movie! (Independence Day)

July 10,2011
Neither Patrick, JB, nor Bill Pullman will go quietly into the night. For today, they thoroughly F Independence Day! (Yeah, yeah, it's a week late. I know. So sue us...)
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DVD Verdict 884 - The Friday Filibuster (Rumble in the Jungle)

July 08,2011
This week, we discover strange parallels between Archie Comics and Saved by the Bell, Mike embarks upon a dramatic MacGyver-esque road trip through New York, and Dave subjects himself to the power of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in mind-numbing 3D. Reviews of the final season of Medium, Hobo with a Shotgun, and Series 9 of MI-5. Plus! Creating NY Post headlines for cheesy action movies, sweet vans, intestines, and dudes falling into whirring blades.
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DVD Verdict 883 - F This Movie! (Alien Invasions)

July 06,2011
Donning tinfoil helmets and arming themselves cannons filled with common cold germs, Patrick and Alex set out to defend their local movie theater from a never-ending parade of alien invasions. Will they succeed? Tune in and find out!
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DVD Verdict 882 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Hammer Horror)

July 05,2011
This week, Clark spotlights music from Hammer horror films, offering selections from The Curse of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Horror of Frankenstein, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, The Kiss of the Vampire, Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil, Vampire Circus and Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. In addition, Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 881 - F This Movie! (The Last Airbender)

July 02,2011
Bowing to the pressure of listener requests, Patrick and Alex subject themselves to M. Night Shamalamadingdong's The Last Airbender, if only to wait for the big... final... twist! (We didn't warn them there isn't one.)
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DVD Verdict 880 - The Friday Filibuster (Viewers Like You)

July 01,2011
The summer's heating up as Dave gets a new computer, Mac steps into the world of high definition, and Mike confronts a Vermont steer. The Dark Knight Rises filming report. DVD reviews of Man from Nowhere, Of Gods and Men, and The Cape. The summer movie season reaches the midway point. Plus! Slow moving martial arts, MacGyver memories, a game of movie lead swap, and a horrifying secret revealed!
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DVD Verdict 879 - View from the Couch (What about Summer?)

June 29,2011
Another week alone on the couch and the power is going to Michelle's head. After a brief impromptu commercial for Avon's Skin So Soft, she and the kids settle into a review of What About Bob? (written by the late Laura Ziskin), JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg's Super 8, 10 more entries in the Top 50 Summer Movies of All Time, and listener mail.
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DVD Verdict 878 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Michael Giacchino)

June 28,2011
This week, Clark spotlights a handful of film scores by composer Michael Giacchino, featuring selections from Cloverfield, Up, The Incredibles, Let Me In, The Family Stone, and Speed Racer. In addition, the new Pixar movie Cars 2 is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 877 - Objection! (Captain America)

June 27,2011
While Dave is off at Old White Man Cabal Re-Education Camp, Dan welcomes in comic book experts (see: nerds) Mac and Michael to discuss Joe Johnston's Captain America and the potential or pitfalls it holds for Marvel's cinematic universe. Don't worry, even without Dave, there's no shortage of contrarian a-holery.
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DVD Verdict 876 - F This Movie! (Green Lantern)

June 26,2011
Patrick, Mike, and Adam form the F This Movie Corps to battle Martin Campbell, Ryan Reynolds, and Warner Bros. before they destroy the good name of Hal Jordan and Green Lantern.
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DVD Verdict 875 - View from the Couch (CA Coke and a Sunburn)

June 22,2011
Michelle and the kids may be walking on the sun, but that doesn't stop them from reviewing NatGeo's Ultimate Factories, discover the world is addicted to Coca-Cola, counting down the Top 50 Summer Movies.
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DVD Verdict 874 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Wonderful World of Color)

June 21,2011
Clark bounces across the color spectrum with musical selections from The Blue Lagoon, The Black Stallion, The Thin Red Line, The Pink Panther, Green Lantern (which he also reviews), and more!
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DVD Verdict 873 - Objection! (Badass Dads)

June 20,2011
< Dave and Dan put their contrarian a-holery aside this week to celebrate Father's Day by running down a list of cinematic badass dads.
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DVD Verdict 872 - F This Movie! (Super 8)

June 19,2011
Patrick and JB channel their inner 10-year-olds to explore the world of JJ Abrams Super 8,a an homage to the classic Spielbergian summer movies of old. And the production values are MINT!
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DVD Verdict 871 - Blast Processing! (E3 2011)

June 16,2011
Bet you never thought we'd get this far! Steve, Dave, and Adam ring in Episode 100! Jon's there lurking, and is very sad because his mic is busted, but at least he's there in spirit, laughing at the rest of us. WE run down the big ole slab of "What the hell?!" that was E3 2011! If The Cirque De Soliel is the most exciting show on Earth, this just may have been the most boring. There's some PSVita inspired hand-wringing, some Wii-U inspired head-scratching, much yawning over Kinect and much love for Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3!
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DVD Verdict 870 - View from the Couch (Shut Up, Oprah!)

June 15,2011
Michelle finds herself alone on the couch, yet again. But that doesn't stop her from putting Oprah in her place, praising James Lipton, pitting Julie Bowen against Sofia Vergara, handicapping the summer movie season, and reviewing The Golden Child on the latest Greaties of the '80s.
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DVD Verdict 869 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

June 14,2011
This week, Clark digs into another batch of new and recent film music releases, offering selections from Paul, Your Highness, Kung Fu Panda 2, Masada, I Am Number Four, Rango, and Source Code. In addition, J.J. Abrams' sci-fi thriller Super 8 is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 868 - Objection! (Battle: Los Angeles)

June 13,2011
Dave, Dan, and Steve saddle up to extoll the virtues of the Coen Brothers' True Grit, before camping out to defend the glory that is Battle: Los Angeles.
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DVD Verdict 867 - F This Movie (Twelve Monkeys)

June 11,2011
Patrick and JB are seeking The Army of the Twelve Monkeys, but will settle for a blatant f-ing of Terry Gilliam's cult classic. Hey, film criticism ain't an exact science with these clowns, but they're getting better.
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DVD Verdict 866 - The Friday Filibuster (Crisis on Finite Budgets)

June 10,2011
Live from Smuggler's Notch! Join Dave, Mike, and Dan as they recall the insanity of Legend of the Hidden Temple, unravel more Superman than you can shake a high definition stick at, rundown the worst superhero costumes of all time, make you the villain of a Die Hard knockoff, and invent new social issues for comic book heroes.
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DVD Verdict 865 - View from the Couch (Fangtastic)

June 08,2011
Michelle sits alone once again on her big Couch, but doesn't let that deter her from discussing the death of Randy Macho Man Savage, Spielberg movies coming to Blu-ray, and opening The Disney Vault on White Fang.
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DVD Verdict 864 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Piano Men)

June 07,2011
This week, Clark spotlights film music which prominently features the piano, offering selections from The Conversation, Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Piano, Love Field, The Firm, Forrest Gump, Munich and Finding Neverland. In addition, the comic book blockbuster X-Men: First Class is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 863 - Objection! (Death-defying Stunts, Part Two)

June 06,2011
Returning to format, with the second half of their countdown to the 10 Best Bone-crunching-life-threatening Practical Movie Stunts, Dan and Dave set their sights on Ben Hur, Stagecoach, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Willow, For Your Eyes Only, and The Road Warrior... but only after an in-depth discussion of X-Men: First Class and where it ranks in the X-Men franchise.
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DVD Verdict 862 - F This Movie! (Taken)

June 05,2011
Patrick and Mark hide under the bed to discuss Liam Neeson badassery, French action movies, and Gun Kata. Plus! Mark shares the incredible true story of the time he was TAKEN.
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DVD Verdict 861 - The Friday Filibuster (Corpse Feasting)

June 03,2011
On a very special episode, Dan and Steve join Dave to build the excitement for X-Men: First Class and Conan the Barbarian, share the love for Fast Five and Season Three of Parks and Rec, and revisit Zombieland. Plus! The worst TV or movie use of your favorite sport, Shameful representation of mental illness, and Badass strangers in a strange land.
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DVD Verdict 860 - Blast Processing! (The Great One)

June 02,2011
Steve and Jon are back to run down the news. The PSN is back, and Activision has announced their subscription plans for Call of Duty. Meanwhile, the guys are still playing LA Noire, but Jon finds time for some Brink, while Steve digs into The Witcher 2, and Hunted: The Demon's Forge.
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DVD Verdict 859 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Summer Blockbusters)

May 31,2011
This week, Clark offers a collection of music from summer blockbusters, spotlighting selections from Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Transformers, Gremlins, Spider-Man, Back to the Future, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 858 - Objection! (America F Yeah!)

May 30,2011
Dave and Dan postpone the conclusion of their Dangerous Stunts countdown to honor the fallen heroes of America's military through Hollywood's finest -- Blackhawk Down, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Rambo III, Battle: Los Angeles.
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DVD Verdict 857 - F This Movie! (Princess Bride)

May 29,2011
Inconceivable! Patrick and Doug must escape The Pit of Despair, find Miracle Max, diffuse the wrath of Inigo Montoya, and defeat Prince Humperdinck, just to review The Princess Bride. Ugh... They're kissing again.
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DVD Verdict 856 - The Friday Filibuster (Shattering the Geek Barometer)

May 27,2011
Dave and Mac shatter the Geek Barometer with the ultimate entertainment pop quiz. With Star Wars and Saved by the Bell as the main topics, you're about to have your pre-holiday minds blown.
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DVD Verdict 855 - Blast Processing! (Good Business is Where You Find It)

May 26,2011
Suit up with Steve and Jon for another epic sortie against the forces of boredom. Steve breathes an incredulous sigh of relief as the PSN Crisis lumbers to an end. There's a thrilling discussion about the perfectly-timed Modern Warfare 3 info leak. Love is doled out for Dirt 3 and The Witcher 2, and some game about Templars. But everything pales in comparison to L.A. Noire; is this the first Mature-rated game to truly be mature?
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DVD Verdict 854 - View from the Couch (Kung Fu Solo)

May 25,2011
Michelle flies solo this week. As fires sweep central Alberta, The Couch discovers "Movie Night" tea, looks forward to The Bang Bang Club and X-Men: First Class, and brings in Connor and Emily to review Kung Fu Panda 2.
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DVD Verdict 853 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1963)

May 24,2011
This week, Clark jumps in his musical time machine and travels back to the year 1963, offering musical selections from How the West Was Won, Hud, Dementia 13, The Prize, The List of Adrian Messenger, 8 1/2, Lilies of the Field, The Leopard, Charade, and Jason and the Argonauts. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 852 - Objection! (Death-defying Stunts, Part One)

May 23,2011
Contrarian a-holery abounds, as Dave and Dan begin their two-part countdown of practical, death-defying stunts that have little or no concern for the health/safety of the men and women performing them.
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DVD Verdict 851 - F This Movie! (Thor)

May 22,2011
Patrick and Mike discover a Rainbow Bridge which leads them to a magical world where Frost Giants party with Asgardians and Natalie Portman stars in her 100th movie of the year. The summer movie season begins with Thor!
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DVD Verdict 850 - F This Movie! (Bridesmaid)

May 21,2011
Patrick and his lovely wife Erika crash Maya Rudolph's wedding, critique the Bridesmaids, and instantly become the life of the party. Chicken dance!
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DVD Verdict 849 - The Friday Filibuster (Lemonade Mouth with a Nazi Surprise)

May 20,2011
Mike returns from his Tibetan vision quest with a hard-on for IKEA's transforming couch. Mac is shellshocked by the Castle season finale, but loseshimself in giant robot battles. Dave, psyched sideways for Ironclad and Transformers 3, raises the ire of Phish fans. Plus! Ambushed by Jack Kirby, Quantum Leaping into Sudden Death, and Classic film post-credits stingers.
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DVD Verdict 848 - Objection! (Terrorists Not In It For The Money)

May 16,2011
In a hastily prepared episode, birthday boy Dave and contrarian a-hole #2 Dan run down their list of the Top movie/TV badass terrorists who are not in it for the money, but willing to die for the cause... and their awesome death scenes.
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DVD Verdict 847 - F This Movie! (Superhero Movies, Part Two)

May 15,2011
You heard the best of the best in episode #835. Now Patrick, Mike, and Doug wrap their two-part examination of comic book adaptations, by running down the list of the worst that Hollywood has to offer. Be warned: There may be some stinkers here that even your mind managed to block out.
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DVD Verdict 846 - Smallville Postmortem

May 14,2011
Dave and Mac perform a classic Verdict autopsy on the series finale of Smallville; one a fan of the early seasons who gave lost interest halfway through, the other who had no interest in the initial Dawson's Creek teen angst but was drawn into the action/adventure of the later seasons. It's a spoilerific romp through ten years of stories, the two-hour final episode, and a compelling flash-forward.
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DVD Verdict 845 - The Friday Filibuster (Heroic Overload)

May 13,2011
The Filibuster boys suffer heroic overload this week. Mac experiences Thor (twice) and balances the good with the bad (Green Hornet). Erich is disappointed by the Justified season finale, but placated by the hour-long adventures of Twilight Zone: Season Four on Blu-ray. Dave is excited about the Smallville series finale and surprised by Broken Hill. Plus! Trapped by rubble, Memorable bridge moments, and Vehicles used indoors.
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DVD Verdict 844 - Blast Processing (Portals, Parkour, and one other P-word)

May 12,2011
The boys are back! Join Steve and Jon as they once again waste your time with thoughts on Portal 2, Brink, Socom 4, Some crazy Japanese RPG for the Nintendo DS, and NASCAR 2011: The Game! In the news, all the talk is focused on The Playstation Network Crisis (Day 19 and counting) with commentary from our veteran war correspondent... Jack Bastard: Ass Kicker.
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DVD Verdict 843 - View from the Couch (Original Cast Album)

May 11,2011
Fresh off their trip to Banff, Kent and Michelle prepare for Friday the 13th by regaling us with tales of Arnold and Maria's impending divorce, 2011 spring television finales, entertainment apps for your iPhone and iPad, and an in-depth exploration of original casting choices for your favorite movie franchises.
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DVD Verdict 842 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Patrick Doyle)

May 10,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Patrick Doyle, offering selections from Eragon, Henry V, Sleuth, Dead Again, Carlito's Way, Sense and Sensibility, Nanny McPhee, Secondhand Lions, Mrs. Winterbourne, and Thor. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 841 - Objection! (Thor)

May 09,2011
A lactose intolerant Dave and an enamored Dan name their #1 Badass Action Mom, before settling into a split decision on Marvel's latest blockbuster-in-the-making... Thor.
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DVD Verdict 840 - The Friday Filibuster (Bill Paxton is terrible in ALIENS)

May 06,2011
Erich officially becomes a Royal Pain, when declaring the idiocy of Bill Paxton in Aliens. Dave is banned from Comcast's On Demand service and winds up in The Trench. Mac becomes obsessed with The Clock after suffering problems with his Testees. Plus! What to expect from JJ Abrams' Klingons, Movies you went in not knowing anything about but ended up loving, Reasons why horses should never be anthropomorphic, and much more!
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DVD Verdict 839 - F This Movie! (Fast Five)

May 05,2011
Patrick and Doug square off over the artistic and entertainment value of Fast Five. Be forewarned: There's so much testosterone floating around, you may become sick.
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DVD Verdict 838 - View from the Couch (May the Fourth be With You)

May 04,2011
Kent and Michelle audition for the CNN anchor desk, with in-depth reports of The Royal Wedding, the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Canadian elections, and oh yeah... reviews of The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.
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DVD Verdict 837 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Magic of Elmer Bernstein)

May 03,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the film music of composer Elmer Bernstein, offering selections from The Young Doctors, Frankie Starlight, Kings of the Sun, The Magnificent Seven, From Noon Till Three, The World of Henry Orient, Seven Women, The Age of Innocence and A Walk in the Spring Rain. In addition, the new action flick Fast Five is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 836 - Objection! (The career death of Tony Jaa)

May 02,2011
Recovering from deep philosophical ramifications of last week's Jesus episode, Dave and Dan return to the cinematic kiddie pool with a lamentation of the premature career death of Tony Jaa.
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DVD Verdict 835 - F This Movie! (Superhero Movies, Part One)

May 01,2011
In anticipation of a heroic summer movie box office, Patrick, Mike, and newbie Adam unleash the first of a two-part episode focusing on Hollywood's best and worst interpretations of the comic book superhero genre. F-ers Assemble!
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DVD Verdict 834 - The Friday Filibuster (Bicentennial)

April 29,2011
Joining the ranks of South Park, SpongeBob, and Smallville, the Filibuster boys celebrate their 200th Episode with... another hour of weekly film and television lunacy. Mac is bemused by the oddity of Hanna and a life sized Millennium Falcon; Erich dodges tornadoes and Sarah Palin's family long enough to complete Portal 2; and Dave's trip to the art house cinema is a Win Win, as is the perceived awesomeness of Kung Fu Dunk. Plus! Careers for Teens, Non-Traditional Weapons, and Unintimidating Aliens.
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DVD Verdict 833 - F This Movie! (Vanilla Sky)

April 28,2011
On a special mid-week edition of F This Movie, Patrick and Alex are tripping balls with Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky. Even in their dreams, they are idiots about to wake up to reality.
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DVD Verdict 832 - View from the Couch (Sequelitis)

April 27,2011
Dixon domestic bliss breeds chocolate nightmares, a Green Lantern crisis, Fast Five fun, and the first wave of sequel-heavy Summer movies. Plus! "Greaties of the Eighties" shines a light on Michael J. Fox's The Secret of My Success, and discovers there really isn't one.
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DVD Verdict 831 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Good music from wretched films)

April 26,2011
This week, Clark spotlights scores written by Oscar-winning composers for absolutely terrible films. You'll hear selections from Heartbeeps, Slow Dancing in the Big City, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Night Games, Bulletproof, S*P*Y*S, They Died With Their Boots On, and Toys. In addition, the animated comedy/adventure Rio is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 830 - Objection! (The Passion of the Christ)

April 25,2011
Dave and Dan celebrate Easter by breaking bread with Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ. So build your wooden cross, don your crown of thorns, and get your crucifixion on! (As an added bonus: We learn the Old White Man Cabal hired The Visigoths to destroy the Roman Empire. Suck on that History Channel!)
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DVD Verdict 829 - The Good Friday Filibuster

April 22,2011
This week, on a special holiday episode, Dave just cannot get his marital arts on, Mac experiences The Dark Crystal with rabid fans, Erich (@asperslobber) is left behind, and Michael (@strangetales) finds himself being sucked into the entertainment establishment. Plus! Back from the dead (see, there are Easter themes here), People who eat people (nuns and priests... seriously), and Obscure holidays that need a Rankin/Bass special (geriatric wookies watching 3D porn). Now that's a full show!
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DVD Verdict 828 - Blast Processing! (FistiKUFFS)

April 21,2011
This week, Steve and Jon are joined by the Prodigal American, Dave Johnson, for a very special Blast Processing that tempers American resolve with Canadian insanity. The boys are all very excited about Mortal Kombat's triumphant return to consoles, which leads to much discussion of bloody, brutal fighting games, and Dave's custom made John Cabot "Gymkata" fighter from one of the previous generation. To further celebrate the occasion, Steve and Jon discuss their favorite Fatalities, and pose the question, What other 2D classics (or not so classics) are ripe for a full on 3D rebirth?
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DVD Verdict 827 - View from the Couch (Hey look, it's Easter!)

April 20,2011
The Dixons bust a holiday groove by talking oddities of Easter mornings past, curious holiday movie tie-ins, Easter television programming, and reviews of Rankin Bass' Here Comes Peter Cottontail, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, and The Ten Commandments.
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DVD Verdict 826 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (19th Century)

April 19,2011
This week, Clark delivers a horse-drawn carriage full of musical selections from films set during the 19th Century. You'll hear music from The Four Feathers, Amistad, Glory, The Last Samurai, Lust for Life, As You Like It, Les Miserables, The Song of Bernadette, Little Women, and Gods and Generals. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 825 - Objection! (The Losers vs. The A-Team)

April 18,2011
Dan moderates a debate between Dave and special guest Judge Steve Power to determine the better action blockbuster: The Losers or The A-Team.
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DVD Verdict 824 - F This Movie! (Scream 4)

April 17,2011
"The unexpected is the new cliche." Right... Patrick and JB transform themselves into Ghostface killas, thus establishing a safe viewing distance between you and Wes Craven's Scream 4.
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DVD Verdict 823 - The Friday Filibuster (Someone will die!)

April 15,2011
This week, Erich rides with the Sons of Anarchy, Mac foretells of impending Castle doom, and Dave stops vomiting long enough to view Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins. Plus! Captain Planet vs. the eco-terrorist Transformers; mind-altering encounters with talking pigs and the fictional town of Marwencol; Dave admits to seeing Mortal Kombat four times during its original theatrical run; and the truth is finally revealed: Skeletor and Cobra Commander are the same person!
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DVD Verdict 822 - Blast Processing! (With an Apostrophe S)

April 14,2011
The Blast Processing boys, and they're making up for lost time with an epic-sized episode that covers everything from what they're playing and video game news, to Sony's issues with Anonymous, CAPTIVATE 2011, and a tribute to all things Capcom.
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DVD Verdict 821 - F This Movie! (Kill Bill)

April 13,2011
What exactly is the five point palm-exploding heart technique? Find out as Patrick and Doug set out to unravel the mysteries of Quentin Tarantino's two-part cult epic Kill Bill.
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DVD Verdict 820 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

April 12,2011
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent film music releases, offering selections from The Rite, Ceremony, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Big Sleep, White Witch Doctor and The Land That Time Forgot. In addition, the Paul Giamatti comedy Win Win is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 819 - Objection! (Tron: Legacy)

April 11,2011
This week, our resident contrarian a-holes get sucked into the game grid, as the geek barometer reaches new heights. Thus, Dan and Dave must defend the Tron franchise from its detractors and escape with their lives before Master Control pulls the plug on their podcast... forever.
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DVD Verdict 818 - F This Movie! (Rushmore)

April 10,2011
This week, Patrick enlists the scholarly insights of Judge Erich Asperschlager to get the rich boys of Wes Anderson's Rushmore in their crosshairs and take them down. And if they receive a handjob from Mrs. Calloway in the back of her Jag, all the more power to them. Because the truth is, none of us have the slightest idea where this relationship is going.
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DVD Verdict 817 - View from the Couch (I thought Gary Cole was dead...)

April 06,2011
On this week's show, Michelle confronts the unforeseen dangers of proficient birthday party planning, Kent immerses himself in the world of iPad, rundowns on how much your favorite TV actors make per episode, updates on Star Trek 2, Jason Bourne, Monsters University, Doctor Strange, and review of the new Easter Bunny biopic Hop.
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DVD Verdict 816 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Elizabeth Taylor)

April 05,2011
Clark pays tribute to the late Elizabeth Taylor, spotlighting musical selections from Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Butterfield 8, The Sandpiper, North and South, Giant, Boom!, and Ivanhoe. Plus, a review of Duncan Jones' new sci-fi thriller Source Code.
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DVD Verdict 815 - Objection! (Psycho Kickboxer)

April 04,2011
Contrarian a-holery takes a backseat to '90s political incorrectness, as Dave and Dan trumpet the glory that is the cult classic Psycho Kickboxer, whose bloody insane action was committed to celluloid for a mere $10,000. Eat your heart our Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez!
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DVD Verdict 814 - F This Movie! (Plan 9 from Outer Space)

April 03,2011
Patrick and JB celebrate their 50th cinematic lay by taking one of the worst movies of all time -- Plan 9 from Outer Space -- from behind.
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DVD Verdict 813 - The Friday Filibuster (Jabberjawed)

April 01,2011
On this week's show, Erich is confounded by animated Wes Anderson, Mac gets lost in Arkham Asylum, Dave pits Community against Parks and Rec, and forget about being Rick Rolled... you're about to be Jabberjawed.
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DVD Verdict 812 - View from the Couch (All Ages Show)

March 30,2011
In Michelle's absence, Kent and The Midgets explore the hazards of Spring Break, battle talking CG hamsters in the Disney Vault, get rehabilitated by Nanny McPhee, and eagerly await the arrival of Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny.
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DVD Verdict 811 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Musical Road Trip)

March 29,2011
This week, Clark wanders off the beaten path and simply makes it up as he goes along, offering some emotionally involving pieces of film music written by Terence Blanchard, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, Pino Donaggio, Alex North, Mychael Danna, Georges Delerue, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. In addition, the 14th Century horror/thriller Black Death is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 810 - Objection! (Athlete to Action Star Dream Team)

March 28,2011
Dave, Dan, and special guest Judge Mike Rubino host the first ever "under-performing athlete to over-acting action star" draft, assembling an Expendables-esque cinematic dream team known as The Explosive Thin Men.
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DVD Verdict 809 - F This Movie! (Sucker Punch)

March 27,2011
Patrick and Doug go all Hot Topic on Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, a live-action anime exploitative wet dream for anyone bearing a Y chromosome.
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DVD Verdict 808 - The Friday Filibuster (The Official Novelization)

March 25,2011
The distraction of yet another nail-biting Knicks game forces Erich into the driver's seat, as he cattle prods the boys into discussing the novelization of popular movies, more from the world of Justified, reliving the horror that is John Carpenter's The Thing, and Nicole Kidman on her BMX. Plus: Cinematic hats, spiders, and carnage. Hey, these episodes can't all be winners.
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DVD Verdict 807 - Blast Processing! (Laying Boot to Evil God Ass)

March 24,2011
Back again are everyone's favourite belligerent Canucks, Jon and Steve. When they ain't recording foul mouthed podcasts where they hate on everything you love, they spend their time exploring Kirkwall in Dragon Age II, and repelling an invasion of the vile Andy aliens in Crysis 2. There's also some talk of Hard Corps: Generic Shooter title for the Xboxlive Arcade and PSN, and John Milius' unofficial shooter sequel to Red Dawn: Homefront. Plus there's the usual rundown of all things deemed newsworthy, and the most kick ass design concept for a video game based on an '80s action film you've ever heard... (Hint: One of the achievements would be called, "No way you live... no way!")
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DVD Verdict 806 - View from the Couch (What happened to Spring?)

March 23,2011
From deep within their Fortress of Snow and Ice, Kent and Michelle broadcast news of The Hobbit, Cloverfield 2, Steven Spielberg's newest War effort, JGL vs. The Bat, Pirates' mermaids, and a flashback to the '80s for the Airwolf series premiere.
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DVD Verdict 805 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (My Name is...)

March 22,2011
This week, Clark spotlights films featuring first names as titles, offering musical selections from Ray, Justine, Heidi, Dick, Selena, Lolita, Jesus, Hannibal, Iris, and Joshua. In addition, the new comedy Paul is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 804 - Objection! (Boxing Richard Donner)

March 21,2011
Our resident contrarian a-holes -- Dave and Dan -- pull off the kid gloves and go after beloved '80s director Richard Donner, shooting holes in the ridiculous plausibility of The Goonies and the insufferable inconsistencies of Superman II.
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DVD Verdict 803 - F This Movie! (Galaxy Quest)

March 20,2011
Patrick and JB get their geek on, as they materialize just in time to save the world and vivisect the sci-fi comedy classic Galaxy Quest. Sure, they're cute now, but in a second they're gonna get mean, and they're gonna get ugly somehow, and there's gonna be a million more of them.
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DVD Verdict 802 - The Friday Filibuster (Battle: Short Show)

March 18,2011
While the rest of the gang is away, Dave and Mac are left to their own devices. What results is a short show featuring in-depth reviews of Battle: Los Angeles, Skyline, and Venture Bros. Season 4.
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DVD Verdict 801 - View from the Couch (D.S.T. phone home!)

March 16,2011
It may be St. Patrick's Eve, but Kent and Michelle must be celebrating early as evidenced by all the hallucinations in this week's show -- extraterrestrials (E.T.), alternate realities (Fringe), and some weird phenomena called Daylight Savings Time. May the luck of the Irish be with you on this one!
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DVD Verdict 800 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Little Known Composers)

March 15,2011
This week, Clark spotlights a handful of little-known composers, offering musical selections from Raintree County, The Possibility of an Island, A Life in Suitcases, Hotel, I Bury the Living, Island of Lost Souls, Superbad, Red Canvas, and Red Cliff. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 799 - Objection! (The Glory of Ron Swanson)

March 14,2011
Our resident contrarian a-holes -- Dave, Dan, and special guest Dave Ryan -- make a holy pilgrimage to The Shrine of Manliness for an audience with the testosterone god, Parks and Recreations' Ron F-ing Swanson.
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DVD Verdict 798 - F This Movie! (Top Gun)

March 13,2011
Patrick and Doug may have lost that lovin' feeling, but that won't stop them from dry-humping Tony Scott's '80s action romance Top Gun. Time to buzz a tower!
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DVD Verdict 797 - The Friday Filibuster (If I Could Turn Back Time)

March 11,2011
The old gang is back together, as we settle in for more Filibuster madness. Erich gets goosebumps over upcoming video games; Mac is excited about the high fantasy novel The Wise Man's Fear; Mike gives Dick his due for The Adjustment Bureau; and Dave tags along with An Idiot Abroad. Plus! Reviews of Inside Job, The Being, Blu Moonstruck, The Miracle Maker, Shocking Moments in grounded films, Half-Human/Half-Fish, Awesome stop motion animation, and Memorable confessionals.
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DVD Verdict 796 - View from the Couch (3:10 to Stupidville)

March 09,2011
In honor of International Women's Day, Kent and Michelle overlook Justin Bieber's birthday, create a presence for themselves on Twitter (@ViewFTCouch), make the now obligatory Charlie Sheen reference, review James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma remake, and explore the virtual spaghetti western known as Red Dead Redemption. Excuse me while I hose down the studio of all this blatant estrogen.
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DVD Verdict 795 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Letter M)

March 08,2011
This week, Clark spotlights the letter "M" and features film music from Moon, The Monster Squad, Man on a Tightrope, Malcolm X, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Malena, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Memoirs of a Geisha, Marie Ward, Malone, and The Misfits. In addition, the animated flick Rango is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 794 - Objection! (Constantine)

March 07,2011
The world's foremost contrarian a-holes -- Dave, Dan, and special guest Mac McEntire -- really step in it this week, by taking on the cinematic Catholic Church and Constantine, just in time for Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.
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DVD Verdict 793 - F This Movie! (Clerks)

March 06,2011
Patrick and Doug tear themselves away from roof hockey and arguing the finer points of Star Wars to give Kevin Smith's Clerks the ultimate reach around. You gotta hear this. I mean, c'mon... they're not even supposed to be here!
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DVD Verdict 792 - The Friday Filibuster (And that's why you always leave a note!)

March 04,2011
Dave, Mac, Erich, and Michael get overly Justified, as they enter March movie madness. If that weren't enough, Michael details his Oscars horror, Erich joins The Guild, Mac describes classic anime, Dave takes on Sharktopus, the boys test their Arrested Development knowledge, and uncover their inner Bayside pride.
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DVD Verdict 791 - Blast Processing! (Isoanimorphosic Googleflops)

March 03,2011
Steve and Jon return for more incoherent ramblings. Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm lead to ranting and raving about first person shooters of this generation, while news that Play Magazine has bit the dust spurs on another rant on the state of the Video Game Journalism. What few trickles of news that have come from GDC this week are there to be had, and there's talk of many things gauranteed to offend some fanboy or another. To end the night, the subject is finishing... games that is.
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DVD Verdict 790 - View from the Couch (Now with more color!)

March 02,2011
Kent and Michelle return from illness hiatus to deconstruct the Oscars, review Disney's Tangled, and heartily endorse Megamind on Blu-ray. Today's show is brought to you by the word "imprisoner."
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DVD Verdict 789 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1979)

March 01,2011
This week, Clark jumps in his musical time machine and travels back to the year 1979, spotlighting film music from The Great Train Robbery, The Black Hole, Rocky II, Moonraker, Zulu Dawn, The Muppet Movie, A Little Romance, Players, and Time After Time. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 788 - Objection! (If the Oscars really mattered...)

February 28,2011
This week, Dan and Dave, put their own contrarian spin on The Oscars, offering up awards in such categories as Least Deserving Best Picture, Worst Part of the Ceremony, If the Academy Really Cared About the Audience, and more.
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DVD Verdict 787 - F This Movie! (Hook)

February 27,2011
Patrick and Alex dust off their Peter Pan complexes and hike up their tights for a return to Neverland with Steve Spielberg's Hook.
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DVD Verdict 786 - The Friday Filibuster (The Prodigal Penguin Returns)

February 25,2011
Outlander Mike Rubino returns to the game grid, joining Dave and Mac in discussing the highly unanticipated Oscars, Thor: God of Boring Movie Trailers, crime-fighting superheroes vs. gods and monsters, facial prosthesis, giant rabbits, and fictional families you would hate to be born into.
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DVD Verdict 785 - Blast Processing! (Jetpacks)

February 24,2011
A sleep deprived Steve and a ready for action Jon take you through all the latest news that's fit to print (or talk about on the internet), and pour one out for the recently deceased Bizarre Creations. Meanwhile, Jon plays a bit of Dragon Warrior/Quest VI on the DS, while spanking Galactus in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Steve spends some time with two critically lauded first person shooters, gushing all over Killzone 3 and enjoying himself a bit of Bulletstorm. We clue things up with thoughts on some developers who are no longer with us. Have a favorite Developer who's since gone the way of Elvis?
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DVD Verdict 784 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases.)

February 22,2011
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering up selections from Drive Angry, The Eagle, In Treatment, The Social Network, The Tillman Story, and Beastly, plus new recordings of pieces from Kick-Ass and Clash of the Titans. In addition, the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 783 - Objection! (Defending Sci-Fi Despots)

February 21,2011
In honor of President's Day, our contrarian a-hole tribunal -- Dave, Dan, and Mac -- undertake the near impossible task of defending two of science fiction cinema's most despised political despots: Emperor Palpatine and Ming the Merciless. Good luck with that, boys!
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DVD Verdict 782 - F This Movie! (Romantic Comedies)

February 20,2011
Not to be left out of the loveliest, Patrick and his lovely wife Erika spent their Valentine's Day working over the RomCom genre, thus piercing the hard candy shell of F This Movie! to reveal its soft chocolately center.
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DVD Verdict 781 - The Friday Filibuster (Just Plain Creepypy)

February 18,2011
Knicks basketball interruptus forces Erich into the driver's seat, during which the boys talk Justified, middle-aged British gearheads, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, MTS3K XX, creepy kids, creepy corridors, and creepy relationships.
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DVD Verdict 780 - Blast Processing! (Adam's Wallet vs. Capcom)

February 17,2011
Steve is out this week with a severe case of the Fallouts, so instead we've got two gibbering monkeys who've managed to finagle their way onto the internets. Adam is saving mad ducats playing indie games on Steam, but which of these "Magickal" diversions possesses voodoo powerful enough to peel him away from World of Warcraft? Jon has embraced his inner twelve year old and has plunged a la Scrooge McDuck into a giant vat of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but can the final product deliver on a decade of fighting game fanatic's prayers?
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DVD Verdict 779 - View from the Couch (The Anti-Valentine)

February 16,2011
Kent and Michelle are back, and this time they're loaded for bear. What starts with a post Valentine's Day rant, slowly devolves into an analysis of French Canadian Beer, Grammy Awards surprises, and '80s music flashback, discovering new planets, and everything you wanted to know about Leopards but were afraid to ask. It's just another View from the Couch.
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DVD Verdict 778 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Brian Tyler)

February 15,2011
This week, Clark explores the music of composer Brian Tyler, offering selections from Panic, Terror Tract, Darkness Falls, Bubba Ho-Tep, Frailty, Annapolis, Children of Dune, Rambo, Partition, Bug, and The Expendables. In addition, the Channing Tatum action flick The Eagle is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 777 - Objection! (Defending the Indefensible)

February 14,2011
In what may be their most harrowing mission yet, Dave and Dan valiantly attempt to defend the indefensible -- Transformers 2 and Batman & Robin -- garnering so much animosity in the process that they actually turn their arguments on each other.
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DVD Verdict 776 - F This Movie! (The Graduate)

February 13,2011
This week, Patrick and J.B. kick it old school, with a cougar-like F-ing of Mike Nichols' The Graduate. One warning: At some point, you might say to yourself, "This conversation is getting a little strange." Just power through. It's worth it.
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DVD Verdict 775 - The Friday Filibuster (Justifying our man-crushes)

February 11,2011
Join Dave, Mac, and Erich as they unveil Bane: Behind the Muscle -- The true story of The Dark Knight's latest big screen villain; explore Shawn Ryan's Chicago Code/Terriers and justify their man-love for Justified; and debate the advantages of television season-long arcs versus the story-of-the week format. Plus: The Filibuster Travel Agency plans your trip to Future World, The Twilight Zone, and the insane world of The Shaw Brothers; and the boys consult the all-knowing Filibuster Oracle. What more do you need to start your weekend?
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DVD Verdict 774 - View from the couch (Hollar down your hole!)

February 09,2011
Random synaptic firings abound, as exhausted Kent and hoochie-mama Michelle return from a week off to "hollar down your hole," before aimlessly wandering through the realms of Gnomeo & Juliet, recent Oscar nominations, the 2011 Summer Movie season, and the land of forgotten Couch feature segments. (We'll have their Ritalin prescription refilled by next week.)
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DVD Verdict 773 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Tribute to John Barry)

February 08,2011
This week, Clark pays tribute to the late, great John Barry, spotlighting selections from Dr. No, Goldfinger, Zulu, Petulia, Out of Africa, Somewhere in Time, Born Free, Dances with Wolves, Body Heat, Diamonds Are Forever, The Lion in Winter, Midnight Cowboy, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Monte Walsh, Robin and Marian, Raise the Titanic, and The Beyondness of Things. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 772 - Objection! (Rudy)

February 07,2011
In honor of Super Bowl XLV, master contrarians Dave and Dan slaughter one of cinematic football's sacred cows... Rudy. Notre Dame and Sean Astin fans be warned.
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DVD Verdict 771 - F This Movie! (Wanted)

February 06,2011
Neither blinding snowstorm nor technology meltdowns will stop Patrick and Mark from f-ing Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy in Timur Bekmambetov's Chicago-based shoot-em up Wanted.
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DVD Verdict 770 - The Friday Filibuster (The Batman, The Hot Girl, and The Flying Pink Pig)

February 04,2011
It's a lean, mean episode this week, as Dave, Mac, and Michael review James Gunn's Super, Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 3, and Alex Cox's Repo Chick; share important history learned from TV and movies; talk hot sex on a flying pink pig; share important historical facts learned from TV and Film; and ridicule the deluded fans who believe Airwolf: Season Four has any semblance of redeeming value.
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DVD Verdit 769 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2010, Part Four)

February 01,2011
This week, Clark concludes his series counting down the Best Film Scores of 2010, moving from number five all the way to number one. You'll hear selections from John Powell, Alexandre Desplat (twice!), Hans Zimmer and Herbert Gronemeyer, but who ranks where? Click away and find out. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 768 - Objection! (Defending the Ewoks)

January 31,2011
If you thought their defense of Jar Jar Binks was a challenge, wait until you hear Dave, Dan, and Mac argue for the utilitarian value of the Ewoks. Standing alone in his disdain for both Return of the Jedi and the Endorian Ursus is Chief Justice Michael Stailey. The geek barometer doesn't get much higher than this, folks.
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DVD Verdict 767 - F This Movie! (Garden State)

January 30,2011
Patrick and Doug come-of-age, as they get homesick for a place that no longer exists, in a cinematic world called Garden State. It's life. It's real, and sometimes it f-in hurts, but -- thanks to writer/director Zach Braff -- it's all we have.
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DVD Verdict 766 - The Friday Filibuster (Might as well be walking on the Sun)

January 28,2011
Dave, Mac, and Erich welcome Michael in to debrief the Oscar Best Picture nominees, cheer the premiere of FX's Lights Out and the return of NBC's Parks & Recreation. Plus, evil twins, ineffectual costume designs, the glory of Stardust, and movies that should never be remade.
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DVD Verdict 765 - Blast Processing! (We've gone from suck to blow!)

January 27,2011
Steve and Jon bring you your weekly dose of random gibberish and shout outs to people you don't know while they run down the latest vidja game news, talk about what they've played this week, and answer your pertinent questions. Jon is digging Dead Space 2, while Steve is stuck in 2008 with the original Dead Space, when he's not stabbing things with flaming swords in Two Worlds II. We also answer such driving questions as, if no one can hear you in regular space, would "dead" space negate the whole not hearing you thing? And we adress the important issue of best and worst video game merch! Have you played Dead Space 2? Hows about Two Worlds II? Looking forward to LA Noire? Share in the comments below, over in the DVD Verdict Jury Room forums, or by emailing feedback@pixelverdict.com
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DVD Verdict 764 - View from the couch (Scott Pilgrim vs. A Peanut Up the Nose)

January 26,2011
Kent and Michelle, the Magnificent Bickersons of the 21st Century, return to wow you with their knowledge of ornithology, extracting food from one's nasal cavity, a couch-scopic view of the 2010 year in film, and a review of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Oh yeah, and they're celebrating some guy's birthday a few days early. I hope you brought a gift.
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DVD Verdict 763 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2010, Part Three)

January 25,2011
This week, Clark offers up the third installment in his countdown of The Best Film Scores of 2010. As we move from #10 to #6, you'll hear musical selections from composers Clint Mansell, Carter Burwell, John Adams, Daft Punk, and Alexandre Desplat. Plus, Ron Howard's new comedy The Dilemma is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 762 - Objection! (Predators vs. Predator 2)

January 24,2011
Join Dave and Dan for an intergalactic cockfight, as they pit Robert Rodriguez' Predators against Predator 2 -- a film he claims is not worthy of the franchise.
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DVD Verdict 761 - F This Movie! (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

January 23,2011
The force is strong with Patrick and Mike, as they cornhole George Lucas' opening salvo in the Star Wars prequel train wreck, better known as The Phantom Menace. Bring plenty of lube because this is one hell of a tantric podcast.
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DVD Verdict 760 - The Friday Filibuster (Erich goes goth)

January 21,2011
Erich has a serial killer fetish, Mac is crushing on Tron: Legacy, Dave dines at Bob's Burgers; reviews of "the other horse movie," the new Ben 10 series, and the pitiful fourth season of Air Wolf. Plus Batman vs. MacGyver, action on ice, and scary pigs.
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DVD Verdict 759 - Blast Processing! (New Year, Same Noise)

January 20,2011
Steve and Jon are back (alongside a late to the party Adam) after a little too much Christmas cheer, to ring in 2011 with talk of the very best stuff they played in 2010. Just to even out the balance, they also talk about their single biggest dissapointments of the year. Want to hear nine awesome games we loved? Or the three we didn't? Tune in! There's also a little chatting about the launch of Nintendo's upcoming 3D handheld, and a little rapping about the issues currently facing Call of Duty multiplayer on Sony's big black box. What were your choices for Best of 2010? Do you think Activision is screwing PS3 owners?
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DVD Verdict 758 - View from the Couch (Waking Kent Dixon)

January 19,2011
Fighting off a case of the yawns and spousal bickering, Michelle prods Kent into reviewing the Disney documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty, NBC's midseason superhero flop The Cape, rundown updates of highly anticipated 2011 blockbusters, recap surprising wins at The Golden Globes, and immerse Connor in the world of Tim Burton.
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DVD Verdict 757 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2010, Part Two)

January 18,2011
Clark continues his countdown of the best film scores of 2010, moving from number 15 to number 11 on his very subjective list. You'll hear selections from James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Michael Giacchino, and John Powell. Plus the new Seth Rogen action/comedy The Green Hornet is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 756 - Objection! (Most Badass African American Characters in Movie Hitory)

January 17,2011
To kick off Season 2, at the insistence of the Old White Man Cabal, Dave and Dan honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day with The Ten Most Badass African American Characters in Movie History.
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DVD Verdict 755 - F This Movie! (Best of 2010)

January 16,2011
Join Patrick, Doug, and J.B. as they reveal their Top 10 films of 2010. Special appearance by Selena Gomez sans Justin Bieber.
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DVD Verdict 754 - The Friday Filibuster (Firestorm Commentary)

January 14,2011
Join Dave, Mac, Erich, Mike, and Dan as they suit up to freefall into Howie Long's cinematic opus Firestorm! Another Filibuster-exclusive commentary you cannot afford to miss, especially when they pull out the "baked potato maneuver." Fire up Netflix instant streaming and join in the fun.
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DVD Verdict 753 - View from the Couch (Shrekpocalypse)

January 12,2011
Digging out from a fresh foot of snow, Kent and Michelle brave the elements to talk Star Wars on Blu-ray, Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake, the dreaded Chipmunks movies, immersing yourself in nearly eight hours of Shrek, and adopting one-eyed gently-used stuffed animals.
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DVD Verdict 752 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Best Film Scores of 2010, Part One)

January 11,2011
This week, Clark offers the first installment of his four-part countdown of the best film scores of 2010. No fair telling what selections 20-16 are, but here's a hint: you'll hear music from Randy Newman, James Horner, Alan Menken, Danny Elfman, and Harry Gregson-Williams. In addition, Natalie Portman's latest, The Other Woman, is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 751 - F This Movie! (The Underrated, The Overrated and The Ugly of 2010)

January 08,2011
It was an ugly year at the movies and I can't think of two better men to put it all in perspective. Join Patrick and JB as they take the 2010 box office to bed and give it the proper f-ing it deserves!
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DVD Verdict 750 - The 2010 Buster Awards

January 07,2011
The 2010 Buster Awards -- It's a black tie affair, as Dave, Mac, and Erich present their favorite and least favorite cinematic and television moments of the past year, with special commendations going to Action Scene, Villain, Hero, WTF Moment, DVD, Blu-ray, TV Series, Movie, and more!
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DVD Verdict 749 - View from the Couch (Holiday Hangover)

January 05,2011
The Dixons return from the holidays to talk Christmas gifts, Boxing Day deals, New Year's resolutions, 2010's dead celebrities, and review Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart: Alive in Seattle) in glorious high definition Blu-ray.
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DVD Verdict 748 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New Year Mashup)

January 04,2011
This week, Clark departs from the usual format and offers a quartet of movie reviews: The Fighter, How Do You Know, True Grit, and The King's Speech. Never fear, there's still plenty of film music onhand. You'll hear selections from A.I., As Good As It Gets, Cassandra's Dream, Road to Perdition, and Miller's Crossing. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 747 - F This Movie! (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

January 01,2011
This year's Golden Gavel winner for Best Release of the Year -- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- gets thoroughly f-ed by Patrick Bromley and his co-host Erich Asperschlager. It's an epic hour of geek vs. evil you cannot afford to miss... just be sure to watch the movie first.
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DVD Verdict 746 - Doctor Who Series 5

December 30,2010
Another holiday treat! Chief Justice Michael Stailey takes a page from Judge Clark Douglas' playbook and explores the music of Doctor Who Series 5. And while you're at it, don't forget to read Judge Mac McEntire's DVD review, and Judge Adam Arseneau's Blu-ray review, both of which shower the season with praise and love!
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DVD Verdict 745 - Mystery Science Theater 3000

December 28,2010
In one of those rare Verdict holiday specials, Chief Justice Michael Stailey scours the Deep 13 archives to bring you never-before-heard interviews with Joel and the 'Bots. The first segment is a sit down with Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon (Gypsy), and Trace Beaulieu (Crow) from Comic Con 2008, and the second a 2009 phone interview with Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo). Have a Very Merry MST3K Holiday!

And if that leaves you wanting more, be sure to browse the multitude of Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD reviews from our passionate, geeked-out staff.
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DVD Verdict 744 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Conclusion)

December 27,2010
This is it. End of the line. Dave and Dan go roaring into the final episode of 2010, by revealing the #2 (Christopher Nolan goes Goth) and #1 (The origin of Harry Callahan) action movies despised by Toyota Prius enthusiasts.
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DVD Verdict 743 - F This Movie! (The Fountain)

December 26,2010
Patrick and Alex have discovered a Tree of Life that has nothing to do with Avatar and the Na'vi, but decide to honor director Darren Aronofsky by f-ing his movie The Fountain beneath it. We're all going to hell anyway, so why not join in?
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DVD Verdict 742 - The Friday Filibuster (All-Star Christmas Spectacular)

December 24,2010
The pairing of Bing Crosby and David Bowie pale in comparison to the all-star lineup we've assembled for this year's Friday Filibuster Christmas Spectacular. Join Dave, Mac, Erich, Dan, Adam, and Steve for an action-packed explosive look at DVD and Blu-ray available this holiday season. This is one podcast you cannot afford to miss!
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DVD Verdict 741 - View from the Couch (The Ghost of Returned Christmas Gifts)

December 22,2010
Christmas fever overtakes the Dixon household, as Kent and Michelle finish up their Very Frasier Christmas, Connor and Emily cozy up to The Grinch and The Santa Clause, plus a run down of 2010's hottest toys and the Top 10 Gifts to Be Returned this Christmas.
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DVD Verdict 740 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (ElecTRONica)

December 21,2010
This week, Clark dusts off the old synthesizer and spotlights electronic film music, offering selections from TRON, TRON: Legacy, The Bounty, Bitter Moon, Field of Dreams, Escape from New York, Regarding Henry, Logan's Run, Wind, and Wisdom. In addition, TRON: Legacy is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 739 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Nine)

December 20,2010
The red meat a-holery continues to flow, as Dave and Dan hit the #4 (Michael Crichton viking glory) and #3 (Spartan slaughter) positions in their list of Top 20 Movies Loathed by Toyota Prius Enthusiasts. As always, Objection! is underwritten by a generous grant from the Old White Man Cabal.
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DVD Verdict 738 - F This Movie! (The Big Lebowski)

December 18,2010
Patrick and Doug may not roll on Shabbos or know the difference between a Nazi and a Nihilist, but they sure as hell can tell when a rug pulls a room together and F the brains out of this Coen brothers' classic. Hey, these dudes abide.
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DVD Verdict 737 - The Friday Filibuster (The Grinch Who Stole A Firestorm Christmas)

December 17,2010
The Grinch virus works its way through the Filibuster crew, leaving Mac as the sole source of holiday cheer. On the heels of losses for both the Knicks and the Penguins, and the cancelation of "A Very Firestorm Christmas", the boys are forced to shift their energy towards overanalyzing Inception, a disappointing Community Christmas, a pretentious Devil on an elevator, trailer reviews of Green Lantern and Thor, and breaking into the emergency backup ambush topics -- "If Shatner were President...", "Movies filled with pain and despair", and "The ultimate DVD bait and switch."
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DVD Verdict 736 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Enthusiasts, Part Eight)

December 15,2010
Dave, Dan, and Mike ask the musical question "Do we get to win this time?" as they spotlight #6 (a trio of Vietnam-inspired carnage) and #5 (a film fully endorsed by Wesley Snipes and Taco Bell), on their list of Top 20 movies despised by uppity Toyota Prius enthusiasts. No namby-pamby, self-loathing action heroes allowed.
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DVD Verdict 735 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Natalie Portman)

December 14,2010
This week, Clark explores the career of actress Natalie Portman, offering selections from Heat, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, V for Vendetta, The Other Boleyn Girl, Black Swan, Mars Attacks, Cold Mountain, and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. In addition, Black Swan is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 734 - F This Movie! (Tron)

December 11,2010
In what amounts to a geek orgy (that's geek, not greek), Patrick and Mark get involved in some serious heavy petting with Disney's 1982 cult classic TRON. This one's not for the squeamish or faint of heart.
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DVD Verdict 733 - The Friday Filibuster (Everybody Poops)

December 10,2010
When the boss stops by for dinner, everyone must be on their best behavior... Yeah, right. Chief Justice Michael Stailey joins Dave, Mac, and Erich for a raucous discussion the begins with news of The Daily Verdict relaunch and ends with memorable cinematic poops. In between, they'll touch on Romancing the Stone, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Six Million Dollar Man, vampire gymnastics, naked Beatles, bizarre Christmas TV, and more.
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DVD Verdict 732 - Blast Processing! (BWWWHAAAM!)

December 09,2010
Join Steve and Jon as they take you into the dreamscape with Dennis Quaid, and rob you of your precious secrets. (DISCLAIMER: There is no Dennis Quaid, and they will only be robbing your free time). Get all the news that's fit to print, including tidbits about the Tomb Raider remake. Jon talks some Playstation 2 RPG classsics, while Steve talks more about Two Worlds II and Gran Turismo 5. Again, Steve? Really?! There's also a little love for Donkey Kong Country Returns. No Top 10 list this week, but we do mimic the Inception sound several times throughout the show.
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DVD Verdict 731 - View from the Couch (A Very Frasier Christmas)

December 08,2010
Kent and Michelle continue their Christmas celebration by running down favorite holiday episodes of Frasier, and memorable Christmas toys of years gone by -- Silly Putty, Big Wheel, Sit-n-Spin, Six Million Dollar Man, Teddy Ruxpin, Strawberry Shortcake, and so much more.
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DVD Verdict 730 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1971)

December 07,2010
This week, Clark once again jumps into his musical time machine and travels back to the year 1971. You'll hear musical selections from The French Connection, Diamonds Are Forever, Straw Dogs, The Omega Man, Get Carter, Big Jake, A Fistful of Dynamite, Cold Turkey, and Dirty Harry. In addition, the crime/drama All Good Things is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 729 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Seven)

December 06,2010
Dave, Dan, and our favorite Newfie (Steve) continue to dissect the Top 20 action movies despised by Prius enthusiasts. This week: You've messed with the wrong guy (#8), and Russell Crowe at sea (#7).
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DVD Verdict 728 - F This Movie! (Minority Report)

December 04,2010
We're placing Patrick and Mike under arrest for the impending f-ing of Steven Spielberg's critically divided sci-fi adventure Minority Report. Some consider it a gift, while others call it a big cosmic joke. Where do you fall?
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DVD Verdict 727 - The Friday Filibuster (Shenanigans)

December 03,2010
Dave, Mike, Mac and Erich talk turkey about their post-Thanksgiving shenanigans, from Twilight Zone and obscure Winnipeg auteurs, to the end of Showdown in Little Tokyo.
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DVD Verdict 726 - Blast Processing! (Now a Major Motion Picture)

December 02,2010
Join Steve and Jon as they mix things up this week, Steve runs down some of the news highlights of the last week or so. The boys have been playing games: Steve is lost in Two Worlds II and Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare, and Jon has been wading through Splatterhouse and two varieties of Sonic Colors. Rantsylvania asks: What the hell does it take to make a good video game adaptation? You know, NOT what's happening with Uncharted right now, and Steve and Jon each pick their fantasy dream team Director/Video Game flick pairing. We finish it all off with the Top Ten of Righteousness! Full to the brim of Christmas ideas to replace that Kinect Sensor you can't seem to find.
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DVD Verdict 725 - View from the Couch (Harry Potter and the Spoiler Warning)

December 01,2010
Kent and Michelle lose themselves in The Deathly Hallows before being rescued by Charles Dickens and the variations on his Christmas opus.
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DVD Verdict 724 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Michael Nyman)

November 30,2010
This week, Clark explores the music of composer Michael Nyman, offering selections from The Piano, The Draughtsman's Contract, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, Gattaca, A Zed and Two Noughts, Prospero's Books, The Claim, Wonderland, and The End of the Affair. In addition, the Disney animated film Tangled is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 723 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Six)

November 29,2010
Dave and Dan crack the top 10 on their list of 20 Films Despised by Prius Enthusiasts, with an 11th hour assist from their boss, Chief Justice Michael Stailey. This week: Pooping puppets (#10) and the Pixarian proletariat (#9). If you think this is bad, trust us folks, it only gets more offensive from here. Sponsored and micromanaged by the greedy bastards known as the Old White Man Cabal.
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DVD Verdict 722 - F This Movie! (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1)

November 27,2010
Patrick and Doug allegedly join Dumbledore's Army to protect Harry, Ron, Hermione, but we know all they really want to do is f the heck out of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.
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DVD Verdict 721 - Blast Processing! (Sweet Profanity)

November 26,2010
Join Steve, Jon, and Blair as the Newfie trio runs down what's new and exciting in their living rooms. Blair's been busy with Goldeneye, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Jon's been playing a bit of Sony's Sly Cooper Collection himself, in between Call of Duty: Black Ops and Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Steve, meanwhile, ain't too into Sly Cooper, but he and Jon share some excitement over Donkey Kong Country Returns, and he's been digging Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom when he isn't busy with Gran Turismo 5 and Two Worlds II.
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DVD Verdict 720 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

November 23,2010
It's time for another new and recent releases program, as Clark offers selections from Mirrors 2, Fair Game, Megamind, The Special Relationship, Let Me In, and a quartet of Doctor Who specials. In addition, Tony Scott's runaway train thriller Unstoppable is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 719 - Objection! (Thanksgiving)

November 22,2010
In their first annual Contrarian Thanksgiving, Dave and Dan parade the Top Five Films that Exemplify White Guilt, with giant balloons featuring Superman, Tarzan, the Nav'i, and more. This classic cinematic a-holery is brought to you by the Old White Man Cabal and Chef Boyardee Testeroni.
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DVD Verdict 718 - F This Movie! (Pearl Harbor)

November 20,2010
Tora! Tora! Tora! Michael Bay, Ben Affleck, and Kate Beckinsale get caught in the crossfire as Patrick and Doug wage their own sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.
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DVD Verdict 717 - The Friday Filibuster (Killer Tapeworms from Outer Space)

November 19,2010
While Mike is off observing Penguins in their natural habitat, Dave, Erich, and Mac man up to the challenge of stomaching tapeworms, discover Batman: Arkham Asylum ripped off Killer Klowns from Outer Space, return to the world of the Best Worst Movie and Doctor Who, the glory of Silver Dream Racer, and so much more.
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DVD Verdict 716 - View from the Couch (Raining Cats and Dogs)

November 17,2010
It's raining Cats & Dogs, as Kent and Michelle take on a double shot of anthropomorphic animal movies, CSI cast changes, and a wealth of entertainment news.
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DVD Verdict 715 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Harrison Ford)

November 16,2010
This week, Clark explores music from the slightly less popular films of actor Harrison Ford, spotlighting melodies from The Conversation, Force 10 From Navarone, Presumed Innocent, Random Hearts, Air Force One, Witness, Firewall, Sabrina, and Six Days, Seven Nights. In addition, the new comedy Morning Glory is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 714 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Five)

November 15,2010
The Old White Man Cabal presents the continuing adventures of America's authoritative contrarian a-holes, Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini, as they unveil the 12th (I'm your Huckleberry) and 11th (21st Century Testosteroni) films in their Top 20 Countdown of Action Movies Loathed by Toyota Prius Enthusiasts, with the assistance of DVD Verdict's own Alec Baldwin, Judge Steve Power. Plus, listener feedback.
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DVD Verdict 713 - F This Movie! (Funny People)

November 13,2010
In response to a listener request, Patrick and Doug wine, dine, and f the Adam Sandler/Judd Apatow collaboration known as Funny People. Do they laugh, cuddle, or cry after cinematic coitus? You'll have to tune in to find out.
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DVD Verdict 712 - The Friday Filibuster (Big Head Mac and the Firestorms)

November 12,2010
Befuddled and bemused, our crack podcasting team of Dave, Mac, Erich, and Mike embark upon a harrowing journey loaded with giant heads, park rangers, cult members with terrible jobs, movie references you didn't get until 20 years later, and Howie Long's cinematic opus. Plus, homework!
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DVD Verdict 711 - Blast Processing! (A Little Old School)

November 11,2010
Join Steve as he sits down for a chat with prodigal Dave Johnson. Digressions abound. Amidst "what if?" scenarios and talk of favorite this or thats, theres still time out to discuss Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (again), Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Streets of Rage and Ninja Gaiden II discourse are a forgone conclusion. Get ready for a blast from Processing's past.
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DVD Verdict 710 - View from the Couch (I Don't Give a Crap About 3D)

November 10,2010
Wandering around in holiday limbo, Kent and Michelle pull it together long enough to figure out where in time Captain America resided, share news from Hobbiton and Hollywood, ponder the utilization of minions, and review MegaMind.
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DVD Verdict 709 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema ('90s Action Movie Mayhem)

November 09,2010
This week, Clark travels back to the 1990s to spotlight music created by Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures organization. You'll hear action-packed selections from Bad Boys, The Rock, Crimson Tide, Muppet Treasure Island, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, The Man in the Iron Mask, Face/Off and Deep Blue Sea. In addition, the new comedy Due Date is reviewed.
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DVD Verdict 708 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Four)

November 08,2010
America's favorite contrarian a-holes add a touch of class to their Top 20 Countdown of Action Movies Loathed by Toyota Prius Enthusiasts, by welcoming in Judge Clark Douglas. After quickly evaluating the soundtracks of the first six films on the list, our trio focus their efforts on number 14 (extreme Bondian violence) and 13 (Mayan jackassery).
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DVD Verdict 707 - F This Movie! (Poltergeist)

November 06,2010
Patrick and Doug are HEEEEERRRRRE to make your skin crawl, dissecting the mysteries and legends surround Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg's creepfest known as Poltergeist; multiple directors, indian burial grounds, creepy clowns, killer trees, mysterious deaths, and franchise curses. The perfect cap to a Halloween season.
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DVD Verdict 706 - The Friday Filibuster (Zombie Facts of Life)

November 05,2010
After debriefing their Halloween and going in-depth with the review of The Walking Dead, the Filibuster team of Dave, Mac, and Erich settle in for discussions of memorable narrators, bogus charities, c-list sports, and the lessons they've learned by watching Facts of Life.
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DVD Verdict 705 - Blast Processing! (Are you entertained?)

November 04,2010
Steve and Jon provide a lean and mean critique of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, 007 Blood Stone, 007 Goldeneye, and a certain huge franchise sequel coming out in the next week or so.
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DVD Verdict 704 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Stroll through the Decades)

November 02,2010
This week, Clark takes a musical stroll through the decades, offering selections from Captain Blood, The Song of Bernadette, The Big Country, Marnie, Capricorn One, Powaqaatsi, The Last of the Mohicans and The Italian Job. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 703 - Objection! (Halloween Movies Despised by Prius Owners)

November 01,2010
Our favorite contrarians -- Judges Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini -- take a brief digression from their Top 20 countdown of action movies despised by Prius enthusiasts, in order to bring you this Top 5 list of Halloween movies loathed by the same group -- zombies, aliens, ghostbusters, and more. As always, this podcast is underwritten by a grant from the Old White Man Cabal.
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DVD Verdict 702 - F This Movie! (The SAW Franchise)

October 30,2010
Patrick and Mike may just need to chew off their own legs to escape the terror of this week's episode. So bend over, grab your ankles, and prepare to be brutally f-ed by the SAW franchise.
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DVD Verdict 701 - The Friday Filibuster (Time Travelin' Man)

October 29,2010
When Dave disappears into the timestream, it's up to Mac, Erich, and Mike to discover whether he's the one responsible for a cell phone appearing in Charlie Chaplin's The Circus and faulty playback problems with Twilight Zone: Season One on Blu-ray.
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DVD Verdict 700 - Blast Processing! (Happy Birthday PS2)

October 28,2010
Steve, Jon, and Adam are here to satiate your need for geekspeak with tales of tomfoolery! Jon and Steve love Vanquish AKA: GREATEST GAME EVAH! Steve has been playing the ever loving hell out of Arcania: Gothic 4, and has dipped his toes into the ice cold waters of Albion with Fable III, and Adam is exercising his brain muscles with Super Scribblenauts NOW WITH TASTY ADJECTIVES! and 40% less salt! We also take some time out to pay homage to the black colossus that is the Playstation 2, which turns 10 this week! *Blast Processing theme song by Dan "String Vulture" Moore
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DVD Verdict 699 - Revenge of the Son of the View from the Halloween Couch

October 27,2010
It's another Dixon family Halloween special, complete with guest appearances and atmospheric mood music, as Kent and Michelle recall experiences from All Hallows' Eve past, present, and possible futures. Boo!
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DVD Verdict 698 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Matt Damon)

October 26,2010
This week, Clark explores the career of actor Matt Damon, offering musical selections from The Rainmaker, Courage Under Fire, All the Pretty Horses, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Saving Private Ryan, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Brothers Grimm and Invictus. In addition, Clint Eastwood's Hereafter is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 697 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Three)

October 25,2010
Our regular contrarians, David and Dan, are joined by guest a-hole Judge Dave Ryan, to tackle the 16th and 15th slots in our Top 20 countdown of action movies you'll hate if you drive a Prius. The first is a bit of tongue-in-cheek exploitation, while second may be the last good film James Cameron will ever make. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 696 - F This Movie! (Let the Right One In / Let Me In)

October 23,2010
This week, Patrick and JB engage in some international f-ing, as they compare and contrast the vampiric magic of Tomas Alfredson's Let the Right One In and the bloodletting of Matt Reeves' American remake Let Me In.
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DVD Verdict 695 - The Friday Filibuster (Troll 2 Commentary)

October 22,2010
In the spirit of the Halloween season, our four intrepid filibuster-ers -- Dave, Mac, Erich, and Mike -- forego their normal format and undertake their great challenge yet: a feature-length commentary of the worst movie ever made... Troll 2. Load your copy and join in the fun!
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DVD Verdict 694 - Blast Processing! (Happy Birthday NES)

October 21,2010
Steve, Jon, and Blair (the Newfie trio) Celebrate 25 years of the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM on this very special episode of Blast Processing. What were our favorite NES experiences? Least favorite? What is the "Clash at Demonhead rule"? Tune in and find out! *Blast Processing theme song by Dan "String Vulture" Moore
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DVD Verdict 693 - View from the Couch (Ride the Snow White Powder)

October 20,2010
After regaling us with ski stories of years past, Kent and Michelle settle into details on the Alien prequel, a darker Snow White, Nathan Fillion's interest in Drake's Fortune, Hulk smash ABC TV, it's not easy being green-lit Hobbit, and reviews of The Wraith (Greaties of the '80s), Beauty and the Beast (Blu-ray), and How to Train Your Dragon.
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DVD Verdict 692 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

October 19,2010
This week, Clark spotlights another batch of new and recent releases, offering selections from 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Tamara Drewe, Legacy, A Step Out of Line, The Brotherhood of the Bell, The Wicker Man, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, A Gathering of Eagles, and Human Target. In addition, the geriatric action-thriller Red is reviewed. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 691 - Objection! (Action Movies Despised by Prius Owners, Part Two)

October 18,2010
The countdown continues! Judges David Johnson and Dan Mancini tick off the 18th and 17th most hated Action Movies, as decided upon by Toyota Prius owners. The former is actually a legendary cinematic trilogy, while the latter features an '80s alpha male the likes of whom we've not seen since. BTW, this podcast is underwritten by a grant from the Old White Man Cabal.
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DVD Verdict 690 - F This Movie! (Horror Movie Marathon)

October 16,2010
Have you ever watched 13 films back-to-back? Our heroes just have. Slap happy and sleep deprived, Patrick and JB attempt to coherently piece together their thoughts on surviving 24 hours of horror movies at Chicago's legendary Music Box Theater and the sixth annual Music Box Massacre.
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DVD Verdict 689 - The Friday Filibuster (The Agony of G.I. Joe and the Ecstasy of Sweet Tea)

October 15,2010
Even with an inordinate amount of time spent hypothetically pitting pro sports team mascots against each other, Dave, Mac, Erich, and Mike still find time to indulge in GI Joe and Stephen King marathons, stuff that f-ed us up as kids, voodoo hijinks, riding the bell clanger, killer plants, Weekend at Bernies 2, and accepting responsibility for the curse of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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DVD Verdict 688 - Blast Processing! (Your princess is in another Castlevania)

October 14,2010
Steve, Jon, and Blair are back with an epic-length barn burner of an episode. Some more discussion of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow leads to spirited debate on the true nature of the series. Some more talk of classic series reborn on modern consoles, and still plenty of time for Enslaved and Medal of Honor. And Steve calls out IGN for the second week in a row.
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DVD Verdict 687 - View from the Couch (No Ordinary Pretty Boys)

October 13,2010
Recovering from their Canadian Thanksgiving feast, Kent and Michelle engage in a US geography lesson before settling into Halloween birthday plans; Couch Entertainment News -- Hulk becomes the new Hamlet, Batman heads to New Orleans, Harry Potter stuck in 2D, David O. Russell navigates Uncharted waters; and a review of ABC's No Ordinary Family.
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DVD Verdict 686 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Horsin' Around)

October 12,2010
This week, Clark pays tribute to cinema's equine heroes by spotlighting selections from Hidalgo, Dreamer, Flicka, Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Black Beauty and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. In addition, he reviews the new inspirational drama Secretariat. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 685 - Objection! (Action Heroes Despised by Prius Owners, Part One)

October 11,2010
Judges Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini, the world's foremost contrarian a-holes, embark upon a multi-episode mission counting down The 20 Most Hated Action Heroes, as decided upon by Toyota Prius owners. Why, you might ask? We scoff at the question and say, Why not?! That's just the kind of a-holery you'll find in great abundance on this show. But I digress... Part One of this series identifies the two films holding the number 19 and 20 slots. While I won't spoil the surprise, I will say one is family-oriented, and the other a real heart-wrencher. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 684 - F This Movie! (The Goonies)

October 09,2010
Patrick and Doug do the worst thing ever. After mixing a pot of fake puke, they went to a local theater showing The Goonies, climbed up to the balcony, and subsequently puked all over the movie and its audience's joy. You may find their comments sacrilege, but that's why F This Movie! is here; giving rise to a voice not often heard, but materializing thoughts and opinions you know you've been feeling.
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DVD Verdict 683 - The Friday Filibuster (Do they still make Alpo?)

October 08,2010
In a very special Columbus Day episode, the boys share their celebration plans, review No Ordinary Family and The Social Network, catch up on Zombieland and Robin Hood, share their love for Atari game covers, discuss narcissistic TV show titles, cite the best and worst examples of sports on screen, divulge their weirdest experiences after watching a horror film, plot a scathing expose of DynaTox, and answer the burning question... who was the fish that save Pittsburgh?
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DVD Verdict 682 - Blast Processing! (Live from the Fortress of Solitude)

October 07,2010
Steve and Jon are joined by fellow Newfoundland resident (oh great... another one) and recent addition to the crew, Blair Farrell. After mangling the intro, we get right into what's been fed into our gaming machines -- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Batman: The Brave and the Bold -- and Steve samples some Medal of Honor. Jon then takes control and delivers a missive regarding current review trends. Are games being overscored on hype and underscored due to nostalgia? How do you feel? Give a listen, let us know how you feel Konami fared with their Castlevania reboot, and what's up with those low review scores? Does IGN stand for "I Got Narcotics"?
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DVD Verdict 681 - View from the Couch (Bieber Baggins)

October 06,2010
After putting their motorhome out to pasture and tangling with Edmonton police, Kent and Michelle muster the energy to talk celebrity deaths, Justin Bieber, Disney's Magic Kingdom, David Kelly's Wonder Woman, Ghost Rider 2, Men in Black 3, Spider-man 4, and review Adventures in Babysitting as one of their not-so-greaties of the '80s.
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DVD Verdict 680 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (John Morris)

October 05,2010
This week, Clark spotlights the music of underappreciated composer John Morris, offering selections from Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, Silent Movie, High Anxiety, The Scarlet Letter and The Elephant Man. In addition, Clark reviews David Fincher's acclaimed drama The Social Network. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 679 - Objection! (Neutered Action Heroes)

October 04,2010
Judges Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini, the Verdict's supreme contrarian a-holes, return to lambast Hollywood's pansy-assed action heroes.
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DVD Verdict 678 - F These Movies for All Hallows' Eve!

October 02,2010
With the October upon us, Patrick and JB offer up a passionately in-depth F-ing of the best and worst films to choose from this Halloween season. Don't get tricked and you'll enjoy the treats!
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DVD Verdict 677 - The Friday Filibuster (Avoid the Noid)

October 01,2010
Recalling fond pizza memories from years past, Dave, Mac, and Erich, still find time to discuss what to look for at theaters in October, classic Tales from the Crypt, ridiculous reality TV ghost hunters, a new Ken Burns baseball documentary, steep mountain climbing, and TV shows deserving a gritty behind-the-scenes documentary. Plus: Mac goes off the rails and trashes the acting skills of Michael Chiklis.
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DVD Verdict 676 - Blast Processing! (Drums in the Deep)

September 30,2010
The Pixel Verdict boys are cleaning up the mess left behind by Hurricane Igor, but still find time to talk Enslaved, Acania: Gothic 4, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, Minecraft, and more.
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DVD Verdict 675 - View from the Couch (Hawaiian Frankenweenie Roast)

September 29,2010
Fresh from a drive-thru rear-ending, Kent discovers CostCo smells of muffins and tires, Michelle visits Talos IV, casting gets underway for Tim Burton's stop-motion Frankenweenie, Kate Beckinsale returns to Underworld, CBS re-launches Hawaii Five-O, and we fall prey to vicious rant on re-imaginings and drawn-out mythologies.
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DVD Verdict 674 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Michael Douglas)

September 28,2010
This week, Clark explores the career of actor Michael Douglas, offering musical selections from Coma, Black Rain, Wonder Boys, Don't Say a Word, Romancing the Stone, Fatal Attraction, Falling Down, The Ghost and the Darkness, A Perfect Murder, and The War of the Roses. Plus, Clark examines Douglas' return to the iconic role of Gordon Gecko in Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 673 - Objection! (X-Files, Lost, and Mythology TV)

September 27,2010
Powered by limitless contrarian a-holery, Judges Dave Johnson, Dan Mancini, and special guest Chief Justice Michael Stailey, dare to stir the hornets nest of fandom for The X-Files, Lost, and other such mythology-drenched shows by proving that none are capable of sustaining multi-season story arcs and delivering satisfying conclusions.
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DVD Verdict 672 - F This Movie! (Grindhouse)

September 25,2010
Patrick cuts off Doug's leg, replaces it with a machine gun, and steals Kurt Russell's car in order to give Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse double feature -- Planet Terror and Death Proof -- the badass F-ing it truly deserves.
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DVD Verdict 671 - The Friday Filibuster (Not So Eventful)

September 24,2010
Dave, Mac, and Mike convene trash talk the new Fall television season (Mike & Molly, The Chase, The Event, Castle, Fringe), the idiocy of flipper discs, TV and movie jobs you would never want, and a bad movie pop quiz.
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DVD Verdict 670 - View from the Couch (That Prince is a Queen)

September 22,2010
Live and direct from their master bathroom, Kent and Michelle are back to discuss the latest entertainment news, chastise James Cameron's latest underwater adventure, desensitize the scare factor of Halloween, and review Jake Gyllenhaal in Disney's Prince of Persia. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 669 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Beantown)

September 21,2010
This week, Clark travels to the great state of Massachusetts, spotlighting music from films set in Boston. You'll hear selections from Gone Baby Gone, A Civil Action, Edge of Darkness, The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Blown Away, The Verdict, War of the Worlds (2005), Little Children, and The Town (which is also reviewed). Enjoy the trip!
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DVD Verdict 668 - Objection! (Timothy Dalton as James Bond)

September 20,2010
Verdict's contrarian a-holes (Dan Mancini, Dave Johnson, and special guest Mike Rubino) truly put their necks on the line this week, as they trash the work of Sir Roger Moore in an attempt to bolster their position that Timothy Dalton was a better James Bond. For more a-holery, visit the Objection! Facebook fan page.
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DVD Verdict 667 - F This Movie! (Cabin Fever)

September 18,2010
After spraying each other down with Off and stocking up on the ingredients for s'mores, Patrick and Doug head into the woods to F the heck out of Eli Roth's directorial debut -- Cabin Fever. Young campers, please be advised this is an adults-only resort, despite one of the counselors being a teen heartthrob and star of the hit ABC series Boy Meets World.
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DVD Verdict 666 - The Friday Filibuster

September 17,2010
Join Dave, Erich, Mike, and Michael as they rage on Rush, undress Woody Allen, reanimate the living dead, discover NASA is behind the 3D conspiracy, taste something awful from The Black Cauldron, honor the comedic genius of Carl Weathers, remake classic TV for cable, and so much more. Don't forget: You can enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 665 - Blast Processing! (You are not red-E)

September 16,2010
Join Adam, Jon, and Steve as they celebrate the 15th birthday of Sony's little grey video game thingamajig. The boys get nostalgic, sharing their early experiences with the PSX, and how it affected their gaming habits. You may learn something new from our "15 facts about Playstation," or not. We close it all out with the boys choosing their favorite game of the Playstation era. Enjoy this heartfelt look back at the history and the life of the system that some feel revolutionized gaming, and legitimized the passion of playing games as more than just kid's stuff. *Blast Processing theme song by Dan "String Vulture" Moore
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DVD Verdict 664 - View from the Couch (Honey, I Shrunk the Vajayjay)

September 15,2010
The embarrassment is palpable this week, as Michelle explores Paris Hilton's hidden drug stash and tries to remember who stars in Grease, while Kent cops to never having seen Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. But reviews of Salt and Flight of the Navigator help put out favorite married Canadian couple back on track. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 663 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

September 14,2010
It's time for another new and recent releases show, as Clark spotlights selections from I Am Love, Pirahna 3-D, Revolution (1985), The Expendables, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, and Supernatural. Plus: a review of Robert Rodriguez' violent exploitation flick Machete. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 662 - Objection! (Die Hard 2)

September 13,2010
From snowmobiles on a snow covered tarmac, our frostbitten contrarians (Dan Mancini and Dave Johnson) are about to get an assist from the Canadian cavalry (Judge Steve Power), in a last minute ditch effort to defend the hard-R majesty of Die Hard 2. For more a-holery, visit the Objection! Facebook fan page.
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DVD Verdict 661 - F This Movie! (Bull Durham)

September 11,2010
Hey batter batter batter batter batter... saaawiiing batter!! Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host Alex Lawson oil up the leather and slather on the pine tar for a good ol' fashioned f-ing of the classic baseball romcom Bull Durham. Play ball! For more f-ing, visit fthismovie.blogspot.com
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DVD Verdict 660 - The Friday Filibuster (It Better Not Be Spider Babies...)

September 10,2010
While making light of Erich's horribly disturbing yet mysterious facial disfigurement, Dave suffers through 90 min of Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, Mac bemoans a less than compelling Heoric Age, a painful dog-sitting of Marmaduke, envisioning Family Circus du Soleil, favorite Kong-sploitation memories, name your own memoirs, and teen careers you'd want nothing to do with. Don't forget: You can enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 659 - Blast Processing! (Divisible by Eleven)

September 09,2010
Join Steve, Adam, Jon, and Dave as we get together and waste an hour or so of your time. Jon and Steve spend some time with Canada's favorite pastime. No, not that one... Hockey, you fools (NHL 11 to be more specific)! Steve's been playing a top secret game, and Dave shares his thoughts on Dead Rising 2: Case Zero while Adam shares his thoughts on the cellophane wrapper that still protects his copy of Metroid: Other M from the harsh Canadian climate. The real meat and potatoes comes with the team's discussion of their favorite beginnings and endings from videogamedom. *SPOILER ALERT* There's also some cussin' and talk of a God of War inspired adult film. There's Heavenly Sword, Oblivion, Metal Gear, Darksiders, Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, and so much more in this SPOILER packed episode! Blast Processing theme song by Dan "String Vulture" Moore
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DVD Verdict 658 - View from the Couch (They're Back!)

September 08,2010
Canada's favorite podcasting parents (with children) return from a three week absence loaded with reviews. Entertainment news? Not this week. Just creepy Clint Howard in classic Star Trek, unhappy toddlers top a lousy print of Despicable Me, and The A-Team reveals a long-time crush Michelle had on George Peppard. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 657 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1991)

September 06,2010
Clark returns with his own time machine and travels back to the year 1991, to feature music from such films as Sleeping with the Enemy, JFK, City Slickers, The Silence of the Lambs, Little Man Tate, Bugsy, and Backdraft. Plus: a review of the meditative George Clooney film The American. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 656 - Objection! (The 13th Warrior)

September 06,2010
From behind their contrarian battlements, Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini emerge swords swinging alongside hired assassin Steve Power, defending to the death their love for John McTiernan's testosterone-fueled 13th Warrior. For more a-holery, visit the Objection! Facebook fan page.
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DVD Verdict 655 - F This Summer!

September 04,2010
Join Judge Patrick Bromley and his co-hosts Doug and J.B. as they unleash a well-deserved f-ing upon Hollywood for delivering such a dismal lineup of summer movies. From an Inception high to the torture of Grown-Ups, no film is safe from their wrath.
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DVD Verdict 654 - The Friday Filibuster, M.D.

September 03,2010
As Dave suffers through a potential concussion, Erich and Mac try to decipher why Michael Cera became the breakout star of Arrested Development; define the 1980s Axis of Evil as Satanism, Refrigerators, and NASA; and discover that Steve Power lives in Bizarro World, and The Emmys ruin everything. Plus: Reviews of Henson's Place, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, Flash Forward, Smallville: Season 9, Movie and TV MMORPGs, High-Jumping Characters, and Shameless Marketing.
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DVD Verdict 653 - David Spade

September 02,2010
With the fall television series rapidly approaching, Michael pays a visit to the set of CBS' Rules of Engagement for an open and honest talk with David Spade about the series, the entertainment business, 8 Simple Rules, SNL, Chris Farley, and more.
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DVD Verdict 652 - View from the Couch (Dancing with the Replacements)

September 01,2010
Kent and Michelle remain AWOL for a third consecutive week, but Michael and Melissa step in to stop the bleeding, with talk of The Emmys; the new cast of Dancing with the Stars; a look back at the summer movie and TV seasons; trouble for Paris, Lindsay, and Sly; and a look ahead to Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 651 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (The Macabre)

August 31,2010
In a rare flashback episode, Clark revisits the eerie sounds of cinematic horror, spotlighting music from Wait Until Dark, Tales from the Hood, Spider Baby, The Stendhal Syndrome, The Orphanage, Damien: Omen II, Candyman, Darkness Falls, The Ninth Gate, The Fog, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 650 - Objection! (Rambo III)

August 30,2010
Our resident contrarian a-holes (Dave Johnson and Dan Mancini) are back, armed to the teeth with Judge Mike Rubino in tow, to take down anyone who dares claim Rambo III is an inferior action film.
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DVD Verdict 649 - F This Movie! (The Expendables)

August 28,2010
Lock and load, as a freshly buff Judge Patrick Bromley and new co-host Mark Ahn let loose their roid rage on Sylvester Stallone's latest action-packed epic The Expendables.
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DVD Verdict 648 - The Friday Filibuster (My Vampire Beard)

August 27,2010
Erich gets around to watching Memento, Mac chainsmokes Dexter, and Dave reveals his teen girl crush on Vampire Diaries. Plus: Reviews of Lost: Season Six, Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 8, Roger Corman's Starcrash on Blu-ray, Unimposing villains, Lovable bad guys, and favorite fictional islands.
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DVD Verdict 647 - Blast Processing! (2 Player Co-Op Edition)

August 26,2010
Steve and Jon tackle this episode Co-op style while Adam ventures across the frozen tundra of Greenland to rescue rare sea birds. Jon's been playing a lot of Ys Seven on his PSP, and Steve got a little quality time in with Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, Mafia II, and makes a second attempt at Final Fantasy XIII. They both have some early thoughts on the first hour or so of Metroid: Other M to share as well. After that comes discussion of Gamescom, Europe's biggest video game conference. What rocked? What sucked? Listen and learn. This one is much better than the last time we let these two run an episode. Blast Processing theme song by Dan "String Vulture" Moore.
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DVD Verdict 646 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Vic Mizzy, Billy May)

August 24,2010
It's two for the price of one this week, as Clark places the spotlight on composers Vic Mizzy and Billy May. In addition to spotlighting such well-known works as The Addams Family, The Green Hornet, and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, the show also explores some of the duo's less well-known music from outside the world of film and television. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 645 - Objection! (Sudden Death)

August 23,2010
Judge Mike Rubino becomes the latest inductee into the realm of contrarian a-holery, joining Dave and Dan on the ice for a slapshot defense of the Jean-Claude Van Damme hockey epic Sudden Death. And don't forget to visit the show's official Facebook fan page.
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DVD Verdict 644 - F This Movie! (Ghostbusters)

August 21,2010
From dramatic Dark Knights to comedic dark nights, Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host J.B. suit up and cross their streams for a total protonic f-ing of the one... the only... Ghostbusters. You know, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!Email your comments, complaints, and suggestions to fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com
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DVD Verdict 643 - The Friday Filibuster

August 20,2010
Erich experiences his own Life on Mars, as he's thrust into hosting the show in an alternate universe where Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" is hot on the stacks of wax, Mike recreates scenes from Early Edition on the streets of Chicago, and everyone keeps coyly referring to "The Big Movie," as if anticipating Voldemort's final bad guy death scene. Plus! Ultimate movie mashups, scenes from the docks, terrible rear-projection special effects, inappropriate music selections, and the horrors of modern-day camping. Don't forget: You can enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 642 - Blast Processing! (Idiomz)

August 19,2010
It's a smorgasbord of downloadable titles, mobile apps, and terrible ideas as Jon, Dave, and Erich slog through the gaming doldrums of August. Games discussed include Civilization Revolution for iPod, Basketball Shot for Droid, Family Feud, Dead Space, and a lengthy review of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Plus, the killer iPhone app the world has been waiting for: the Snake Eyes in Drag Dress-Up Doll!
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DVD Verdict 641 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Grab Bag)

August 17,2010
It's a free-for-all this week as Clark digs into his bottomless grab-bag and pulls out musical selections from Hellraiser III, Where Eagles Dare, The Fox, Duel at Diablo, Angela's Ashes, Tears of the Sun, The Fortune Cookie, A Time to Die, Stargate, and The Karate Kid II. In addition, he reviews Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 640 - Objection! (Jurassic Park 3)

August 16,2010
Grab a slab of brontosaurus ribs, a case of beer, and your William H. Macy fan club sweatshirt, because our resident contrarian a-holes -- David Johnson, Dan Mancini, and special guest Patrick Bromley -- are about to try defending the merits of Jurassic Park 3. In the meantime, Be sure to visit the show's official Facebook fan page.
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DVD Verdict 639 - F This Movie! (The Dark Knight)

August 14,2010
The Christopher Nolan love-fest continues, as Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host Alex Lawson get all up in Christian Bale's business for a down and dirty f-ing of The Dark Knight. Portions presented in audio IMAX 3D. Email your comments, complaints, and suggestions to... fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com
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DVD Verdict 638 - The Friday Filibuster (Camp Toxic Waste)

August 13,2010
Dave, Mac, and Michael check in for a week at Camp Toxic Waste to create their own B-movies, reminisce about their favorite Jason Voorhees deaths and resurrections, pilot giant robots, and so much more!
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DVD Verdict 637 - Blast Processing! (The Getting Old 'Cast)

August 12,2010
While Steve is on vacation, Erich breaks into the studio to record a podcast filled with rants and ramblings about not having time to play games and other side effects of getting old. He is joined by fellow old-timers Adam and Tim, who manage to calm gramps down long enough to talk about Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake, and the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion.
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DVD Verdict 636 - View from the Couch (Kent's Canvas Camp Chairs)

August 11,2010
Chestnut and Mahogany Dixon return from a week away to satisfy your couples stream-of-consciousness deficiency. Hot, sweaty, claustrophobic purging aside, our dynamic duo peruse the world of entertainment to discuss Emma Thompson's sidewalk star, James Cameron's novel, shelving Star Wars TV, binging on Jurassic Park, Star Trek visits Mayberry, and a review of Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.
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DVD Verdict 635 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

August 10,2010
This week, Clark digs into another batch of new and recent releases, spotlighting compelling music written for such recently-released films as Knight and Day, The Last Airbender, La Mission, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The A-Team, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Predators. In additional, Clark reviews the latest Will Ferrell/Adam McKay collaboration The Other Guys. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 634 - Objection! (Termminator 3)

August 09,2010
The world's foremost contrarian a-holes -- Judges David Johnson, Dan Mancini, and special guest Patrick Bromley -- bring out the heavy artillery to lay down cover for The Governator and director Jonathan Mostow, in their defense of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
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DVD Verdict 633 - F This Movie! (Inception)

August 07,2010
This may all just be a dream, but Judge Patrick Bromley and his co-host J.B. attempt to wrap their brains (and ours) around Christopher Nolan's Inception, the overwhelming audience reaction, and the inevitable intellectual backlash that's resulted. Email your comments, complaints, and suggestions to... fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com
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DVD Verdict 632 - The Friday Filibuster (Fun with Sleep Deprivation)

August 06,2010
As Dave falls into a zombie-like trance, Mike is forced to take the wheel from the back seat, hurtling the show headlong into uncharted territory and frightening off-road revelations like Erich is an unwitting serial animal slayer; Mac has a fetish for long white boxes; and the greatest band you've never heard is Tootie-Khan and the Sex Trees. Plus: Most hated reviews, Really scary clowns, Characters who should have their man-cards revoked, and Knockoffs of current box office favorites. Enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 631 - Blast Processing! (Nuclear Launch Detected)

August 05,2010
Pixel Verdict's resident Canadian corps returns for another week of hating the things you love, and they bring along a bitchin' new theme song courtesy of Dan Moore. Jon and Steve reveal their sense of malaise over Starcraft II, leading into a discussion on the Real Time Strategy genre, and whether or not it's a dead horse. If so, how can it be saved? Steve talks some DeathSpank, and farmers looking for pooh! Meanwhile, Adam puts the kibosh on Dragon Quest (Warrior) IX. Plus: This week's random inquiry asks, "What was the last great Sega game?" Madness follows, and Jon says some very, very bad things.
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DVD Verdict 630 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Mark McKenzie)

August 03,2010
This week, Clark spotlights the music of composer Mark McKenzie, offering selections from Warlock: The Armageddon, Silver Bells, Blizzard, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, The Last Sin Eater, Dragonheart: A New Beginning, The Ultimate Gift and The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca. In addition, Clark reviews the new comedy Dinner for Schmucks.
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DVD Verdict 629 - Objection! (James Cameron is not God's gift to film)

August 02,2010
The world's leading contrarian a-holes are faced with their biggest challenge yet -- proving that director James Cameron is not God's gift to film. Judges Dave Johnson, Dan Mancini, and special guest Dave Ryan explain in great detail why Cameron's last decent film was Terminator 2.
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DVD Verdict 628 - F This Movie! (The Wolfman)

July 31,2010
Judge Patrick Bromley and special guest -- the mysterious John -- sink their fangs into a heady dissection of the much maligned Wolfman remake, and how it compares to the original 1941 Universal Monsters classic. Email your comments, complaints, and suggestions to... fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com
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DVD Verdict 627 - The Friday Filibuster (Oye! I Got the Motts)

July 30,2010
After an intense analysis of the advances in apple juice manufacturing, this AARP-inspired short bus of an episode finds Erich catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm while enjoying a succulent Giant Peach, Mac getting himself on "The Facebook" to befriend Roger Corman, Mike enjoying Red Dead Revolver from the front seat of his Battle Truck, and Dave revisiting Police Academy 3 to wash away the stink of Heroes: Season 4. Plus: Creating new alternate endings for popular movies; a product pitch for MacGyver Hero on Nintendo Wii; movies about giant killer objects; and Australians. Enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 626 - Blast Processing! (Fear our Shaq Fu!)

July 29,2010
Join Steve, Dave, and Jon as they work the mic like vandals. Dave is (again) a PS3 owner, thus making the entire PixelVerdict Crew a bunch of namby-pamby fence sitting panzies who refuse to choose ONE side in the great World Console Wars. Dave rocks the DJ Hero (Renegade Version bitches! Fo' Reals!), Jon plays some archaic fighting games, and Steve takes Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for a spin. Random questions persist, as Steve asks for some "Ultimate Fighting game throw downs", and Dave wants to know about the cheapest bossfights in video game history! Damn you Heihachi Mishima!Opening Music: "Your Touch" by The Black Keys; Closing Music: "500 Years" by Hardliner.
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DVD Verdict 625 - View from the Couch (In the Twilight of our New Moon)

July 28,2010
In the fading twilight of Comic Con 2010, Kent and Michelle hit the interwebs for the weirdest dog barks, Guillermo Del Toro's plans for Disney's Haunted Mansion, hunting animated French dragons, even more classic Star Trek on Blu-ray, and a bloodthirsty review of New Moon. Email your questions, comments, and suggestions to Kent and Michelle. And be sure to check out their official site at ViewFromTheCouch.com.
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DVD Verdict 624 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Angelina Jolie)

July 27,2010
Clark explores the career of actress Angelina Jolie, offering musical selections from The Bone Collector, True Women, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Wanted, Kung-Fu Panda, Beyond Borders, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Alexander, and Beowulf. Plus, Clark makes time to review Angelina's latest summer blockbuster, Salt. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 623 - Objection! (In Defense of Jar Jar Binks)

July 26,2010
Adding professional dillweedery to their already impressive arsenal, the internet's leading contrarian a-holes are back to defend the indefensible. However, this week's challenge may just prove their undoing, as Dave, Dan, and special guest Dave Ryan attempt to exonerate... nay, justify the very existence of Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks. But first, to balance the scales, they join the masses in celebrating the work of director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).
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DVD Verdict 622 - F This Movie! (Signs)

July 25,2010
Patrick and Alex deconstruct the madness surrounding M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, starring two actors who subsequently went batsh*t-crazy -- Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. Coincidence or conspiracy? You make the call.
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DVD Verdict 621 - The Friday Filibuster (The Inception of Fashionably Late Reviews)

July 23,2010
Dave, Mac, and Mike go spoilerifically in depth on Christopher Nolan's Inception, but only after Erich offers his fashionably late review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Michael teases the forthcoming Verdict redesign, and everyone provides their thoughts on bizarre Adult Swim shows, movies and TV that inspire random acts of violence, villains who suffer fates worth that death, and more.
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DVD Verdict 620 - Blast Processing! Ultimate Dragon Quest Warrior

July 22,2010
After a week of Summer Vacation, Steve, Jon, and Adam return, with talk of obscure WWE wrestlers from the '90s. Adam shares thoughts on Dragon Quest (Warrior!) IX, Jon is a generation behind with Dragon Quest (Warrior!) VIII, and Steve finally puts Mass Effect 2 to bed. The boys celebrate a banner first half of the year by picking their favourite games thus far, which games they are most looking forward to most, and which awesome game you ungrateful bastards have yet been bothered to play. Opening Music: Overture by Koichi Sugiyama from "Dragon Quest VIII" by Level 5/Square-Enix. Closing Music: Selbina by Naoshi Mizuta from "Final Fantasy XI" by Square-Enix.
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DVD Verdict 619 - View from the Couch (Back to Life, Back to Surreality)

July 21,2010
Vacation is over for Kent and Michelle, who have already begun planning for early retirement. Until then, they have to deal with new jobs, lost keys, life with tweens, more classic Star Trek on Blu-ray, and a long overdue review of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Email your questions, comments, and suggestions to Kent and Michelle. And be sure to check out their official site at ViewFromTheCouch.com.
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DVD Verdict 618 - Sounds and Sights of Cinema (Mind Benders)

July 20,2010
This week, Clark explores music from mind-bending movies, offering selections from The Matrix, Altered States, Synecdoche, New York, Dead Ringers, The Game, Jacob's Ladder, Inland Empire, Dark City, and Inception -- which is also reviewed on the program. So sit back, relax, and get bent!
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DVD Verdict 617 - Objection! (Escape from LA)

July 19,2010
Judges David Johnson and Dan Mancini, the internet's most sought after experts in the realm of contrarian a-holery, welcome in special guest analyst Brett Cullum to defend the unappreciated greatness that is John Carpenter's bitterly satirical Escape from LA.
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DVD Verdict 616 - F This Movie! (Showgirls)

July 17,2010
Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host Doug Schultz strap on their g-strings and twirl their pasties to every shining moment of Paul Verhoeven's brilliant disaster... Showgirls. Comments, complaints, or suggestions? Email fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com. (Warning! These boys have filthy mouths and bad attitudes)
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DVD Verdict 615 - The Friday Filibuster (Simple Tina)

July 16,2010
With sharpened pitchforks and lighted torches, the boys take on the unjustified Emmy nominees, before settling into a week's worth of life on the entertainment fringe. Dave and Patrick direct much love towards Predators and epic-hate at Chris Klein's Caught in the Crossfire; Erich takes a Look Around his magical library; Mac compares and contrasts Marvel and DC's direct-to-DVD movies. Plus: Favorite educational TV shows, genre all-star match-ups, favorite musical numbers from non-musical movies, and another exciting round of Batman versus. Enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 614 - View from the Couch (The Cult of RV)

July 14,2010
Before packing up the new motor home and heading off on vacation, The Dixons record a new episode in which they analyze the Highland Games, Shatner's toupee, IMAX horses, real vampires, and interplanetary travel. Email your questions, comments, and suggestions to Kent and Michelle. And be sure to check out their official site at ViewFromTheCouch.com.
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DVD Verdict 613 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (1966)

July 13,2010
This week, Clark jumps in his film music time machine once again and travels back to the year 1966. You'll hear selections from The Sand Pebbles, How to Steal a Million, Born Free, The Big Gundown, Khartoum, The Blue Max, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Hawaii. After that, Clark jungle treks back to the present for a review of Predators. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 612 - PSYCH's Maggie Lawson and Tim Omundson

July 12,2010
Still on Psych the set in Vancouver, Chief Justice Michael Stailey transmits these interviews with series regulars Maggie Lawson and Tim Omundson.
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DVD Verdict 611 - Objection! (Flash Gordon)

July 12,2010
As the leading podcast of contrarian a-holery, Judges David Johnson and Dan Mancini rise to the challenge in their defense of the universally viewed cheese-fest that is director Mike Hodges' 1980 interpretation of Flash Gordon. There's even some dissent in the ranks, as Dan feels the film's laugh factor was intentional, a charge Dave vehemently denies. But a ringer, in the form of guest Judge Brett Cullum, is about to drop the hammer on this entire argument.
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DVD Verdict 610 - PSYCH's James Roday and Dule Hill

July 11,2010
Direct from the set in Vancouver, Chief Justice Michael Stailey brings you interviews with Psych series producers and lead actors James Roday and Dule Hill.
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DVD Verdict 609 - F This Movie! (Crash)

July 10,2010
Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host Alex Lawson go careening through the streets of Los Angeles, on an F This Movie! collision course with the controversial film Crash. Comments, complaints, or suggestions? Email fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com. (Just be warned: As Sister May Stigmata would say, "These boys have filthy mouths and bad attitudes!")
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DVD Verdict 608 - The Friday Filibuster (The Heat is On!)

July 09,2010
A sultry gathering reveals many things: Mike pops his Gymkata cherry, to offset a documentary addiction; Erich sees the world through Blu colored glasses, and really hates major time jumps in television series; Mac hires The Guild to euthanize a Robin Hood who battles aliens; Dave crushes on Christopher Nolan, while "partying" with George Clooney. Plus: Characters who are thirsty. Memorable collars. Movies that would benefit from Smell-o-vision. Crafting an action franchise for superstar athletes. Enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 607 - Blast Processing! Welcome to Planet Earth

July 08,2010
Erich returns from a fictional African sabbatical where he gave birth to a giraffe, only to finish Alan Wake, experiment with OnLive, and purchase his very own PS3. Jon succumbs to Sin and Punishment. Adam buys several games, but plays none of them. And Steve has been elevated to "Expert" on Rock Band. Plus: Top 10 Games we long to play to completion; Fond memories of obscure arcade games; and revealing your true self to the World of Warcraft.
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DVD Verdict 606 - Scooby-Doo creators Joe Ruby and Ken Spears

July 07,2010
Chief Justice Michael Stailey heads back into the archives for an interview with animation legends Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, to talk about the early days of Hanna-Barbera, the origins of Scooby-Doo, what happened to the series after they left the studio... oh yeah, and a little something about a show called Thundarr the Barbarian.
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DVD Verdict 605 - The Sounds and Sights of Cinema (New and Recent Releases)

July 06,2010
There might not but a movie review this week, but that doesn't stop Clark from delivering a full hour of new and recently released film music. You'll hear selections from new films like Robin Hood, Don McKay, The Karate Kid (2010), Toy Story 3, and Shrek Forever After, plus re-mastered tracks from The Edge and Robocop. Enjoy!
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DVD Verdict 604 - Objection! (Reign of Fire)

July 05,2010
Judges David Johnson and Steve Power put their powers of persuasion to use defending the 2002 Disney fantasy/adventure Reign of Fire, starring Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler, under the direction of The X-Files' Rob Bowman.
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DVD Verdict 603 - Celebrate America

July 04,2010
Chief Justice Michael Stailey revisits this cinematic tribute to American Independence with music and highlights from familiar and forgotten classics of the big and small screen.
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DVD Verdict 602 - F This Movie! (The Matrix Reloaded)

July 03,2010
Judge Patrick Bromley and co-host Alex Lawson slick back their hair and put on their leathers for a kamikaze dive into the world of The Wachowski's -- Matrix Reloaded. (Those with delicate sensibilities be forewarned: These boys use strong language.) Comments, complaints, or suggestions? Email fthismoviepodcast(at)gmail.com.
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DVD Verdict 601 - The Friday Filibuster (An Organic Tapestry of Banana Grabbers)

July 02,2010
As Dave awaits a precarious gastric event, Erich queries his colleagues on their condiments of choice, and Mac tickles his Chandu. In entertainment-related discussion, you'll hear a review of Toy Story 3 and powerful storytelling of Pixar, the return of Futurama and Make it or Break it, coming in late but no less excited about Fringe, a mysterious third film in Chandu franchise, mining laughter from Red vs. Blue, The Wiggles begin a quest for world domination, action movies set in the snow, and on-screen patriotism runs rampant. Enjoy the madness all week long on the Friday Filibuster Facebook page.
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DVD Verdict 600 - Blast Processing! (Time-Traveling Transformers and Communist Aliens)

July 01,2010
The Newfoundland boys are left to their own devices this week -- may God have mercy on your souls. Steve really likes Singularity, which allows you to crank back time on a top secret island where the Red Army conducted all kinds of spooky experiments. Jon is digging on Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, which is full of bizarre kids who may or may not be aliens, robots, or amnesiacs. Both share their thoughts on Transformers: War for Cybertron, before the rest of our show is devoted to the sobering past of Transformers videogames, and Steve trashes major review sites. What was Jon's favorite Transformer? What exciting features await you in Beast Wars: Transmetals for N64? How many Jetfires did Steve own? How many good games actually existed on the Nintendo 64? All this and more awaits you just beyond. If only we could crank back time on this episode... (Opening / Closing Music: "The Touch" / "Dare" by Stan Bush)
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